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Save Your Team Countless Hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so you can work in your preferred app. Segment and group your Mailchimp subscribers based on Sugar data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Compatible with all versions and editions of Sugar and SuiteCRM. Created by Fanatical Labs, 2023 SugarCRM Partner Award Winner.

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#4840 Sugarchimp integration error - Hey, when I put the license key, I get an error in sugar HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error ![240 miranda Closed Bug?
#4839 SugarChimp Error - We were having a problem with accounts module on SugarCRM (AccessCloud) – it allowed you to se Marketing Closed Bug?
#4833 Large Volume of Records - Hi Team, We have a large volume of records (approx 20GB) created in SugarChimp tables. I have upd sarahsmith Closed General Question
#4823 Checking Connection on Emails Syncing from Sugar to MailChimp - Hello, I am seeing that some of our emails from Sugar CRM may not be syncing to MailChimp. If thi MSG Marketing Team Closed General Question
#4820 PHP 8.2 Compatibiltyu - Hi Support, We have a SuiteCRM 7.14 system that is running version 10.1.2 of SugarChimp, is the m FibreCRM Closed Bug?
#4818 Sugarshimp Sync Fail - We are getting every 5 minutes mails saying 'Heads Up! SugarChimp Sync Failed. As indicated in Rudy Closed Bug?
#4814 How to unsubscribe from SugarChimp plugin? - Dear Team, We need to unsubscribe from SugarChimp Plugin. Can you please advise how? Kind Rega Closed General Question
#4812 Installation Failed - Hi there, I just tried installing V13.2.5 of the plug-in on a client on-cloud SugarCRM instance t betsy Closed Bug?
#4811 PHP 8 Compatability? - Hi Support, I have a customer who is using Sell v13.1 - SugarCRM has run a rector scan to update Emma Haines Closed Bug?
#4810 Can't login to Implicit FrontEnd - Trying to login to Implicit Front End (haven't used it in a while) I receive an "Invalid C jseidl Closed Installation
#4807 db performance issue - Hi, we are getting a db performance issue with sugarchimp which is causing page loads within our UA Professional Services Spain SL (ESB42725150) Closed Bug?
#4786 Queued sync job not synchronizing data - Good afternoon, the Zanasi customer reports that a Mailchimp Audience is not synchronized correct Sergio Schirone Closed General Question
#4766 SugarChimp failed to sync to Mailchimp - Hi team, Good day. We have upgraded our SugarCRM to version 12.0.2 early this year. Checked a GDT Technology Closed General Question
#4765 Installation failed but installation succeed ... - Hello support team, I'm facing a strange issue while installing SugarChimp to v13.0.2a for our ITS4U Closed Installation
#4764 Heads up! SugarChimp Sync Failed - Good morning, I ask for directions for this email received today 06 June 2023. The colleague rep Sergio Schirone Closed Bug?
#4756 Receiving hundreds of emails regarding a closed case - I submitted a Case 2 weeks ago and it was resolved and closed the same day. I am receiving hundreds sugaradmin Closed Bug?
#4755 An important change that may impact an integration you use - Good afternoon, A customer has received the following email --- We’re writing to let you Sergio Schirone Closed Installation
#4754 Mail from MailChimp : API Export 1.0 and API 2.0 on June 5, 2023 - New version of SugarChimp to handle this ? - Hello, my customer received an email from mailchimp about the "API end of support" : frinaldi Closed General Question
#4753 License Key Not recognized - Hi, May license key is not working and when I log into the licensing portal, it says the service is sugaradmin Closed Bug?
#4751 Inactive licenses - Good morning, for three different customers, I report that the licenses are not active. Is it a Sergio Schirone Closed General Question
#4750 Bad syncs for SugarChimp - Dear Support, I open this case to report some drawbacks and probably anomalous behavior for Sugar Sergio Schirone Closed Bug?
#4747 Logic Hook changes relationship between Contacts and Accounts - Hello, there is a Logic Hook running almost every minute in our contacts module, that constantly c Ann-Christin Krohn Closed Bug?
#4745 Field mapping - I select field mapping to change the layout and it has stayed in loading for over 30 minutes. Is thi dcurry Closed General Question
#4735 Error - MailChimp Rating - link disappearing - Contact now unable to get updates. - Hi SugarChimp, The MailChimp rating in Sugar has been removed, this means the Contact can not be AngelaToia Closed Bug?
#4723 Transitioning from SuiteCRM to SugarCRM - Hi team, We have a SuiteCRM+Mailchimp customer transitioning to SugarCRM+Mailchimp. They currentl adamfranksugar Closed General Question
#4712 Last version for Sugar - curl Errors - Hi dear team, We're triying to install the last version fro SugarCRM: SugarChimp-12.1.2-for-Su redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4707 FATAL error meaning - Dear support, could you please explain the meaning of this error? [FATAL] SugarChimp:fatal:16708 giovanni.vendraminetto Closed Bug?
#4705 how to manage UAT & dev instances - We maintain a UAT and Dev instance of our production CRM. All the code is shared via git. We ha SuperEd Closed Bug?
#4704 Sugarchmip has stopped syncing and won't talk to Mailchimp - SugarChimp has stopped synchronising our list. the Status page says that no list is synchronised, SuperEd Closed Bug?
#4703 Synchronize 1 CRM with several Mailchimp accounts or agency account? - Hello, One of our customers uses SugarChimp on their Mailchimp + Sugar Sell accounts. Now they woul ITS4U Closed Feature
#4696 URGENT - Subscription has expired and payment failed BUT Key is valid and active - Hi, We have a critical issue with a customer. They have payed but they can't use your con redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4688 Compliance with Sugar Cloud (and the replacement of CURL calls with ExternalResourceClient) - Hello, I want to know if this plugin is Cloud Compatible, more particularly according to the rece frinaldi Closed General Question
#4675 Issues about filter operators and navigation bar - Dear support, I used your module with filters in the past but recently I can't after I migra ITS4U Closed Bug?
#4667 From Mailchimp to Sugarchimp to Sugar - new Contact is not being created in Sugar - Issue - New Contacts are not being created in Sugar We have had this working, and it is still wor AngelaToia Closed General Question
#4647 Not syncing from Mailchimp to SuiteCRM - What I'm trying to make happen, is the following: 1. There are +/- 1600 contacts in MailChimp. ebogaard Closed General Question
#4645 smartlist_queue truncation - We are not using the smartest and have the schedular disabled. However records still get attend to SuperEd Closed Bug?
#4644 SugarChimp table - multiple records for the same contact - I'm trying to debug slow SugarChimp performance following a sugar upgrade and noticed that ther SuperEd Closed Bug?
#4643 SugarChimp doesn't sync data from SugarCRM to Mailchimp - My data from SugarCRM doesn't sync with Mailchimp though we tried 3-4 times to hit the sync but TIMO VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY Closed Bug?
#4638 install - It seems that, no matter what I do, I can't get SugarChimp to install In Choice. HELP! bonniemiller Closed Bug?
#4631 Testing SugarChimp in a new environment - Hello, We already have a SugarChimp account (though it's a bit confusing, as we bought it thro Closed General Question
#4629 Uninstallation Error - Hello, We are having significant issues uninstalling SugarChimp 9.1.0a from our SugarCRM 10.0.2 P stevek1 Closed Bug?
#4622 How to uninstall Sugarchinp - We are not using SugarChimpo anymore. We uninstall the module in Our SugarCRM, but Sugarchinp DB webdev1 Closed Installation
#4609 Sync apparently not working + errors in the logs - Hello, We've recently migrated one of our customers from Sugar Pro on premise to Sugar Sell Cl ITS4U Closed Bug?
#4592 Sugarchimp does not remove old contacts from Sugar when updating target list to Mailchimp. - When sending out a for exemple a newsletter to contacts in CRM, old contacts removed from Sugar Targ peterschlager Closed General Question
#4590 Teams field not syncing - Hello i have created a MERGE field in Mailchimp, set as dropdown with all my teams names, but it� marbar Closed Bug?
#4559 Version Supported - Hi , I'm wondering if all the MailChimp versions are supported by SugarChimp ? In other w Solutions Metrix Closed General Question
#4558 Improvement Request: Enable Viewing of Contact as a field on the Sugar Chimp Record to allow linkage - EIS would like to propose the following feature: Having the contact as a field on the record simi bbergkessel Closed Feature
#4556 SugarChimp Creating Inaccurate Data in CRM - SugarChimp is causing records in our CRM to revert back to old, inaccurate, data. We have noticed ov egormley Closed Bug?
#4555 Mailchimp activity not showing up + accounts dashlet - Dear support, I have two situations that I need to fix for our customer. 1) The module Mailchimp giovanni.vendraminetto Closed Bug?
#4550 Mailing list sync - We have different newsletters that we'd like people to be able to select which they want to rec jrhodes Closed Feature
#4546 Unsubscribe from one Audience, but not the other(s) - Hi, we have setup SC for one of our customers. They planned to use more than one Audiences in MC. If Marco Moen Closed General Question
#4534 Unable to Install - I am receiving the following error when trying to connect Sugar and MailChimp: The uploaded file is egormley Closed Installation
#4531 New group in Mailchimp - only partially syncing with Sugar records - I've recently added another group to our mailchimp list, connecting an existing dropdown in our nigel Closed Bug?
#4525 How do I cancel my subscription? - How do I cancel my subscription? 9star Closed General Question
#4515 Mapping workaround - 1 field in Sugar and 2 fields in MailChimp - Hello, is there any workaround to synchronize 1 filed from Sugar into 2 fields in MailChimp? I petrneugebauer Closed Feature
#4514 Mapping "Email Marketing Status" field between Sugar CRM and Mailchimp - Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way I can map "Email Marketing Status" default field ( pratik.kapoor Closed General Question
#4513 Sugarchimp integration panel not showing after re-enabling Sugarchimp module from Module Loader - I am trying to re-enable my Sugarchimp integration which was disabled for some reason. However, when pratik.kapoor Closed Bug?
#4498 Notify Contact's Assigned Rep When User Unsubscribes Or Email Address Is Cleaned - We would like our reps to be notified when their Contacts unsubscribe from our email list or the add Westcoat Closed General Question
#4495 Cleaned emails not synced as invalid - Hi, With our recent campaign, emails that were cleaned in MailChimp still show to be valid in Sugar. Toradex AG Closed Bug?
#4486 MailChimp Error - We implemented the Mail Chimp module this week and I am getting an error message when trying to merg maxbrowngold Closed Bug?
#4476 Cancel paid subscription - Hi, We would like to cancel our paid subscription because we no longer use SugarCRM. I appreciat comunicacion Closed General Question
#4475 Reports based on Mailchimp Activity do not show any data - Hi Team, We are able to see the MailChimp activities in the side dashlet in the detail records, b Toradex AG Closed Bug?
#4470 Unexpected Sugar Contact Updates via SugarChimp - Hi Folks, We recently experienced an issue where almost all of our Contact emails were set to Opt fredlee Closed Bug?
#4468 MailChimp Import Update not synced to SuiteCRM - Hi guys, I exported 2K emails from MC to CSV, and updated a single field on all records. Imported b Invera Corp Closed Bug?
#4463 Opt-outs, hard bounces, and forwards - How do we sync opt-out, hard bounce, and forward data from MailChimp to Sugar? Does this show in the Support @ Faye Closed General Question
#4462 MailChimp Activity dashlet on the Contact module doesn't who activity - I've successfully installed SugarChimp. I can see MailChimp activities relating to the correct Support @ Faye Closed Bug?
#4461 Does Changing An Email Address In SugarCRM Create New Contact In Mailchimp? - I have Contacts in SugarCRM that in many cases have bad emails and they aren't in MailChimp, wh Westcoat Closed General Question
#4460 Unsubscribes in Mailchimp render the emails invalid in SugarCRM - Hi, We have seen cases, where an unsubscribe of an email in Mailchimp, is making the email in Sugar Toradex AG Closed Bug?
#4450 Unable to use a combination of OR and AND in my sync filter - Hello, It seems I am unable to use a combination of OR and AND in my Sync filters for Leads. Whe corvus_janitorial_systems Closed Bug?
#4445 Custom modules mapping (SugarCRM) - Hi, I have added a question here: [] Ple redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Feature
#4442 Version 10 Install error - Hi there I just tried to install this new version. The loader gets to 80% and freezes. See below bacpartners Closed Installation
#4440 SugarCRM 10.0.2 - Hi there Is there a version of this plugin for SugarCRM 10.0.x? I have a client that needs to mo bacpartners Closed Installation
#4437 Some issues with uninstall - Hi We have an instance of SugarCRm running here It used to have a demo key ghm101 Closed Bug?
#4432 Archiving or deleting contacts in Mailchimp not correctly managed in Sugar - Dear support, I noticed that if I archive or delete a contact in Mailchimp then the same contact is giovanni.vendraminetto Closed Bug?
#4411 New opportunity for sugarChimp - Hi, We ara a sugarCRM partner. We have some customers that are currently user sugarChimp to integra mesteban Closed General Question
#4407 Cancel our paid subscription plan - Hi Support, Please cancel our paid subscription plan at this time and transfer our account to the fr webinar Closed General Question
#4406 Unable to upload the latest sugarchimp version package - Hi, We are currently on SugarChimp version 9.2.2.c and now trying to upgrade to 10.1.0. When I uploa Toradex AG Closed Installation
#4400 URGENT - Problem with 10v plugin and sugarcrm 9 - I installed a trial of this plugin setup licence validation ok mailchimp autentication ok when pietro.sacchi Closed Bug?
#4394 Latest Upgrade - SugarChimp - Good morning Sugarchimp team, I'm working with a client of ours who has experienced some issue cjmeron Closed General Question
#4391 Can't retrieve MailChimp list in Sugar - Hello, My client created some new lists in MailChimp, but these lists don't apear in Sugar w dotbase Closed Bug?
#4388 Time zone of sent emails in the individual subscriber activity panel inside SugarCRM is wrong - Just wondering if there's any way we can control the time zone displayed in 'individual su nigel Closed General Question
#4383 Field Synced in multiple places, not reflecting correct data - Hello, We're having issues with a field that syncs in 3 different places. The data keeps rev oenglehart Closed General Question
#4378 Firewall issues with our server. - Can you please provide answer for the following question from our network admin: What site or s erfanchowdhury Closed Installation
#4374 SugarChimp not updating fields that were updated in Sugar After the sync - Hello, We have synced a list of contacts via SugarChimp into MailChimp and it worked out great a info101 Closed Bug?
#4372 User permission backend - We have installed the plugin, but if a user is administrator type can access view mailchimp activiti sysadmin7 Closed Feature
#4369 Issues with Audience loading from Sugar into MailChimp - Hello, I am contacting you on behalf our client Rice Engineering. We are having an issue where s info101 Closed Bug?
#4367 Seeing "failed to find link for sugarchimpactivity" in sugarcrm.log - Uninstalled SugarChimp and am seeing the following in our logs: Wed May 13 18:15:50 2020 [5823][4e5 kmay Closed Bug?
#4363 SugarChimp Tables - Working with a customer to reduce the size of their Sugar database. Is it possible to remove or tru davidenewberry Closed General Question
#4357 SugarChimp Automated sync wrongly configured - Hello, We configured a target list in SugarChimp but instead of choosing to synch the target list CCAM Closed General Question
#4352 SugarChimp Automated sync not working - Sugarchim connector's not working properly. Information on Mailchimp is supposed to be synch CCAM Closed Bug?
#4340 New installation - Hi, I'm in the process of trying to convert our SugarCRM trial account to a paid account. susan2 Closed Installation
#4338 Configured Webhook - Hi there, I received a message from MailChimp saying that the webhooks on my account were disable Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Closed Bug?
#4335 Adding 'Customers' to a Target List - How do I add customers to a target list if I select to do so manually? There's no explanatio PaulO Closed Installation
#4332 Mapping "Tags" field between Sugar CRM and Mailchimp - Hi I raised a case to get information on one of the Sugarchimp capabilities. However, the case was pratik.kapoor Closed Feature
#4331 Mapping "Tags" field between Sugar CRM and Mailchimp - Hi I am currently working on a new request in our already running Sugarchimp integration where we h pratik.kapoor Closed Feature
#4321 Installation breaks Quotes list items Sugar 8 - Upon installation of the module and getting the all green for the installation process, the Quotes r awomack Closed Bug?
#4319 Lots of errors in the log and trouble deleting Target List after upgrade - We recently upgraded S&S Trucks to Sugar 9.0.2 and also updated Sugar Chimp but we're seein Ticomix, Inc Closed General Question
#4317 Locked synchronization for high load volume - Good morning, We have encountered a problem with contact synchronization between your Mail Chimp valentina.nizzaro Closed Bug?
#4316 Target list partially syncing - Hi i have created a list in Sugar, with around 9000 contacts and 4000 leads. Not all of them are sy marbar Closed Bug?
#4310 Mail Chimp not syncing to Sugar CRM - Hi, My mail chimp lists for the past few weeks are having errors. The contacts in multiple lists AngelaToia Closed Bug?
#4308 SugarChimp training - Hi there, I am a temporary acting CRM Manager. We are using a SugarChimp integration to connect Mail Ursula Gonthier Closed General Question
#4295 SugarChimp sync not working - Hi, The SugarChimp sync is not working. The health status is active and it says everything is sy husseinhassanali Closed Bug?
#4290 S&S Truck Parts Sugar Upgrade - We are working with S&S Truck Parts on an upgrade to Sugar 9 and need to test the latest version Ticomix, Inc Closed Installation
#4289 Mailchimp activity module reports 0 activity - The mailchimp activity module is not reporting any activity yet I have mailchimp activity set to sho meuhus Closed Bug?
#4288 Sugar search function not finding records - We submitted a case to SugarCrm about the search function not finding records. Their response was th meuhus Closed Bug?
#4287 Error: Unable to retrieve MailChimp Lists - Hi We have an error during sync. There is the Sugar log : "Subject: Heads up! SugarChimp synolia Closed Bug?
#4282 Bounced email still mark as valid on Sugar - Hi We have a contact marked as "bounced" on the Related Mailchimp Audiences dashlet. synolia Closed Bug?
#4277 How to create contacts/lists on Sugar and sync them to Mailchimp. - Hi, I am having trouble viewing saved contacts in target lists in SugarCRM that have been synced to husseinhassanali Closed General Question
#4278 How to create contacts/lists on Sugar and sync them to Mailchimp. - Hi, I am having trouble viewing saved contacts in target lists in SugarCRM that have been synced to husseinhassanali Closed General Question
#4270 Title Alliance SugarChimp Upgrade in preparation for Sugar 9.2.0 upgrade - Hello, We have a common customer, Title Alliance, who needs their SugarChimp upgraded so they ca Ticomix, Inc Closed Installation
#4266 Unable to connect to MailChimp - Hi Guys We have upgraded our SugarChimp to v9.2.2 and are working through this: https://fanatic devlicenses Closed Installation
#4253 How to mass delete activities - Our sugar cloud provider has warned us about the size of our database. We have over a million sug mailchimp Closed Feature
#4252 Install issues - Hello, During the install phase of the latest version of the module, if the notice and/or warning synolia Closed Bug?
#4251 Even after uninstalled, fatal error in sugar log every minute - Log file is full of FATAL error. Wed Oct 9 16:12:04 2019 [13919][1][FATAL] SugarChimpOu evonne Closed Bug?
#4240 HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error - After two days of using the integration I'm now getting a HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error. Ran danrtaylor Closed Bug?
#4238 Update - How do I download the newest bundle to update our account? gail Closed General Question
#4237 HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error - I uploaded 9.2.0 and the error I received which is documented in case #4225 no longer occurs when I meuhus Closed Bug?
#4236 Followon from #4209 - Still not syncing MailChimp activity in the main pane of Sugar. - So I thought we had nailed this one down - but I am still having issues. We sent out a mailout on Closed Feature
#4235 Does SugarChimp ever use information from other lists? - Let's say I have contact Harry on MailChimp Audience A and MailChimp Audience B. MailChimp Audi JohnK Closed General Question
#4234 How does SugarChimp know when a message is sent to a contact? - How does SugarChimp know when a message has been sent to a contact, and therefore creates the " JohnK Closed General Question
#4233 Hard Bounce vs Soft Bounce webhook handling - Please can you confirm: am I right in thinking that soft bounces don't get passed to SugarChimp JohnK Closed General Question
#4230 Any updates that support the Mailchimp changes for tag capabilities? - Can we map the tags in MailChimp with the tags in SugarCRM? if yes, how can this be achieved? bacpartners Closed Feature
#4227 HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error - I upgraded our SugarChimp module yesterday and since then our users have been receiving the below se billiewilson Closed Bug?
#4225 Exception occurred when selecting target from target list - I just uploaded 9.1.4a and when I went to select a target from my target list I was taken to the tar meuhus Closed Bug?
#4221 Accounts and Contacts crash - SugarCRM Version 8.0.1 SugarChimp Version - 9.1.4a I was able to install the plugin, and it co erfanchowdhury Closed Bug?
#4216 MailChimp Opens and Clicks - I've been researching MailChimp webhooks, and there's no indication of how opens and click JohnK Closed General Question
#4214 MailChimp Webhooks - how do they work? - Our IP whitelist was blocking webhook traffic from MailChimp (you have to check for this regularly - JohnK Closed General Question
#4210 [ERROR] No viewdefs for module: SugarChimpMCPeople viewdefs - Hello Team, We are getting a lot of ERROR logged into our log file. Could you please let us know omair.nalkhande Closed Bug?
#4209 Issues with Syncing of Open/Clicked Link stats to SugarCRM specific location - Hi again - Clayton here following on from ticket # [4204]( Closed Bug?
#4208 Issue getting Mailchimp records in CRM leads module - I am unable to sync records in leads module address is not populating in Leads modu Roots, Shoots & Fruits Closed Bug?
#4204 Issues getting the Reverse Proxy script to work - Hi team. I am Lorraine's network engineer - Clayton Lee posting on Lorraine's behalf. Closed Feature
#4203 "Uninstall" button disappear after upgrade SugarChimp - Hello Team, We had sugar on-demand version SugarCRM Professional, Version 9.0.1 (Build 176) (Spring EpconLP Closed Bug?
#4202 9.1.0 Version of SugarChimp? - Our on demand version of SugarCRM upgraded to Sugar (version 9.1.0) on 08/15/2019 Which SugarChim kharmon Closed Installation
#4193 Need invoice for my bill - MY credit card got charged for the full year subscription, but i do not have a receipt or invoice. erfanchowdhury Closed General Question
#4191 Only some of the fields are populating into MaiChimp - I'm trying to sync my list of about 11,000 from Sugar into Mailchimp. It seems that the system John Diff Closed Bug?
#4189 Best Methods For Updating - Hello, We are currently running SugarChimp 8.3.1i and it looks like we can update to 9.1.1. Which will Closed Installation
#4187 Sugarchimp Sync Fail - Hello- The text below is the message we're receiving, notifying us that the sugarchimp sync jrhodes Closed Bug?
#4185 Cannot use the setup after install on Sugar Professional - Hello, After the installation of the module on a Sugar Pro when i try to setup the key, i synolia Closed Installation
#4183 Mailchimp Activities Module - The mailchimp activites module in my Sugar instance is empty. I have sent out 2 campaigns this week rcraft Closed Installation
#4177 where can I get v9.1.2 - Hello, We have 9.1.1 of SugarChimp installed. The good folk at Sugar support have asked that: &q NMuscolino Closed General Question
#4172 Unsubscribes aren't syncing down to CRM - 1. Create Target List with a Contact with an opted in email address in CRM. Contact is linked as Con JohnK Closed Bug?
#4170 major problems with sugar today - sugarchimp version seems to be the problem - Hi has been in contact with sugar support today as my users could not get into sugar or performa David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#4167 Unsubscribed via admin action - Hi there We have recently had 380 contacts unsubscribed for the reason in the subject. These were bacpartners Closed General Question
#4166 Lists not syncing from Sugar to Mailchimp - Hi there, I have 10 target lists in SugarCRM which is not being updated in Mailchimp. For exampl CMCPartners Closed Bug?
#4164 Mailchimp contacts not syncing with Sugar - Hi, I have a mailchimp contacts list set up to sync with Sugar. The sync seems to work but only 1 ma ksharma Closed Bug?
#4160 Sugar Packages not getting installed - Hi, When we try to install packages in sugar, the installation fails and we were notified by Suga Toradex AG Closed Bug?
#4156 Large number of records not mapping to MailChimp - Hi I have tried to create a segment in MailChimp based on a field that is imported using the Suga Marketing Closed Bug?
#4154 Problem for installing SugarChimp after upgrade Sugar 9 - Hello, After upgrading Sugar to the version 9, I can't install SugarChimp (v.9.1.1). It sto ITS4U Closed Installation
#4147 Lists backed up and not synching to mailchimp - I have 11 lists and 17400 contacts stuck in sugar not syncing to mailchimp. What are the reasons thi annpattison Closed Bug?
#4141 Need to get usage stats for SugarChimp - Hi, we signed up for SugarChimp about a year ago however I don't believe we have had much usage ksharma Closed General Question
#4139 Target View in Sugar - We are having an issue with our Target section and the List View messing up - Sugar is telling me th scottlang Closed Bug?
#4135 10 M records in Smartlist_queue table! - Hi Support, We have deactivated the SmartList scheduler as we do not use this functionality (we a SuperEd Closed Bug?
#4133 activities not syncing - Hi! I've had SugarChimp installed for a couple of weeks now and have noticed that past campa ApconSugar Closed Bug?
#4131 In Health Status: "The SugarChimp scheduler job is missing." - Hi I have the issue that in the Health Status page it says that the scheduler job is missing. David E Kromann Closed Installation
#4130 Health check shows more records to sync than actually exists - Hi SugarChimp support I have a problem with the Health check showing a lot more to sync than is a David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#4127 Large increase in opt out/unsubscribes - Hello, There has been an unusually large increase in opt outs on all of our sugarchimp mailchimp mlove Closed General Question
#4123 Mailchimp Activities not syncing - Hello, i have synced a target list with 37 addresses, and sent a campaign. I'm not getting ba marbar Closed Bug?
#4120 Upgrade - Hi there I have a client using SugarChimp Professional. They want to upgrade to Ultimate. The ren bacpartners Closed General Question
#4115 Lots of Unsubscred by "Admin Action" - my current subscribers seem extremely low compared to our full audience list. I'm wondering if jconstable Closed Installation
#4105 Primary email address becomes secondary marked clean in Mailchimp - On a contact I opt_out a primary email address. MailChimp marks it as unsubscribed. Then I add an ad meuhus Closed Bug?
#4104 Unlink Target from TargetList with Invalid email address Mailchimp updates to Unsubscribed. - Originally I have a target with an email address marked as "invalid" it appears in Mailchi meuhus Closed Bug?
#4103 Mailchimpactivities not always sync - Hi, i have a problem with the sync of mailchimpactivities. Some campaigns are fully sync others are frabo Closed Bug?
#4097 URGENT -- ISSUES IN PRODUCTION INSTANCE - We are experiencing issues on our production instance today where records are taking very long to sa fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#4093 Install error after Sugar upgrade - Hello, We are having issue withe errors triggered by the SugarChimp module post upgrading Sugar t synolia Closed Bug?
#4085 Lead names not created when synced from MC - We have a list that syncs new MailChimp records to Sugar on creation, however, the first name and la Marketing Closed Bug?
#4076 Sugarchimp dashlet is not available after we installed LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Hi, Sugarchimp dashlet is not available after we installed LinkedIn Sales Navigator dashlet. Can y lindasmith Closed Bug?
#4073 Syncing issues -- valid email addresses being marked invalid - Lately we've been noticing email addresses in our SugarCRM instance marked as invalid, when the fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#4065 Synchro Sugar - MailChimp not done anymore - Hello, For one of my client, the Sugar to MailChimp synchronization seems to not run anymore. Su sgreze Closed Bug?
#4064 Lareg numbe rof contacts Pending to Mailchimp - Hi, It looks like a large number of contacts are waiting to be synced to Mailchimp (5359 in 7 lis garethsomerford Closed Bug?
#4057 Target List Selection Dropdown - Hi there. We have a lot of lists.... a lot of lists. We will eventually move to one large list with rhyde Closed Bug?
#4054 Sugar Target List limit - Hi Guys We have run into a target list import limit in Sugar, when importing contacts from a repo devlicenses Closed General Question
#4050 Can't sync Sugar data to MailChimp - Hello, Days ago I noticed that I can't sync data to MailChimp. We have installed the new llucas Closed Bug?
#4046 Schedulers Failing in CRON run due to Syntax error in SugarChimp 8.3.1 - Schedulers fail to run in Sugar - system log shows all schedulers "failing in CRON run" EnableItMike Closed Bug?
#4045 Erros in sugarcrm.log - Hello, We have recuring errors appearing in the sugarcrm.log. They appear in the sugarcrm.log bec sgreze Closed Bug?
#4041 Information not syncing from Mail Chimp to Sugar CRM - Hi, When syncing information from Mail Chimp to Sugar, only the first name and last name are syn AngelaToia Closed Bug?
#4040 syntax error after updating to SugarChimp 8.3.1 - Hi, We encountered a syntax error affecting the Scheduler module after updating to SugarChimp 8.3 Thomson Medical Pte Ltd Closed Bug?
#4036 SugarChimp fatal errors in sugarcrm.log -- not finding list all of the sudden - SugarChimp team, I recently updated our sugar instance's URL, and I believe it was around th fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#4029 Sugar Chimp marketing some primary emails as Invalid - Our sales rep is seeing a whole lot of contacts email address showing as INVALID (he hasn't ac darabiviktoria Closed Bug?
#4023 Slowdown of entity creation in Sugar - Hi Guys A couple of days ago we found a slow down in contact, notes, call pop-up creation times devlicenses Closed Bug?
#4018 Invalid Address not syncing to Sugar - Hi all i have a target list synced to Mailchimp. After the first campaign a mail address appears to marbar Closed Bug?
#4017 All new contacts are being add to mailchimp then automatically deleted - Over the last few days every single new contact that sugarchimp brings into mailchimp is being autom bsisti Closed Bug?
#4014 Compatibility with SugarCRM 8.3 - Hello, is there any work being done to support SugarCRM 8.3? ryanfeyer Closed Installation
#4008 Unknown column 'sugarchimpactivity_contacts.date_entered' in 'field list' - Hello team, We are running sugarCRM version 8.0.2 and Sugarchimp ultimate version 8.2.1a. When we webdev1 Closed Bug?
#4001 contacts listed as unsubscribed via admin action - We're having a bug where our contacts are being listed as "unsubscribed via admin action&q jrhodes Closed Bug?
#3999 Version 8.2.5 - Hi, We are looking to upgrade our client's SugarChimp version to 8.2.5. Could it be possible dsgarcia Closed Installation
#3995 TargetList Dashlet not showing anything - Hello, The dashlet for Sugar TargetList record is not showing anything except : This list is n sgreze Closed Bug?
#3994 Unsubscribed contacts in MailChimp are still appearing on Sugar TargetList - Hello, We installed SugarChimp and configured globaloptout option to 2 (no opt-out but remove the sgreze Closed Bug?
#3992 Migration to SuiteCRM? - Dear SC Team, we are considering migrating from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM. If we were to do so what woul Invera Corp Closed General Question
#3987 Fields not merging correctly - My merge tags aren't importing data correctly so I'm not able to segment out my email camp jconstable Closed Bug?
#3986 Updating from 7.9.5 to 8.2.5 - Hi, We are looking to upgrade Sugarchimp from 7.9.5 to 8.2.5, is it necessary to uninstall the ol dsgarcia Closed Installation
#3978 Configure SugarChimp to sync our bounces and unsubscribes without syncing any other record information - Hi Guys We are trying to configure SugarChimp to sync our bounces and unsubscribes without syncin devlicenses Closed General Question
#3976 Unsubscribes causes opt out - Dear SugarChimp, We recently experienced an issue we'd like your help with. **Repro steps JohnK Closed Bug?
#3974 Unable to Sync from Mailchimp to SugarCRM - Hi Support, We have an issue that Mailchimp isn't syncing back to SugarCRM. Are you able hrosal Closed Bug?
#3973 New site name - I have to change the name of a linux hostes SugarCRM website from upper+lower case letters to lowerc kristjanexton Closed General Question
#3967 SugarChimp 8.2.1 - Installation not completing, stuck at 80% - We are currently working through updating our SugarCRM environment from to 8.0.2. To update Buckland Closed Installation
#3966 SugarChimp campaigns not showing up in Sugar - Hi there, We sent a campaign earlier this afternoon and even though I can see data in the MailChi francescmoral Closed Bug?
#3965 Issue with SugarChimp -- trying to schedule a support call. - I am having an issue with SugarChimp and would really prefer to go over this on the phone. I tried t fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#3964 Not Syncing - Hi, I'm having trouble using your module. The installation seems to be ok, but the schedu victorcorrea Closed Bug?
#3960 "GDPR Consent Date" field from SugarCRM not updated in MailChimp - SugarCRM Professional 8.2.0 SugarChimp professional 7.11.3c Details: - The field is correctly p jbr Closed Bug?
#3958 Synchronisation does not appear to be working - We have tried to sync a newly created target list within our SugarCRM with Mailchimp, but although I laura1 Closed General Question
#3952 Issue with a lead not being imported into MailChimp - SugarChimp is working except for one instance where in a drop down menu if a certain field is select bsisti Closed Bug?
#3949 SugarChimp error was detected - Hi Support, Please assist on the details below. A SugarChimp error was detected. We tried to hrosal Closed Bug?
#3947 Does SugarChimp also sync/archive the emails sent from Mailchimp to SugarCRM? - We are evaluating SugarChimp for our campaign needs. One of the important requirement for us is to b Toradex AG Closed General Question
#3944 Lot of Targets/Leads/Contacts always pending to MailChimp - Hi In our Sugar we have always a lot of Targets/Leads/Contacts pending to MailChimp Actually w synolia Closed General Question
#3924 Email from MailChimp about disabled webhooks - We received an email from MailChimp stating that they recently had to disable one or more of our web fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#3922 MailChimp Groups doesn't appear in multiselect choices in SugarCRM - SugarCRM Professional 8.1.0 SugarChimp professional 7.11.3c Hello, we got the following issue: jbr Closed Bug?
#3913 Does The basic version create Leads automatically? - Hi does the basic version of sugar chimp create leads automatically in the CRM or do we need to upgr FibreCRM Closed General Question
#3911 Upgrade SugarChimp from version 7.5.5a to 8.1.1 - Hi team, Good day. We are in the mid of upgrading our SugarChimp from version 7.5.5a to latest v GDT Technology Closed Installation
#3909 Emails no longer showing up in Sugar after Install - Hello, Ever since we installed sugarchimp into our sugar platform we have been losing peoples jconstable Closed Bug?
#3906 Automation Campaign - Hello - I've set up an automation campaign now that we have our sugar list synced with mailchim jconstable Closed General Question
#3905 Mailchimp activities not showing in Sugar - We've sent out about 16k mails in the last couple of weeks. All looks good on the SugarChimp he mailchimp Closed Bug?
#3892 Workflow capabilities - Hello, Our customer is looking to add workflow functionality: - When an individual is marked as Technology Advisors Closed General Question
#3891 If I delete a subscriber from MailChimp, will it delete them on SugarCRM? - If I create a list synced between MailChimp and Sugar, will deleting people off the list delete them emails350 Closed General Question
#3886 Communication between mailchimp and sugarchimp - Hello guys, We use sugarchimp ultimate version on Sugar version. In order to sync informati webdev1 Closed General Question
#3885 Implement SugarChimp - please help me install this into my sugar platform. Thanks! jconstable Closed Installation
#3882 cancel account please - we are not using this service PLease cancel and stop all billing. chad 7144999003 Chad2 Closed General Question
#3868 Target list in Sugar is not syncing with Mailchimp list - Hi, the integration was working perfectly before but I recently had to change the Mailchimp API keys ksharma Closed Bug?
#3867 Do not see my Target List on SugarChimp Configuration - Dear Sir/Madam, After upgrading to latest version of SugarChimp, I do not see my Target Lists on Kwek Jian Wen Closed Bug?
#3866 Unable to DELETE Target Lists - Dear Sir/Madam, Another issue after upgrading my SugarChimp to the latest version. I am unable to Kwek Jian Wen Closed Bug?
#3863 Unable to DELETE accounts - Dear Sir/Madam, I have just upgraded my SugarChimp to the latest version. My Sugar is 7. After up Kwek Jian Wen Closed Bug?
#3861 Getting error for mailchimp - Hi team, I have got below mentioned error on my sugarcrm site. santosh.verma Closed Bug?
#3860 Wondering about segmenting list and synching - We have a large campaign associated with an event. I have a segment of a larger list that is tagged. annpattison Closed Feature
#3859 Disable info back to SugarCRM - Hi Jon, How are you? I have a question about the feature "**Subscriber Sync to SugarCRM redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Feature
#3854 campaign and list name not syncing - I've sent my first campaign with Sugarchimp enabled. When I click on Mailchimp activities I can craigallardyce Closed Bug?
#3853 Only have 1 MailChimp list to do field mapping for - Hi I have a question on the field mapping section Normally I would here in this drop down fi David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#3848 Last Ran:04/03/2018 17:0 - Sugarchimp showing in process last ran 4/3/2018 can't get it to finish. brad Closed Bug?
#3844 Change Webhook URL - Hi, Can I change the Webhook URL? gdimosthenous Closed General Question
#3842 Disable SugarChimp without removing - Hi, Is there a way to disable the plugin without removing it? The reason is that we need the plug gdimosthenous Closed General Question
#3835 SugarCRM sync to Mailchimp with Double opt in - Hi, I have a client that uses SugarChimp to sync between their SugarCRM and Mailchimp lists. Is t antonio_quintino Closed General Question
#3834 Problems using the options to sync records automatically to MailChimp: Filters or SQL Query - Hi Team, I have problems using the options to sync records automatically to MailChimp: Filters o redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#3833 Disable the sync of the contacts datas from MailChimp to SugarCRM - Hello, Is there a way for disabling the sync of the contacts datas from MailChimp to Sugar? O sgreze Closed General Question
#3828 Old Mailchimp activities do not sync - Hi team, I have some past activities which are not synced with Sugar, we saw that together a few ITS4U Closed Bug?
#3827 GDPR Field mapping - Hi team, I turned on the GDPR fields for my sign-up form on Mailchimp but I'm not able to m ITS4U Closed General Question
#3826 Target List with duplicate Emails - HI Team, I have a target list in SugarCRM and by **SQL sentence** I get the list of Contacts tha redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#3823 Mass data overwrite with Sugar - Last week I spoke to a member of your team to set up and allow Account data mapping from Sugar to Ma Marketing Closed Bug?
#3819 Question about VPN - Good afternoon, I have a question, I have a CRM that works with VPN, how could this affect this f mrodriguez Closed General Question
#3809 SugarcRM _Quick Repair_ warns of missing columns "date_entered"; but SugarChmp works! 8.01a - Sugarchimp works fine, For many months. We ran Quick_Repair -first time for many months. It war DJuserDJ Closed General Question
#3808 Sugar 'Quick Repair' warns of missing columns 'date_entered' -But Sugarchimp is working! (8.01a) - Our SugarChimp is working fine as far as we can tell. For many months. We have just run Sugar' DJuserDJ Closed General Question
#3803 Mailchimp activities are not being synced with Sugar CRM - Hello, we realized that the mailchimp activities are not being updated and synced with the crm, alth Monique Bianchi Ribeiro Closed Bug?
#3802 this is a test, please ignore - please ignore this test Chad Hutchins Closed Bug?
#3788 MailChimp Signup Form not sending Email Address to Sugar - Hi, I created a Signup Form in MailChimp to add new subscribers to my List in MailChimp and also PedroMancilla Closed Bug?
#3787 Test Support Case - Hello, [please help.]( ![Screenshot 2015-06-03 17.00.27.png](https://www.suga Chad Hutchins Closed Bug?
#3782 SuiteCRM MailChimp activities - cannot see icon for individual subscriber activity - Hi there, I have read the documentation and have set up connectors according to: How to Setup the Aisling Closed General Question
#3778 Formidable Forms + MailChimp SugarCRM AddOns - Dear team of SugarChimp, we'de like to connect Formidable Forms (which we use on our Wordpre JessHerr Closed General Question
#3771 Transfer protocols - Our GDPR team have asked me this question about SugarChimp: If employed, what file transfer mecha davetilmouth Closed General Question
#3767 Database index for sugarchimp_mc_list table - Hi SugarChimp Team, Our Operations team noticed a missing index that can cause database performan dwangerin Closed Bug?
#3766 Transactional mail - Hello, we need to send transactional mail from our e-commerce site to customers inserting data fr erbolario Closed Feature
#3756 error before upgrade to Sugar8.0.0 - Hello, In the Healthcheck before we started our upgrade to SugarCRM 8.0.0, we got this PHP error jearl Closed Installation
#3748 Mailchimp activities not showing in Sugar - We've sent many mailchimp mails since December 17, including 8K on the 4th June and 8k on the 7 mailchimp Closed Bug?
#3747 Synch Sugar list with Mail Chimp list does not work - Hi, I´ve installed SugarChimp for evaluation. I´ve problmes with the synchronisation. andreaskoller Closed Bug?
#3730 Installation error - WE are getting the following error when trying to install to 8.1. [Thu Jun 07 12:08:42.506901 2 erfanchowdhury Closed Bug?
#3729 Installation is failed - Hello, I am trying to install sugarchimp on Sugar Enterprise edition 7.9, but it is not installing amiteshkumar Closed Installation
#3722 Error when syncing target list after updating to Sugarchimp 7.11.3 - Config.php of SugarCRM got changed to 'root' after creating new list from SugarChimp to Ma Thomson Medical Pte Ltd Closed Bug?
#3713 Confirmed Opted In and how SugarChimp passes that data to MailChimp - Hi there! I have now tested around for a while, but I do not see any clear link between Suite CRM kristianostman Closed General Question
#3709 Automatic sync doesn't work - Hello, We use SugarChimp version 7.7.0h with SugarCRM version 7.7.0 (Build 336) We have a &quo Sylvain Closed Bug?
#3697 STAT Sync Issue - Hi, I believe Tony Guzman had reached out last week, but we are experiencing a few issues with ou tonyguzman Closed Bug?
#3694 No button to click to Sync a List - Hi! I can not proceed on Step 1. Choose a Target List. If I choose an existing list or create a new kristianostman Closed Bug?
#3687 mailchimo list - I want to sync the account manager full name from a contact to mailChimp but the only field availabl estherprats Closed General Question
#3673 Zip Error (19) - Hi, We got an email today saying we need to upgrade SugarChimp to be able to upgrade to SugarCRM sarahsmith Closed Bug?
#3671 Sugarlist not synced in mailchimp. - Hi, We could not sync our list from sugar to mailchimp. Please advice. The status was sync comple leonell Closed Bug?
#3670 Compatibility with SugarCRM 8 - Dear SugarChimp team, We planned to migrate to Sugar 8 our customers and we would like to know if ITS4U Closed General Question
#3668 Causes the Scheduler to stop working - After troubleshooting, I was able to determine that the SugarChimp plugin was causing all of our sch Tom Hadrava Closed Bug?
#3667 stopped a 80% - It froze on 80% . Instructions say contact for help went to go to admin now can not get there. jhorsch Closed Installation
#3659 Sync - Hi, I have installed and configured SugarChimp. After having setup a first Automatic sync a ta Marco Moen Closed General Question
#3652 Need to use SugarChimp validation code in staging site first and eventually in production site - Hi, I just signed up for SugarChimp account and received my license key. I would like to install Sug ksharma Closed Installation
#3642 Changes made to lead in Sugar did not transfer to MailChimp - We have a large list in Sugar connected to a large list in MailChimp . We have discovered that so David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#3636 Module configuration options - Hello, One of our clients is encountering an issue with the module. This is not due specifficall synolia Closed General Question
#3635 Contacts from Mailchimp are not being synced to SuiteCRM - Contacts from Mailchimp are not being synced to SuiteCRM. I already reinstalled module in SuiteCRM Michiel Cazemier Closed Bug?
#3627 Installation Issue - I have installed Sugarchimp for SuiteCRM to SuiteCRM Version 7.10.2. All processes were installed su Auriga Inc Closed Installation
#3624 Sugar CRM call reminder issue - Hi, We have been experiencing issues with our sugar CRM call reminders. The call reminders come o LeahP Closed Bug?
#3619 Sugar Contacts Not Syncing to Mailchimp - Today I added some new contacts in Sugar and they do not sync to Mailchimp. Have not had this issu Invera Corp Closed Bug?
#3616 Sugarchimp table size - I having several problem with sugarchimp. The table of sugarchimpactivity is huge 4.1gb, sugarchimp janin Closed Bug?
#3615 SugarChimp does not sync to MailChimp - Hi SugarChimp-Team, the hole installation worked "perfect". The module can see the list licence Closed Installation
#3605 Contacts not syncing to Mailchimp - error in logfile - HI, Created 2 new lists and when syncing I receive the following msg and the contacts are not upl garethsomerford Closed Bug?
#3602 "MailChimp to Sugar Sync Queued" forever - hey guys, we are trying the professional version. sugarchimp version is 7.11.0a, our sugarcrm ver webdev1 Closed General Question
#3597 mailchimp & SuiteCRM not syncing list "Active Accounts" - mailchimp & SuiteCRM not syncing list "Active Accounts" Can i get some assistance? Chad2 Closed Bug?
#3593 Problem with SugarChimp to MailChimp Sync - I uploaded a list to Mail Chimp that was cleaned of all “bad email” addresses and set up rickwilliams Closed Bug?
#3587 Syncing Sugar contacts details (change in email address) to MailChimp - Hi there, I have notice that when I update contact information in Sugar (as in change an email addr gjelbart Closed Bug?
#3582 Contact - Account Name sync - Hi there, I am attempting to sync up my Contacts' Account Names. What happens when I hav dacarthy Closed General Question
#3578 Getting Smartlist error on uploading accounts / leads - Hi there, I'm getting the following error on uploading accounts or leads. WARNING: [2] De rikvanbavel Closed Bug?
#3563 SugarChimp not installed correctly - Hi, I have problem with SugarChimp installation. I installed SugarChimp package 'sugarchimp WaqarKhan Closed Installation
#3561 Syncing Target Lists from Sugar with Master Lists in Mailchimp - Hello, I have a question regarding target lists integrated through Sugar CRM. I have created in S Monique Bianchi Ribeiro Closed Feature
#3555 Pass record type to Mailchimp - In SuiteCrm I have a target list made of record of different types (accounts, leads, contacts), is i chiaramenti Closed Feature
#3545 Mail Chimp Causing invalid emails in contacts? - Version 7.7.9 Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509) It seems we're having an issue where contacts news Closed Bug?
#3544 Report modifications get overwritten - Hi, The installation of the SugarChimp Package overwrites the file ./custom/modules/Reports/met Holger Closed Bug?
#3534 Mailchimp does not receive new Sugar Contacts into 'Subscribers' - but into a seperate 'Reconfirm' list - Contacts added to our sugar since about November 16th, are received at mailchimp, but Instead of the DJuserDJ Closed Bug?
#3526 sync: "Pending to Mailchimp" items "stuck" - The image bellow describes the problem best. Both the "Lists" and the "Targets/Leads/ steffenhansen Closed Bug?
#3525 sync: "cross pollination" between multiple lists - While trying to have multiple lists in mailchimp synced to corresponding target lists on sugarcrm (a steffenhansen Closed Bug?
#3524 SugarChimp disable other custom operator in Sugar ? - Dear SugarChimp team, I added in SugarCRM more operators for the filters. Unfortunately these op ITS4U Closed Bug?
#3522 Sync Mailchimp Activities - Dear support team, Since the end of december the mailchimp activities don't sync anymore. ITS4U Closed Bug?
#3500 Mailchimp Version - Hello, we have SuiteCRM Version 7.8.5, the download version of Mailchimp for Suite is titled " onlineteam Closed General Question
#3477 SugarChimp and Gravity Forms with Sugar Feed - Since I've installed SugarChimp and synced with MailChimp my automated Sugar Feed from my WordP courtney Closed Bug?
#3458 Subpanel Mailchimp activities - Dear support team, We need to have a subpannel on contacts and accounts with the mailchimp activ ITS4U Closed General Question
#3454 Invalid Package - Hi, I'm trying to upload your package into our installation parkafm Closed Installation
#3452 Synchronisation issues - We create a list called "Small Test" in SugarCRM. We populate this with 5 defined leads. W bacpartners Closed Bug?
#3447 Problems syncing Target list via SugarChimp to MailChimp - So for some reason I am struggling with my sync. It worked fine before I added some fields I needed michelemannon Closed General Question
#3440 Admin Role Support - In the Roles section of SugarCRM you can make a regular user an admin of a specific module. However, fayesweeney Closed Feature
#3436 Mailchimp Rating value for calculation - Hi there We would like to use the mailchimp rating as a value for a global Lead scoring in Sugar. H Monique Bianchi Ribeiro Closed General Question
#3435 Show campaigns in accounts for linked contacts - I am hoping to show when any contacts linked to an account open a mailchimp email through the campai craigallardyce Closed General Question
#3433 Dealing with internal subscribers & sync - Hi All After the first sync, SugarChimp runs pretty smoothly and the recent support here was grea nicolas Closed General Question
#3430 Unable to delete groups - I sync Mailchimp Groups to a custom field, TargetGroup in contacts, targets and leads in SugarCRM. D Origo hf, Hordur Olavson Closed General Question
#3429 Urgent : Bug on sugar dashlet mailchimp activity - Hello, following the installation and configuration of my connector I have sent several emaling camp wbelhaj Closed Bug?
#3425 SugarChimp sync launches webhooks - Hello, We deployed the module for one of our clients that has webhooks enabled. On sync of the co synolia Closed Bug?
#3420 Field mapping misses "Campaign Name" from Sugar - Hi All I wanted to reach out because I recently installed SugarChimp and started the sync process nicolas Closed Bug?
#3417 When sugaroutfitters is unreachable, SugarChimp keeps polling it, producing FATAL logs and provoking bad performances - Dear Support, I encounter some trouble with SugarChimp : I installed it on my customer's ser ITS4U Closed Bug?
#3405 upload error - Hi Trying to upload the Sugarchimp zip file as per instructions below and keep getting an error design Closed Installation
#3402 Sugar scheduler is running but SugarChimp and SmartList have never run - Hi support team, We have installed SugarChimp successfully. Activated cron and it's running. SuperEd Closed Installation
#3400 Uninstall Breaks Sugar - Hi, We were able to install SugarChimp, setup and use the trial version but decided not to purch Kimo Yoshida Closed Installation
#3398 Not all campaigns showing in MailChimp Activites - It appears that not all campaigns are showing within the Mailchimp Activities module - from looking UA Professional Services Spain SL (ESB42725150) Closed Bug?
#3387 SugarChimp Dashlets - Hi there, We have a client who has just implemented SugarChimp. We notice that the Mailchimp redk CRM Solutions Ltd Closed General Question
#3376 Re-Syncing a List - In the "List Sync Status" section, I have two lists, however, the "queue re-sync" paulinechow Closed Feature
#3370 SugarChimp crashes Sugar, no way to recover!! - We have a HUGE Problem, right after installation and the first check (cURL, Network,....) our compl christopheclaude Closed Installation
#3364 Contacts in a Synced List - I created a filter to automatically sync contacts to MailChimp. Will SugarChimp know to exclude inva paulinechow Closed General Question
#3362 Network / Firewall problem in highly secured environment - Dear team, We're currently setting up SugarChimp on a Sugar 7.9 on premise instance. The serve ITS4U Closed Installation
#3352 Cancel Sugar - Hi we want to cancel our sugar chimp subscription and pay no more money. Charles from Stuart Morr StuartMorris Closed General Question
#3334 Upgrade to Professional - We would like to upgrade our account from basic to professional, however I cannot find anywhere to s Buckland Closed General Question
#3333 Syncing a list from Sugar to mailchimp - We currently have SugarChimp Version: 7.8.3 Professional. I want to Sync a Sugar Target List that p michelemannon Closed General Question
#3324 Cannot Merge Accounts in Sugar CRM - Sugar says it's SugarChimp causing the problme - please see the below reply from Sugar support regarding the problem I have merging Accounts in Sugar jvernon13 Closed Bug?
#3321 Setup & installation - What is the difference between Ultimate et Professional Setup & Installation? Do we have to pay KarineLinder Closed Installation
#3314 Multiple MailChimp accounts to one SugarCRM instance - Can this integration connect multiple MailChimp accounts (maybe 9) to a single Sugar instance? We ha chris15 Closed General Question
#3304 My sugarchimp isn't syncing SugarCRM to mailchimp - Hi i have a mailchimp list with 554499 contacts and the same list in CRM has 572941 contacts. lae_sugar_outfitters Closed Bug?
#3297 Updating Email Addresses - When we update an email address in Sugar it is not syncing to MailChimp. Please advise. Thanks! BradN153 Closed General Question
#3296 SMartlist running but failing, also unable to update - Scheduled task runs but logs that it fails. If I check php error.log it can't find a number garethsomerford Closed Bug?
#3285 Unable to connect to mailchimp - We are evaluating the trial version. Our servers are behind firewall in our firm, and we use web-sen erfanchowdhury Closed General Question
#3280 Change recipient of "Heads up! SugarChimp Sync Failed" email notifications - Hi Support, We have a client using SugarChimp, however for some reason we receive email notificat Evolution Marketing Closed General Question
#3276 I need migrate arround 600.000 contacts from sugarcrm to an existing list in mailchimp - I've been try to make this migration through sugarchimp integration with the option ("Writ lae_sugar_outfitters Closed General Question
#3266 SugarChimp install issue - We tried install Sugarchimp to Suite CRM Version 7.8.2. All processes were installed sucessfully and eddysiu Closed Installation
#3251 Field Mapping - We are testing a trial version of SugarChimp. I would like to map the Sugar Field "Assigned Use BradN153 Closed General Question
#3243 SuiteCRM - Classic Theme - Email Field Issue causing sync problem - Morning, We recently moved from sugarcrm to suitecrm. Our entire company is using the classic them jkoop Closed Bug?
#3238 Major amount of SugarChimp Activity dups in SugarCRM - Hello, can you help me fix a syncing issue. It seams one contact has created 35K records in Sugarch Paul Hekimian Closed Bug?
#3213 Last Ran: The SugarChimp scheduler job is missing. - Hello, For the past few days, we have seen this error message in the health status area of SugarC phildelves Closed Bug?
#3210 Massive amounts of duplicate records being created - Hello, Huge amounts of duplicate records are being created and I think it is something to do wit sstephens Closed Bug?
#3203 Syncing MailChimp Groups into Sugar Multi Select Field - Hello, You said it was tricky, and I'm find that to be the case: I have 1 master list in Mai lfolkerts Closed Feature
#3189 Syncing a Sugar Target List - list incomplete - When trying to sync a Sugar Target List to MailChimp, the dropdown list doesn't show all my Tar GillAttmore Closed General Question
#3186 Licence Validation behind Proxy - What are the IP Adresses and Ports that the SugarCRM Server Needs to have in order to validate the s marketing23 Closed General Question
#3183 Any way round the import into Target List limitations in Sugar? - I know this is a problem with Sugar and not SugarChimp, however I was hoping you'd perhaps have mailchimp Closed Bug?
#3167 Unable to Delete Accounts - After installing SugarChimp, i am unable to delete account records. I am using the On-Demand versio ITServices1 Closed Bug?
#3146 Error received regularly - -------- Forwarded Message -------- Sometimes your Sugar instance is unable to communicate with Mai EnableItMike Closed Bug?
#3141 Problem syncing Birthday - I think I've got syncing of the Birthday field setup correctly, I've tried to sync from Su mailchimp Closed Feature
#3140 Unsubscribers - Hi, if somebody unsubscribes in mailchimp how do i get that information to transfer to Sugar CRM, lbeck Closed Bug?
#3127 Disparity between Target Lists and Lists - We are supporting SugarCRM for a client who also has SugarChimp installed. We have occasionally rece bacpartners Closed Bug?
#3125 One way sync - Is it possible to only sync merge fields from SugarCRM to MailChimp? I get that unsubscribes need to cparsley Closed General Question
#3124 Contacts imported without email address record and blank first name and last name - is this a common pitfall? are we doing something wrong haciyaman Closed Bug?
#3122 Proxy setting is ignored in validation step - Sugar sits behind a proxy and the proxy settings are set correctly in the system settings for Sugar. planb-techteam Closed Bug?
#3106 Admin section access for non-admin users - Hi We have set up a Role and given the role Admin, and also tried Admin and Developer, but a Regu Joenineo Closed Bug?
#3104 Config.php file permissions change - After installing SugarChimp, running Quick Repair & Rebuild all seemed fine. Lists were syncing cparsley Closed Bug?
#3081 Field/group values reverting after changes in the CRM - Hello, We have begun to notice that updated field values within the CRM revert back to their prev muradmin Closed Bug?
#3068 Target lists no longer syncing - One of my Mail Chimp lists has synced improperly. I have confirmed SugarChimp's health status, jsabol Closed Bug?
#3062 New Contacts not being added from Sugar to Chimp - SugarChimp v.7.8.3c Our newsletter editor reported to me that new contacts in Sugar have not been jrhodes Closed Bug?
#3060 New field added in MailChimp list does not sync to field mapping in Sugar - Hi I have a problem today. I have on existing mailchimp list which is already syncronized wi David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#3050 Target Lists not syncing - Hello - i have uninstalled and installed the latest version fresh - the status of my target list is arcangel Closed Bug?
#3043 Issues uninstalling SugarChimp - I'm trying to uninstall SugarChimp. I'm currently on Sugar release. The uninstall jgalasso Closed Bug?
#3031 Assistance with configuration - Hi. I am having some trouble understanding the setup of *multiple* synchronisations - we've abo jsweeney1 Closed General Question
#3024 Can you setup mutliple syncs or smart lists and how to check - We are setting up MailChimp and we want to setup a few different lists to sync between Sugar and Mai srobbins Closed General Question
#3021 Upgrading to Sugar - Hi! One of our clients has SugarChimp and the module version is SugarChimp 7.6.0h We're a dacarthy Closed Bug?
#3007 Is it possible to connect one Sugar instance to multiple MailChimp accounts using SugarChimp? - We have one SugarCRM instance but three different MailChimp accounts for use by different department Origo hf, Hordur Olavson Closed General Question
#2996 the installation was stoped in 82% completed - the installation was stoped in 82% completed and it damage the save function in my opportunities mod andresalbarracin1 Closed Installation
#2992 URGENT: Migrated SugarCRM to new server -- lot of SugarChimp errors - Hello, Last night I migrated our production Sugar instance to our new on-site server, and I' fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#2985 Multi Select lists in SugarChimp - Hi Guys I am trying to get some multi select lists to sync from Sugar to Mailchimp for our mutual ghm101 Closed Installation
#2975 Sync never completes - SugarChimp v7.8.2f SugarCRM v7.7.2.1 I've got a large list in Sugar - 23,478 in my Target L jrhodes Closed Bug?
#2967 License key is invalid - After installing module into SuiteCRM, I keep getting told my license key is invalid on the license mps Closed Installation
#2966 Sync not working - errors in log - SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 1700) Trying to sync to Mailchimp a target list of 40 Origo hf, Hordur Olavson Closed Bug?
#2957 Sync not working properly - I have the following situation: 2 Lists: List a "test" list with 101 entries, synced to l madmat Closed Bug?
#2946 can't create contact - Hi There is the following error in our log when trying to add new contact: Thu Mar 16 12:56:21 2 Shimmy Closed Bug?
#2944 Step 4 - Sync a List - No lists appearing - During the configuration all steps are working correctly however when I get to _4) Sync a List_ No pbiber Closed Installation
#2940 Error msg - We tried to install a module and we are getting this error "Fatal error: Class 'Fanatical\ accounting10 Closed Installation
#2935 Unable to delete records - Hi, I created leads And I cannot delete them. Is it a known issue ? Here is the response I Manon Moisan Closed Bug?
#2924 Handling unsubscribes - Hey guys We have set UPDATE config SET value=2 WHERE category='sugarchimp' AND name=& FibreCRM Closed General Question
#2911 Synching Groups from MailChimp - Can you point me to documentation on synching groups from Sugar to Mail Chimp? lindasmith Closed General Question
#2908 Unable to sync lists - I am able to make it to step 4 of installation but stops at "Loading SmartList Settings . . .&q peter6 Closed Installation
#2898 Lead scoring synchronization ot working - Hi, I'm testing the ultimate sugarchimp plan and it seems that synchronisation just doesn' charlottemorineau1 Closed Bug?
#2896 Email Update to MailChimp - When I update the email address of a target, the subscriber on MailChimp associated with that email meuhus Closed General Question
#2892 Firewall rules to allow SugarChimp to talk to MailChimp - Hi, SugarChimp has installed perfectly on SuiteCRM 7.1 but when I try to add my API KEY for MailChi agray Closed Installation
#2887 Synchronization between Mailchimp and Sugar is no longer possible - Maybe you can help me in this matter. If I run the health status in SugarCRM, I will not see any err angelinasokolowski Closed Bug?
#2885 How to synchronize all SugarCRM Contacts - When I install the plugin, what I want is a list in Mailchimp with all SugarCRM contacts, not only a Enrique Wiris Closed Installation
#2878 Urgent: How to enable Sugar sync? - Hi. I am trying to sync SugarCRM Contact with Mailchimp and getting this message: MailChimp to Credaris Closed General Question
#2876 Contacts 'Pending to MailChimp' and not transferring - Scheduler last ran on 25/01/2017 - that could have been when it last worked. John helped me with info63 Closed General Question
#2874 7.8.1 Killed our System - Hi, We tried to upgrade SugarChimp from 7.7.1 to the latest version 7.8.1 but during install the mailchimp Closed Bug?
#2870 installation of SugarChimp 7.8 stops working at 80% - I'm having trouble upgrading to SugarChimp 7.8, installation stops working at 80% while working jgalasso Closed Installation
#2863 Advanced Field Mapping & Advanced Filter Syncing - Can you please explain what the two 'Ultimate' features, _Advanced Field Mapping_ & _A wearemarketing Closed Feature
#2861 Dashlet on Accounts - Hi I got a request today from one in our Sales Team that asks if you will reconsider the dashlet David E Kromann Closed Feature
#2859 Sidedashboard on Contacts, Leads & Targets: make it fit better - Hi We were wondering if the side dashboard dashlet called 'MailChimp Activity' can be i David E Kromann Closed General Question
#2858 Problem with dashlet 'MailChimp Campaign Summary' - Hi This dashlet cannot retrieve any content any longer - it is just empty How to fix this? David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#2847 Multiple Mailchimp accounts - Hi, Is it possible to sync to more than 1 Mailchimp account please? Reason - our CRM hosts dat garethsomerford Closed Feature
#2826 Duplicate Contact created - Hello, we have a customer using Sugar PRO 7.8 and Mailchimp. Can forward the licence info privately thdillinger Closed Bug?
#2824 sync multiple lists - We are trying to sync multiple lists between sugar and mailchimp, but we cant find the way to make i mad Closed General Question
#2811 Cannot map the field 'Assigned to' for the MailChimp list - Hi SugarOutfitters I am creating a brand new list for MailChimp sendout and I have run into a pro David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#2809 Cannot validate license - Hi for some reason the api key of mailchimp did not work correctly. After the update we were not mo st3el Closed Bug?
#2808 Install on a test instance - Hello, Can we use the licence key on a production instance and on a test instance ? thank you Carrenet Closed General Question
#2807 Syncing two independant records with same email address? - Hi, I have an issue where independent records on SuiteCRM for both husband and wife, but with a joi UA Professional Services Spain SL (ESB42725150) Closed Bug?
#2791 New Sugar contacts not being synced to MailChimp Master List - Hi, I'm new to Sugar and SugarChimp - don't know if I'm doing the sync wrong - but my info63 Closed General Question
#2777 SugarCRM target list is not synching to MailChimp - Hi Support, We have installed SugarChimp plugin in SugarCRM 7.6. We have installed successfully. Bhea Closed Bug?
#2771 No support - Hi, I don't think the latest version actually supports Sugar I'm getting these k ogge7 Closed Bug?
#2750 New Sugar records not being syncd to MailChimp list? - SugarChimp Support Team, Things have been going pretty smoothly with SugarChimp since I got it in fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#2741 Problem with report on SugarChimp Activity - Hi Trying to create a report on the SugarChimp Activities - I have screenshots I can send? I David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#2740 Cannot find the guide for 'Advanced Field Mapping' - Hi Was looking into the features you get with the ultimate subscription and cannot find any for David E Kromann Closed General Question
#2726 No MailChimp Activities Dashlet? - Hello again. I was trying to add the Mailchimp Activity Dashlet to some of our dashboards like we us fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#2725 SugarChimp doesn't populate ProspectList with Contacts using manual synchronization - Hello, We are experiencing an issue with SugarChimp plugin when we try to Sync or populate a Sug hkirgis Closed Bug?
#2720 Existing MailChimp list does not appear in SugarCRM field mapping - Hi I have a problem with some MailChimp lists that are created in our MailChimp but they do not David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#2705 Resubscribers not updating in CRM - Hello, I have noted something that I believe may be a bug. When someone unsubscribes via MailC muradmin Closed Bug?
#2702 Accounts vs Contacts on SugarCRM - We are trying to get an accurate response on whether the ultimate version supports accounts. Also w andrew2 Closed Feature
#2699 Accounts integration module - Hi, guys Is it possible we could have a module for Accounts integration to mailchimp? our company Juan Closed Feature
#2694 Need support on List Syncing - Hi, I need your expert support to sync my first list, I have subscribed for ultimate plan for InfodriveIndia Pvt Ltd Closed General Question
#2686 How to edit list settings after it has already been created? - I just set up my Master SugarChimp list in sugar, and on the initial settings page I chose to " fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#2682 TrusteesAU - Hi, I believe you may have installed a plugin for Trustees Australia at some stage in the past in Quenten_Grasso Closed Installation
#2676 Want to make sure I'm using the correct version - We purchased SugarChimp about a year ago but we haven't been using it the last few months. I wa fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#2669 Crashes Sugar - Hello, We thought we would try out the 30 day free trial of SugarChimp but it seems like every t accounting8 Closed Bug?
#2664 Call to undefined method in SugarChimp Queue.php - Hi there - we've got a client having issues - they're getting 500 errors on saving certain justin.sitarz Closed Bug?
#2649 auto sync is not working(from Suitecrm to Mailchimp) - Hi Support Team, I am Using Sugarchimp professional edition. While i am adding any contact to Ta itsmeranjansingh Closed Bug?
#2646 sugarchimp schedular not working - Hi Support Team, I am using sugarchimp professional edition , but sugarchimp cron is not working itsmeranjansingh Closed Bug?
#2636 Need consulting for best practices - I'd like to set up a best practices\consultation meeting with a user at our client, Radyne. Her news Closed General Question
#2623 SugarChimp intergration issue - I am not able to integrate my Sugar Instance with Mailchimp. Can you please help? Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed Bug?
#2614 SugarChimp issue - Hi Supporter, We are using Basic Edition of Sugar Chimp ( an lukhachgiangho Closed Bug?
#2594 Automatic List Sync not Working from SuiteCRM to Mail Chimp by Sugarchimp - I am facing the issue for suite CRM not syncing list from and to Mail chimp automatically even sched adeelzauq Closed Bug?
#2593 Synchronisation Issue - Hi, I have noticed that our target lists in Sugar (created from reports) has not been updated in mai CMCPartners Closed Bug?
#2587 Mapping checkbox fields - Hi there, I have a signup form in MailChimp which I want to synchronize with Sugar. I want to put adinu Closed General Question
#2582 sync more than 3 fields in mailchimp - Hi Support Team, I am using Sugar Chimp Professional edition. Can we sync more than 3 fields of itsmeranjansingh Closed Feature
#2568 Only sync a segment of a list from Mailchimp to Sugar - Ik keep a lot of subscribers in Mailchimp but only want part of them (a segment) being synchronised alfredgriffioen Closed Feature
#2555 Unable to see SugarChimp Activities in Suitecrm - I have Sugarchimp Professional edition. I triggered the campaign from the mailchimp. I get campaig itsmeranjansingh Closed Bug?
#2553 Can't install SugarChimp in some Sugar instances - Hello, I have been trying to install SugarChimp in several Sugar instances and in some of them I dlopez Closed Installation
#2538 Cannot upgrade to SugarChimp - Hi, This is a follow up to ticket [#2199 - Unable to upgrade SugarChimp from 7.5.5a to 7.5.9 / 7. GDT Technology Closed Bug?
#2520 Groups no longer syncing post upgrade to 7.7 - Hello, I am running CE 6.5 and just installed the most recent version of SugarChimp, upgrading fr muradmin Closed Bug?
#2498 target list not syncing - We have a target list in spyglass that has been syncing with a list in Mailchimp without problems fo estherprats Closed Bug?
#2489 Opt-out does'nt seem to work anymore (SugarCRM 6.5 / SugarChimp 7.7.3) - Hello, Sync opt-out from Mailchimp to SugarCRM used to work. I can not tell since when it stopped vincentaudoin Closed Bug?
#2480 How to create a mailchimp report in Sugar showing open & click throughs - Hello, I want to create a report in Sugar to show the results of a particular campaign i.e opens CMCPartners Closed General Question
#2465 Issue in Sugar 7.7 - Hi , One of our clients Saddington Baynes is using SugarChimp on their On-demand instance ( https Rolustech Closed Bug?
#2456 Update Credit Card Details - Hello, Can you please respond ASAP? I have updated my credit card details and need for my Suga abrooks Closed General Question
#2437 Syncing set to run every 5 mins, never runs - Hi, My Sugar Target List is not syncing with my Mailchimp list. I have checked the field mapping daphneash Closed General Question
#2436 Groups in MailChimp - Hi, I hope you are well. I've recent bought SugarChimp and am testing adding contacts from S daphneash Closed Feature
#2434 trouble uploading zip on mac to sugar - Hi. I am having trouble installing into Sugar CRM. I have attached the notification I keep getting karynsaganic Closed Installation
#2398 MailChimp Activity under contact do not display 'Click' events - Under the MailChimp activity Dashlet for a contact I can see 'Opened' and 'Sent' estherprats Closed General Question
#2375 Mail Chimps Masterlist not sinking - Hi, The tests were doing great but then the lists Mail chimp list stoped synching after I deleted Manon Moisan Closed Bug?
#2368 Sync MailChimp data to Sugar - Hello, When some people are added to my MailChimp list via Web Form, that people doesn't syn llucas Closed General Question
#2353 Sugar to Mailchimp list sync stopped working - Hi There, After a couple of days the targetlist stopped syncing with the mailchimp list. I forced Highrank Closed Bug?
#2346 Can you use a custom module rather than Contacts - We are a Sugar Partner and have a customer with a custom module for their Customers. They are not u Sara.Burns Closed General Question
#2345 Sugar CRM no longer creating contacts - Hi there, We discovered yesterday that our Sugar CRM would no longer create Contacts. Our Sugar ven jfbernard Closed Installation
#2342 Not Loading Correctly - I was initially not redirected to the page after installation, and now when clicking on the SugarChi tmudd Closed Bug?
#2338 MailChimp sync failing - I have installed MailChimp in our SugarCRM system (7.6.1) and I having issues when SugarChimp is try estherprats Closed General Question
#2332 Invalid license key. - Hello, For some reason, today I received an email about an error that has ocurred with the licens llucas Closed Bug?
#2324 Avoid new records created on MailChimp go to SugarCRM - Hello, I'd like to know how we can avoid that new records created on MailChimp list (existing s Berlitz Latam Closed General Question
#2312 Lead Duplication --- Multi Syncing - For some reason these leads keep being duplicated, see image Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed Bug?
#2311 "function::SugarChimp" Schedule Job always on queued - Hi, we have observed that sugarChimp job is struck in queue with status "Running" Daniyal.Rolustech Closed Bug?
#2307 Filters in Ultimate Version - Hello again, This morning I activated the free trial of the Ultimate Version of SugarChimp. I sel llucas Closed General Question
#2301 Subscriber list into SugarCRM - Hi There, Today I'm able to see the different emails I've sent to each client directly Cyril Piette Closed Feature
#2298 Lists not syncing - Chad - Thanks for the help today. The contacts aren't being pushed to Mailchimp. I did a re adamklein Closed Bug?
#2294 No Account Intergration - Why is there no account integration feature? It used to have at the very beginning when I started to Kwek Jian Wen Closed Feature
#2292 Got stuck at lists - Never got past here: Please cancel adamklein Closed Bug?
#2274 is it possible to 50,000 subcribers from SugarCRM to MailChimp one time - Hi, As subject, i got syncing very slowly and took many hours for one time, my question is has an hyumax Closed General Question
#2273 Need help with previous ticket which caused problems - I need help on the previous ticket that was closed that caused problems with my SugarCRM are you sti crowe Closed Bug?
#2270 List stopped syncing - Hi, for some reason our list stopped syncing. We updated to professional and updated our licence key crowe Closed Bug?
#2242 Dynamicly Target List. - How can I update dynamicly a target list? Must I do it manualy again and again? Thanks. llucas Closed General Question
#2233 Cant sync target list from Sugar to Mailchimp...please help! Cant work until fixed. - I have emailed the VP of Product and also left a message with MailChimp and no answer. I need your h dwight Closed Bug?
#2217 no sync with account in target list - Hi, here is the error in the log *************************************************************** denisdubuis Closed Bug?
#2214 Field Mapping from custom module that is related to contact - Hi, we are using suitecrm with sugarchimp. I was wondering if its possible to map a specific field f cmoore Closed General Question
#2210 New lists in mailchimp are created but with no suscribers - Hello, We are not able to see any suscriber in the lists populated from sugarcrm across sugarchimp. ldcinformatica Closed Bug?
#2200 Deleting contacts on MailChimp marks them as opted out on Sugar - Last week we deleted some contacts via MailChimp that had been accidentally added to a MailChimp lis DJuserDJ Closed Bug?
#2199 Unable to upgrade SugarChimp from 7.5.5a to 7.5.9 / 7.7.1 - Hi team, Good day. We are performing upgrade of SugarChimp from version 7.5.5a to 7.5.9 as per e GDT Technology Closed Installation
#2198 Not All Sugar Contacts Syncing to MailChimp - Hi, We want to send an email blast via MailChimp and noticed that only about 10K out of our 15K alexhorn Closed Bug?
#2197 Sugar to MailChimp Sync In-progress - Hi, I have installed SugarChimp on the 19th. Ihave not been able to acces my test list in mailch Manon Moisan Closed Installation
#2196 Import 1000+ unsubscriptions to Mailchimp - Hi, How am I best to bring in all the unsubscribe information from Sugar to Mailchimp for my new garethsomerford Closed General Question
#2195 CRM -> Mailchimp sync not getting past 2764 contacts out of 14000+ - Hi, I have trying to sync a single list to Mailchimp. It has synced just under 3000 but refuses garethsomerford Closed Bug?
#2194 Problem to sync SugarCRM and Mailchimp - Hi, I'm having trouble using SugarChimp. The configuration went well but impossible to sync Cyril Piette Closed Bug?
#2192 Many cleans and several unsubs not syncing back to Sugar - I've been doing some spot checking on the cleans and unsubs. I took the cleans and unsubs in SeanHill Closed Bug?
#2179 How do I remove a list from SugarChimp? - I have a list that I want to remove - how do I do this? Rawsongroup Closed General Question
#2168 Health check calculates lists pending with exaggerated number of contacts - one list not syncing - A customer has setup 2 lists thus far for sync up. One syncs without an issue while the other does n dwrench001 Closed Bug?
#2158 What field types are supported by Sugarchimp for passing data? - Please can you confirm what field types are supported by Sugarchimp? We have the following field paul11 Closed General Question
#2147 Automated sync not working - Hi there, We are having an issue where SugarChimp is not automatically pulling in contacts from a s extensions Closed Bug?
#2143 Stuck on Loading Smartlists - Got through the install process except stuck on 'Loading Smartlists' Tried Quick Repair & jeffc Closed Installation
#2142 Botched Install? - Installed SugarChimp for SuiteCRM (v 7.5.3) Got it configured so the Health screen shows no issues. jeffc Closed Installation
#2139 My sugarchimp has stopped syncing the contents of a target list to mailchimp list - I am a new user of Sugarchimp and everything is installed correctly and was working. Yesterday afte dwight Closed Bug?
#2128 Compatibility - Will my version of Sugar, 7.7.0 be compatible will SugarChimp and what functionality will it give me OwenHughes Closed General Question
#2119 Best Practice Unsubscribe Function between MailChimp-SugarChimp-SugarCRM - Hi there, I'd like to schedule a call with someone from your support team to discuss our cu tmjackson Closed Installation
#2117 "Sync In-Progress" Status - Hello, I recently upgraded to SugarChimp v7.7.0. I noticed that the add-on is still showing the stat Comevo Closed General Question
#2111 Database Failure - Update to 7.7.0 - Installation failed at 82% producing the following in the Detailed Log: > Display Log > Comevo Closed Installation
#2103 Uploaded Module Not Appearing To Install - We're using SugarCRM Version (Build 1163). When we upload the zip package, it appears t jasonmpress Closed Bug?
#2102 Sync'ing to MC List Group from Multiple Sugar TL's - Suppose you have 5 different Target Lists in Sugar (e.g. Attendees 2010 List, Attendees 2011 List, A FibreCRM Closed General Question
#2097 Mail chimp sync issues - Hi there, We are having an issue when synching data from Sugar to Mailchimp. Sugar syncs to Mai Jerryluyen Closed Bug?
#2093 Bulk Unsubscribe By Admin - Hello, In syncing our newsletter we have had a large number of individuals who were unsubscribed Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed Bug?
#2088 Passing opportunity data through into Mailchimp - I wonder if it is possible to pass opportunity data along with contact/account data through to a lis paul11 Closed General Question
#2084 Help with upgrading SugarChimp - Hi, We received the following from Sugar: _**In an effort to upgrade your SugarCRM On-Demand i mailchimp Closed Installation
#2082 Installation stuck on "Loading SmartList Settings . . ." - Hey there, I´m trying to install the trial version of sugarchimp but my installation is stu francescteixido Closed Bug?
#2053 Retreive data about Campaigns from MailChimp - Hi, I'm trying your SugarChimp plugin. My question is how can I retrieve the data related to Igor_Yar Closed General Question
#2051 Issue syncing my list as Campaign has disappeared - Hi, My Sugar campaign that was feeding one of my mailchimp lists via SugarChimp has disappeared. I Rawsongroup Closed General Question
#2035 Install Problem for 6.4.2 - Hi, I subscribed for a free trial of SugarChimp. I tried to upload the module SugarChimp for Suga educhateau Closed Installation
#2031 SugarChimp - Hi there, We are in the process of setting up our SugarChimp account and are starting to sync ou tmjackson Closed Installation
#2028 Syncing Target List SugarCRM->MailChimp (cont'd) - REFERENCING: If I add all contacts to my ta Comevo Closed General Question
#2023 Sync of Sugar CRM Target list - Hi, I have created a target list in Sugar that contains Targets, Leads and Contacts, these are all s marketing20 Closed Bug?
#2020 Migrating Sugar 6.5 CE to Sugar 7 ENT - SugarChimp License - We are migrating our Sugar install in our internal network and we may have two instances working in rebeccaholloway Closed Installation
#2013 How do I get the Pro Upgrade? - I just started a 30-day trial upgrade to professional (I currently am on basic). It's not clea abedane Closed Installation
#2012 Sync for Contact/Lead/Account - I had installed the prov version of Plugin for SugarCrm6 Community edition. - Added the working a mitijain123 Closed Bug?
#2011 Unknown column 'mailchimp_rating_c' in 'field list' - I had downloaded the pro version and integrated it with the SugarCrm6 Community Edition. When I a mitijain123 Closed Bug?
#2010 No Direct menu entry shown after installation - Hi, I have installed the sugarChimp and purchased licence. The sugarChimp is accessible only from A shroukkhan Closed Installation
#2000 Updated to Sugarchimp-7.6 and now my license doesn't work - I used Sugarchimp 7.1j für a while now i update to 7.6 and my license doesn't work anymore beronet Closed Bug?
#1997 Can't load module - I am getting this error during installation. Display Log Installing administration extension jasond Closed Installation
#1991 Loading SmartList Settings not working - When i go to Sugar Configuration in the four step "Loading SmartList Settings". this ne andresalbarracin Closed Bug?
#1989 The SugarChimp scheduler job is missing - I recently upgraded SuiteCRM to the latest version from 7.3. I then upgraded Sugarchimp to 7.6.0a. A andreidamon Closed Installation
#1987 Issue with SugarCRM configuration - I am having an issue with the configuration. Connect > I add the mailchimp API key which works admin16 Closed Installation
#1981 One way sync for specific list - Hi is it possible to how a one way sync for one list and two way for the other? Alternatively can yo gustavlindstrom Closed Feature
#1975 Adding to Target List is not syncing to mail chimp - Hello, I have a target list which I am adding leads to (Malarkey Newsletter). Our mailchimp curr Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed Bug?
#1963 Campaign reports - Is it possible to retrieve more information in the campaign reports, information such as a list of w vincenttimpe Closed Feature
#1961 Sync a sugarcrm list with MailChimp - Hi, I have just downloaded SugarChimp and installed it in our on-site SugarCRM Ent 7.6.1 instance estherprats Closed Feature
#1939 Updated Profile data disappearing on sync - Below refers to 'non-required' text / fields When a user modifies profile using Mailchimp jmaclaren Closed Bug?
#1912 Billing - refund - Hi, I just received a bill for order 6548 even though I didn't get notified whether not not cyounes Closed General Question
#1910 Fail Health Check for upcoming SugarCRM Security Patch - Contacted by SugarCRM Technical Support. They are doing a mandatory patch which is not postponable, jrhodes Closed Bug?
#1900 Subscribers being unsubscribed when deleted in SugarCRM - Hello, When i delete or merge two contacts (which deletes one of the contacts), the subscriber is LeahP Closed Feature
#1893 Error: undefined index: interested_groups - I am receiving a lot of this error. PHP Notice: Undefined index: interested_groups in /modules/S PrimatechWebDev Closed Bug?
#1886 Target List - I'm hoping I can receive some help or advice on an issue that I'm having. I created a tar cprice Closed General Question
#1865 Unable to setup cron from scheduler - cd /opt/bitnami/apps/sugarcrm/htdocs; php -f cron.php PHP Warning: include(/opt/bitnami/apps/suga mr. dr. evil porkchop Closed Bug?
#1863 Unable to push new contact from SugarCRM into Mailchimp - Hello, New to SugarChimp, attempting to troubleshoot some issues for our office. We are able to s Comevo Closed General Question
#1858 Applying cleaned to the Invalid field in Sugar manually - We have a list of 'Cleaned' email addresses in Excel. It was generated from a non-mailchim SeanHill Closed General Question
#1855 Integration of SuiteCRM and MailChimp - I can't seem to get the two to talk to each other. Help webmaster7 Closed General Question
#1854 Target Lists not appearing - I tried syncing my lists on MailChimp to Sugar as target lists: but nothing appears in my Target Lis cyounes Closed Bug?
#1853 syncrhonisation is not runing - Dear all I have installed a free vesrion of sugarchimp in sugarcrm everything is fine but the synchr ldupin Closed Bug?
#1848 Having a few issues with the trial - Could someone please give me a call. 614-841-9800 ask for Josh PrimatechWebDev Closed General Question
#1846 Import Sugar Target List to Mailchimp - Hi, By following the instructions on the thread mg Closed Bug?
#1843 SugarChimp preventing use of record view from a list view on 2 sugar modules. - Hi. We have had Sugar Chimp installed for a number of months now. Yesterday, we could not navigate amy1 Closed Bug?
#1841 Installation on On-Site SugarCRM - I have installed the basic trial version. I have validated the license key but I receive an error wh PrimatechWebDev Closed Installation
#1837 Error in cron - Hello, I get the following error while executing the provided cron line php -f cron.php PHP Wa zymba2k Closed Bug?
#1824 How to set assigned user and teams in sugarCRM - Hi, we have tested the integration and works however the sync is done in the name of an admin user imrepolonkai Closed General Question
#1823 Syncing multiple MailChimp account / multiple API - Since we are opening in different countries we use different MailChimp Accounts. How can we upload jennifera Closed Installation
#1821 Issue with Integration into SugarCRM 7.6.1 - We have a customer that is having issues getting the SugarChimp Integration up and running. Below is ModLabs Closed Bug?
#1818 Trial Not Cancelled - Hi guys, I attempted to end our SugarChimp trial after a couple of days as it was decided that it willfreeborn Closed General Question
#1817 *Duplicate*Trial Not Cancelled - Hi guys, I attempted to end our SugarChimp trial after a couple of days as it was decided that it willfreeborn Closed General Question
#1815 Issue with SugarOpenCloud and SugarChimp 7.5.8i ? - Hi, We are running SugarOpenCloud and SugarChimp 7.5.8i and are seeing an issue where our sleeharwin Closed Bug?
#1800 how can I remove lists imported from Mailchimp - I have been scouring through all the documentation (there is no index) trying to find out how to rem Lawrence Gerrans Closed Bug?
#1798 Logging in and figuring out how to find my API key - I started installing SugarChimp and got as far as locating my API key. Then when I came back to it MSG Marketing Team Closed Installation
#1793 Is SugarChimp compatible with RT Gsync? - I want to know if SugarChimp is compatible with RT Gsync which syncs sugar with google apps, email, Lawrence Gerrans Closed Installation
#1786 Sugar error when synching list from mailchimp to Sugar - Dear, synching a MailChimp list, from MailChimp to Sugar, gives the following error in the Sugar rembertdouwen Closed Bug?
#1785 ParkRoyal Studio Customer - Hi! We are SugarCRM Partner and we have implemented SugarChimp for one of our client ParkRoyaStud Faraz Closed Bug?
#1781 SugarChimp not working on SuiteCRM 7.14 - Hello, We are testing out SugarChimp for use on our SuiteCRM 7.14 server and I ran into troubles du news Closed Installation
#1772 SugarCRM to Mailchimp target list sync problem - Hi, We run SugarCRM 7.6.0 Professional. I downloaded and installed SugarChimp 7.5.8, specified t aeq Closed Bug?
#1765 Adding Contacts/Leads - Just to confirm - I have created a 'leads' target list and bulk added all existing Sugar l tony1 Closed General Question
#1761 Error during installing - Hello friends, After step number 5, "License Configuration", verification OK, but I have carlos Closed Installation
#1760 Bounces and Unsubscribed - Confirming that bounces and unsubscribes in MailChimp should be updating Sugar (6.5 CE) leads email tony1 Closed General Question
#1758 Syncing Contacts and Account Fields - I am evaluating SugarChimp and have a question that I am sure is beyond the scope of support for thi tony1 Closed General Question
#1757 Upgrade from Professional 7.1.5b - Hi, Where can I find the installation file for the latest version of SugarChimp Professional ? M sleeharwin Closed Installation
#1754 Unable to Authenticate. Make sure that your key is correct and that you have the curl extension installed. - Hi there, this seems to be a reoccuring problem with DeDupid - can someone please support? Th marketing19 Closed Bug?
#1753 Not all lists are showing in Admin module - SugarChimp Configuration - Hi, One of our users is trying to link 2 SugarCRM Target lists with Mailchimp lists with the same sleeharwin Closed Bug?
#1742 Sync not starting - Hi, I have installed everything and the health status is fine. It's just that the sync does not alfredgriffioen Closed Installation
#1738 Manifest Issues - Hi there, I've been unable to install the SugarChimp module to Sugar 7 as there is a recurri willfreeborn Closed Installation
#1724 module not installed? cannot validate ("Data not available We're sorry but the resource you asked for cannot be found.") - Hi there, I have successfully installed the SugarChimp module into Sugar, although the validation georgerapley Closed Installation
#1717 I need v6 - Hi I need Sugarchimp for version 6 of Sugar. The Zip file which says its for v6, when downloaded mwatts Closed Installation
#1715 Unexpected contacts - Hi, I have synchronized a list of SuiteCRM with a MailChimp one, and I always get a new contact c naznar Closed Bug?
#1714 Group Summary MailChimp Activities - Hello, I've installed the trial version of MailChimp plugin (Professional version). I'v ericapaulini Closed General Question
#1712 SuiteCRM - Hello, I have installed the module on SuiteCRM 7.3.1, and when I tryed to configure it, I get the e naznar Closed Bug?
#1705 Evaluation Questions - We're evaluating your product. 1. Is it possible to bring back MailChimp clickthrough data t cfgurney Closed General Question
#1694 Need Assistance Integrating Trial with SugarCRM - Good Afternoon, I installed SugarChimp yesterday but I need some help getting started. Is there frank Closed General Question
#1686 Record view is changed when installing SugarChimp package 7.5.8i for Professional - Hi Sugar Outfitters I have already spoken to Sugar about this issue and we have verified that the David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#1680 Are the Open/Click stats in the Sugar Campaign Summary dashlet clickable? - In the Sugar Campaign Summary dashlet, we would like to view who exactly opened/clicked a campaign. tyler Closed Feature
#1667 MailChimp rating field added to record layouts - Hi SugarOutfitters Last Friday I had to reinstall the SugarChimp plug-in as the syncronization be David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#1655 Sync of Groups/SegmentationLists - Hi, Is it possible to sync TargetList in Sugar with a SegmentationList in MailChimp? Reason I ask joakimnorlinder1 Closed General Question
#1652 Issue with SugarChimp and Quick2List - Please see: Ou rebeccaholloway Closed Bug?
#1648 Error uploading files - Hi, Could you please provide support relating to uploading the zip file into Sugar? thanks Kathy Kathy Swaffer Closed Bug?
#1640 Running Sugar 6.5.16, module will not load. - We are running Sugar 6.5.16 and neither .zip will upload into our module loader. aadams Closed Installation
#1635 Uploading Zip file to Module loader in Sugar - Hi I am trying to upload the zip file as per the instructions but the file doesn't appear to b Kathy Swaffer Closed Bug?
#1628 mails refused in contacts sugarcrm synchronized - Mails contacts that are rejected in sugarCRM are synchronized with MailChimp list, this should not b llucas Closed General Question
#1624 Sugar and MailChimp sync pending for multiple days - I am trying to get Sugar and MailChimp to sync contacts. I followed each step and have successfully sjw Closed Feature
#1616 We've been unable to install this plugin - So far we've been unsuccessful in the installation. We are using the Sugar v6.x version and Sui cmoore Closed Installation
#1610 sync not always working - Hello, we set up the sync option. it worked for one list that has been created on mailchimp (leads dbotto Closed Bug?
#1609 SuiteCRM support - Hi, can you provide plug-in for SuiteCRM? sysadmin3 Closed Installation
#1603 object to string conversion at Driver.php line 31. - You have object to string conversion at Driver.php line 31. Its triggered because not all fields are Jonas Closed Bug?
#1602 Target List not sending subscribers from SugarCRM to Mailchimp List - I just installed SugarChimp basic onto our SugarCRM Professional v6.5.16 (hosted by a 3rd party Clou jennifer1 Closed Installation
#1600 Data loss - Require a refund - Unfortunately we've just been through a week long data recovery exercise with SugarCRM due to a gavinwilliams Closed Bug?
#1592 Syncing stopped - The syncing stopped working, I haven't had a record come across into the SugarChimp Activities jeremycockram Closed Bug?
#1589 Mail chimp activity & ratings not flowing back to sugar - We have the professional version and are not receiving information back from Mailchimp. Looking a semisential Closed General Question
#1587 how do I upgrade from starter to basic? - how do I upgrade from starter to basic? jgreen Closed Feature
#1586 Not all Leads syncing - Hello, We seem to be having an issue where we update a group of leads, but not all the leads will media Closed Bug?
#1585 Sugar Open Cloud - cannot install zip - Hi, when trying to install the zip file, I got the below error message. Can you please advise what t mg Closed Installation
#1582 Module Install won't complete - I have uploaded the zip file to Sugar. When I press to "install", I get the License Agree tjohnson Closed Bug?
#1577 lists do not sync as expected - I followed the instructions, everything seems to be in order but lists do no sync. **from MailCh hurless Closed Bug?
#1572 Not all leads on a target list are transferring from Sugar to Mailchimp - Hi, I synced a target list from Sugar to Mailchimp and not all leads moved across. My initial list Rawsongroup Closed General Question
#1571 Viewing Mailchimp data in Sugar - Hi, We have just installed SugarChimp and I have tried to set up through Connectors the mailchimp a Rawsongroup Closed General Question
#1558 Mapping issue - I need to map a SugarCRM's Contact's Account country (ie. The billing country for the comp dani.conlon Closed General Question
#1553 Error inserting into table: sugarchimp : Query Failed - Hi, Just deployed the module(ver 6) in SuiteCRM 7.2 It fails in configuration with the foll IshaInsight Closed Installation
#1550 Only 300 of 906 contacts syncing into Mailchimp list - Hi there, I've just synced a list from sugar to mailchimp but only 300 of the 906 contacts have nzccmarketing Closed Bug?
#1538 Auto updating contacts/leads in target lists for sync to mailchimp - We use Sugar 6.5 CE and we utilize Target Lists to sync leads to MailChimp. Updating these Target Li rebeccaholloway Closed General Question
#1534 Also sync secondary e-mail address? - Hi, I was wandering, is it also possible to sync the secondary email address from SugarCRM to Mai Michiel Cazemier Closed General Question
#1526 Mappings not working - I've sent 2 emails now requesting help. PLEASE can someone contact me ? I have problems getting dani.conlon Closed Bug?
#1523 Keeping a Mailchimp list up to date with Quick2List - We have a simple requirement. We want every account in Sugar with a tick box selected synced with M gavinwilliams Closed General Question
#1508 Can't import a list - in SugarCRM, when I paste my API key and hit "Connect to MailChimp" on the "SugarChim jgreen Closed Installation
#1507 Sugarchimp activities of type "click" are not being synced from Mail Chimp to SugarCRM - Hi SugarChimp Support, We are facing an Issue Sugarchimp activities of type "click" Rolustech Closed Bug?
#1502 Can only sync small amounts of targets from Sugar to Mailchimp - Hello, I am experiencing an error while targets are being pushed from a Sugar list to the corres jarzynskil Closed Bug?
#1501 use cases with groups and segments - Hi Sugarchimp! We are currently provisioning a sugar instance using sugarchimp for our organizati justinshea Closed General Question
#1499 uninstall sugar chimp from sugar7.5 - Hi I did install the sugar chimp for the sugar7.5 pro, exactly followed the following link https indar Closed Bug?
#1484 Sugar Version 7.6 - Hi We have recently upgraded Sugar to version 7.6 - since then, we cannot access the sugarchimp s amy1 Closed Bug?
#1479 Download - Hi I am using a Mac. No dmg file this download? Thanks. Linda lindasmith Closed Installation
#1474 Coudln't get it started either on SuiteCRM or on SugarCRM instances. - Hey, I tried installing it on 7.2.2 SuiteCMR and on Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) SugarCRM. SuiteCR ignotasskrebe Closed Bug?
#1471 Mailchimp User Profile change - If a user changes his email adress a new record is created in sugarcrm instead updating the old user aberner Closed Bug?
#1464 Mailchimp lists not synching when target list compiled using Quick2List - Hi, We're using SugarChimp to synch between Mailchimp and Sugar CRM for a range of email cam darryl Closed Bug?
#1456 Summation Report with Details on mailchimp activity - Hello we are running V7.5 of sugar and the latest version of SugarChimp We would like to extr apoly Closed Bug?
#1452 Dashlet not showing sent emails - Added Activities Dashlet to Sugar 6. Dashlet is there but emails i sent in Mailchimp to sugar contac marshah Closed Installation
#1448 Connector Settings Not Saving: There is no action by that name. - We are trying to use the MailChimp connectors in SugarCRM CE 6.5.20. We enabled the Contact conne rpaynter Closed Bug?
#1446 Sugar information - sugar gives the following eror "Please ensure that hou have curl enabled". How do I solve marielouise Closed Installation
#1440 Re-linking SugarCRM with a list that was manually imported into MailChimp - Hi, One of our team had problems creating a list using the integration and ended up manually impo sleeharwin Closed General Question
#1429 Sync not functioning from Mailchimp - hi Guys, I'm unable to get the sync to function from mailchimp. the webhook shows this error rbins Closed Bug?
#1418 No SugarChimp Activities sub-panel - I've installed the module and overall am I quite happy with it but I'm not sure of one thi jeremycockram Closed General Question
#1410 Mailchimp lists are not synchronizing - I have spent about 3 hours working on this. I set up target lists in my Sugar CRM community Edition dave Closed Bug?
#1409 Mailchimp lists are not synchronizing - I have spent about 3 hours working on this. I set up target lists in my Sugar CRM community Edition dave Closed Feature
#1405 Uploading lists from Sugar to Mail chimp 2 issues - The list will not populate sugar from Mailchimp. I am uploading it but it is not appearing. We h clairelupton Closed Bug?
#1402 Error - Hello, I have deleted a test synced list in mailchimp, in SugarCRM, I see no mailchimp list selecte Jean-Yves Closed Bug?
#1401 No related Leads or Contacts - I sent a campaign the Morning. I see data activities in Sugar. But when I click on the Adress Emai TMP Closed Bug?
#1398 How to clear queue - Hi, Few days in testing sugarchimp and all working well but then I elected to clear out (delete) darryl Closed General Question
#1397 sync data activity not complete - Hello, I sent yesteday and this morning 2 campaigns to 2 subscribers. Both open the email and clic TMP Closed Feature
#1396 Leads importing days late - Hello, We have our target list pointed to Mail Chimp, but the leads are coming in late. For inst media Closed General Question
#1392 Trial Extension? - Hi SugarChimp team, I installed the 30 day trial version of SugarChimp on a dev version of my Su sarah Closed General Question
#1386 Field Mapping - Hi, I am helping one of our customer to sync Sugar 7.5 and MailChimp and we are encountering an i jean-philippe Closed General Question
#1385 Random Leads - Hi Since we updated to the latest Sugar version - random leads have been dropping into our system amy1 Closed Bug?
#1380 Upgrade - Hi We would like to upgrade to Pro from Basic but I cant find the upgrade "button" anywhe jberg Closed Installation
#1370 Not able to use workflows - When I try to make a workflow which contains anything from your app it freezes after saving the cond karel Closed Bug?
#1367 How to install SugarChimp? - Hi I can downloaded the zip file for SugarChimp but I cant able to install it. Can guide me? T chinglan Closed Installation
#1366 Does not work with SuiteCRM - this is where it stops: You currently have 0 Sugar Target Lists containing 0 subscribers in Sug travis Closed Installation
#1358 Syncing problems with MailChimp - Hi I've updated the criteria for my target list in Sugar CE to remove a set of contacts and DJuserDJ Closed General Question
#1357 How do I add a sugar account to be on a Mailchimp list? - Hi, I have trying to find out, how I am adding a SugarCRM account to be on a Mailchimp ? Can you mms Closed General Question
#1353 Opt Out Not Checked in Sugar - I am using the basic free trial right now for SugarCRM 7.2.1. Everything seems to be working fine so hschafle Closed Feature
#1352 Certain fields not mapping to MailChimp - Hi I've mapped fields using the SugarChimp Field Mapping tool in Sugar > Admin. I'v DJuserDJ Closed Bug?
#1339 Group Sync from Sugar Field - How do i sync sugar fields to different groups in mailchimp? I thought that the capability was relea helpdesk Closed General Question
#1337 sugarchimp sugarcrm version 6.5.20 - Please make sure you have curl enabled. - Version sugarcrm professiona 6.5.20, curl this activated. why this error? Please make sure you ha llucas Closed Installation
#1326 Multi select drop-down in Sugar to ? - Hi We would like to sync the multi-select dropdown to a corresponding field in Mailchimp. Is this jberg Closed General Question
#1311 When subscriber is imported in Mailchimp it is not synchronized with Sugar - Hi, It seems to work fine but only one thing is not working. When a subscriber is imported in Mai karel Closed Bug?
#1306 SugarChimp addon not working - Hi System cannot validate key once addon installed in Sugar thanks for your help alain acudet Closed Bug?
#1303 SugarChimp Pro Trial Install - Hello, I try to install it on a SugarCRM Pro On-demand. Module installed, but on license page, val Jean-Yves Closed Installation
#1294 502 bad gateway - Installing the module and when I go to validate the key, the button switches to "validating&quo jjb Closed Installation
#1284 install successful but module not appearing - Hi, Using sugar on demand v 7.5.1 updated from 6.X in feb), downloaded the correct version of sug chris7 Closed Installation
#1275 Cannot initiate a re-sync. Health page loads indefinitely/times out. - I recently sync'd 14 MailChimp lists from MailChimp to Sugar. I had to stop the sync midway. I fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#1273 Upgrading SugarChimp - I'd like to upgrade to the professional edition. Can I get a credit toward a 1 year license bas peloton Closed General Question
#1262 SugarCRM Installation - Trying to install SugarChimp and get fully functional. I've installed the package and that s Aimee Closed Installation
#1259 Module and Field Names Incorrect - We have high hopes for SugarChimp. We installed the module and integrated successfully with our mail admin8 Closed Bug?
#1258 Not syncing - We have our SugarChimp installation set up and our key validated. We created our lists in MailChimp media Closed Bug?
#1255 Problems integrating with SugarChimp due to our relationship structure... - When I discovered SugarChimp I thought it was the perfect solution for our MailChimp problems. Unfor fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#1251 SugarChimp Installation to SugarCRM 7 - Hi Guys, We've installed the SugarChimp into the SugarCRM . Details: SugarChimp hrosal Closed Installation
#1228 Not getting the MailChimp API Screen - After installing the modules and validating the key i seem not to be able to get to step 1.. Step 1) William Green Pty Ltd Closed Bug?
#1208 I have a new Trial Validation Key - what next? - Hi! Right, I have set us up for a new trial and have a new validation key - can someone please guide admin6 Closed General Question
#1206 GSynch Issue - Why its not working - Hi! After spending a while with Maria @ Rolustech, investigating why our Gmail synch isnt working wi FieldForceSolutions Closed General Question
#1204 Termination of Trial Period - Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for giving the chance to test SugarChimp. After investigatin adenion Closed General Question
#1192 Error when installing other Connectors - We used the trial version of sugarchimp. After removing it from module loader. We tried to instal an connect Closed Bug?
#1186 Custom field does not sync with spaces - Hi! I'm trying to use a Mailchimp custom field with items called with two separated words li Tadel Closed Bug?
#1178 Public Key is required - Hello, we installed and tried to enter the license key adenion Closed Installation
#1177 Integration not working - HI, My sugarchimp integration does not seem to be working - the sync updates from my target list Ausfilm Closed Bug?
#1161 Field Mapping - i have completed setup for sugar chimp and have linked to my only list in mailchimp. i specified robinspencerkiefer Closed General Question
#1155 Install Error? - I have tried to follow the install instructions but when I go to upload the zip file I get the follo Gamechangers Closed Installation
#1152 Target List from Sugar not pulling across to Mailchimp - Hi! I have created 2 reports in Sugar and have completed the target lists but the lists are not b mailchimp Closed General Question
#1147 lists from mailchimp do not sync - Hi, I've just installed the sugarchimp connector in the professional trial version. Everythin angelinasokolowski Closed Installation
#1134 using older version of SugarCRM 6.1 - Can we get this to work on the older version or do you have an older plugin? WinZip_Marketing Closed Bug?
#1130 Problem with proxy for validation in installation process - Hi, I use SuiteCRM in corporate network where internet work over proxy In System Settings I check yezhkov Closed Installation
#1127 Mass contact synchronisation impact - Hello, We would like to know the impact of a mass (10.000 + ) contacts synchronisation on our ser synolia Closed General Question
#1124 sugar installation not working - Hi, Trying to upload the sugar chimp zip file to sugar module loader and keep getting this error me lbursik Closed Installation
#1123 SugarChimp scheduler is not running afterward - Hi, I managed to import target list from SugarCRM to MailChimp for one time only. After that, all Kwek Jian Wen Closed Bug?
#1113 Incomplete installation - Hi, I just updated my Sugar install to 6.5.16 to install SugarChimp, and the install seemed to go casey.glasgow Closed Installation
#1110 Suddenly sync of new list does not work - Hi I have been struggling today with a new list created in sugar and a new list in mailchimp. I David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#1103 Old List Sync is not working - I have sent a mailer using mailchimp and imported data into mailchimp. Now i have created a list Rolustech Closed Bug?
#1102 Multiple email addresses - Hi, How does Sugarchimp handles multiple email addresses? What happens for example when a conta Michiel Cazemier Closed General Question
#1095 Not all contacts syncing - Trying to work out why some of the contacts within a target list are not syncing to mailchimp list. JonBearman Closed Bug?
#1091 Syncing multiple target lists - Unsubscribes and Hard Bounces - Hi, I have a question about how to deal with syncing multiple target lists. We have multiple targ Andrew Wright Closed General Question
#1090 Working with segments or groups - I've got a question that maybe is very easy to solve but i'm a bit stuck here. I would lik Michiel Cazemier Closed General Question
#1089 Licence key not validating - I have tried to add my Professional licence key to Sugar CRM, however says its not valid? Thank you. nicolefavretto Closed Installation
#1086 Clickthrough response times - SugarChimp - Hi! I have been setting up SugarChimp recently with help from a Sugar Professional and we noticed mailchimp Closed General Question
#1085 How to create a target list using a filter report - Hi, Using MailChimp I used to have a set level of criteria and then would use that and import that gclifton Closed Bug?
#1080 Sync'ing Mailchimp "address" type field - In Mailchimp they have a custom field type called "Address". Should this be avoided and j FibreCRM Closed General Question
#1062 Can a record be created in Sugar based on someone clicking on a link inside a MailChimp mail? - Hi We have lists synced and it works When the mailing is sent out from MC can a click on a li David E Kromann Closed General Question
#1058 Sugar Workflow not activated when new record created in Sugar from MailChimp - We have workflows set up in Sugar which send email to the new Lead when it is inserted into Sugar. FibreCRM Closed General Question
#1054 Does the Basic plan support the transfer of contacts FROM Mailchimp? - We are testing the sync. Data is sent TO Mailchimp but not sent to CRM from Mailchimp. e.g. we hav FibreCRM Closed General Question
#1042 Sync of Company names - Hi, When I add a contact in Mailchimp the company/account name is not synced back to SugarCRM, is Michiel Cazemier Closed General Question
#1032 Sugar and mailchimp is not syncing - It's an urgent issue and our Sugar and Mailchimp is not working. Rolustech Closed Bug?
#1029 sugarchimp install issues - Upon syncing our mailchimp list with sugar we now have a lot of sugar contacts that have emails that matthew3 Closed Installation
#1025 Sugar Schedulers - I have checked with Sugar support who say that my schedulers are installed correctly however i conti kathrynboast Closed Installation
#1023 How to create new List via Sync process from Sugar to Mailchimp - Hi, I would like to create a list in Sugar and I want it to be created automatically in MailChimp Rolustech Closed General Question
#1022 Errors in Sugarcrm Log - Hi - We're getting a lot of errors in our Sugarcrm Professional On-Demand system log for Sugarc acaspro Closed Bug?
#1021 Errore in Sugarcrm Log - Hi - We're getting a lot of errors in our Sugarcrm Professional On-Demand system log for Sugarc acaspro Closed Bug?
#1017 MailChimp Activity Dashlet in Sugar 7 - Hi If the heading of a Campain is longer than 2 lines it will continue in line 2 on top of the t David E Kromann Closed Bug?
#1009 SugarChimp Activity incomplete - Hi, I've installed the SugarChimp plugin in an OD instance of SugarCRM, version Txesku Closed Bug?
#992 Sync Lists in SugarCRM to MailChimp - Is there a way to sync lists in SugarCRM to MailChimp without accessing the admin panel in sugar? I helpdesk Closed Feature
#990 SugarChimp Module Permanently Visible In Menu? - Can I make the SugarChimp module (menu) item permanently appear in the list of Menu Items? At the mo Actuate IT Closed Feature
#988 Syncing from MailChimp to SugarCRM - Hi, I've read this section - Actuate IT Closed General Question
#976 Pending to SugarChimp - Given I am a SugarCRM administrator When I look at the MailChimp health overview Then I have 1 VisualReporting Closed Bug?
#966 Adding entire database to list - How can I add the entire CRM database to one list? Everytime I view 'Contacts' or 'Le bradydhorn Closed General Question
#965 Only accept incoming messages from white-listed domains or IP addresses - Hi, Is it possible to only communicate with a SugarCRM instance that has a specified domain name GDT Technology Closed General Question
#955 Sugar Community Edition Version 6.5.17 (Build 1220) - How i can install it?? leonidshulyndin Closed Installation
#950 Upgrade from Basic to Professional - Hi, We purchased this module not realising it was only basic as at the time there was only one pr nicolefavretto Closed General Question
#932 Updated Sugar target list not reflected in MailChimp list - We've installed SugarChimp onto our instance of SugarCRM Professional 7.2.0 (self-hosted). I wa jamesellett Closed General Question
#925 Errors in Sugar CRM log - We are receiving many error in the Sugar CRM log which, according to Sugar support, is causing many craigt Closed Bug?
#924 Show MailChimp Activity within a Subpanel on Leads/Contacts - Hello, It would be nice if you could show the SugarChimp subpanel within related modules (Leads/C muradmin Closed Feature
#922 Cannot validate license - We have just installed a 30 day trial of SugarChimp on our SugarCRM installation (v6.5.17) but are u timdunn1 Closed Bug?
#921 Installation gets stuck at 47% - Hi When I try to install SugarChimp the installation gets stuck at 47%. I've uploaded the ZI yaran Closed Installation
#912 Import of Contact fails now - Since we've installed the sugarchimp Plugin we got an infinite error Message whenever we import beronet Closed Bug?
#898 I cant install sugarchimp - Recently I download the sugarchimp for my sugarcrm, my version is 6 and when I try to install the mo support7 Closed Installation
#893 4) Configure SugarCRM --> no list - "You currently have 0 lists and 0 subscribers" How come ? How can I pull data from Cyril Piette Closed Bug?
#883 List Sync Sugar - Mailchimp - Hi threre A sugar customer of mine would like to use mailchimp in future. in installed the packag Oliver Latsch Closed Bug?
#879 Not Syncing Lists - I have setup on Sugar, and synced across the lists.. only one list out of 5 has been synced, and not fred1 Closed General Question
#878 Not Syncing Lists - I have setup on Sugar, and synced across the lists.. only one list out of 5 has been synced, and not fred1 Closed General Question
#873 General question - Good Morning, I'm with the integration of Sugarchimp. And tells me that I have to add a lin alejandrafolgado Closed General Question
#872 Can't access to 'module uploader' - I can't event access to the module uploader. Below is the message we have. Although we have app Cyril Piette Closed Installation
#869 Doubt PHP - Good morning, Our Sugar is placed in the server of an external company. I have been confirmed that alejandrafolgado Closed General Question
#860 Problem with Syncing new campaigns from Mailchimp, no data - Hello I have a problem with syncing SugarChimp Activities. When I installed SugarChimp 7.1.0 Pro so_removed_15 Closed Bug?
#854 Only syncing 2097 leads out of a possible 2762 - Hi, We are managing a SugarChimp installation for a client's hosted Sugar CRM solution. We&# chrisquinnr Closed Bug?
#851 Sync of custom fields not happening? - Hi Recently installed SugarChimp and am currently testing. I have a Sugar test list and a Ma David E Kromann Closed General Question
#837 Sync questions - We have installed SugarChimp on a Sugar 7.2 system. Our Mail Chimp lists are already pre-populated edwardkk Closed General Question
#834 How to Change Settings for Import To Sugar from MailChimp - Hello, I've gotten the new version of SugarChimp up and running and things have started to s Victoria Closed Installation
#829 Can't See Activity in SugarCRM Lead Detail View - Hello, Just installed the trail for the professional version. Sync seems to be working both ways muradmin Closed Installation
#814 php notices and errors in SuiteCRM - I am getting lots of notices in apache concerning the following and i feel its slows down loading erik2 Closed Bug?
#812 Version PHP 5.3 - Good morning, We would like to install our Sugarchimp Sugar CRM. We can’t do this becaus alejandrafolgado Closed Installation
#811 Not Syncing Leads and Contacts from Sugar to MailChimp - Hello, I'm currently using Sugar Professional: Version 6.7.6 (Build 1243). It appears that n leannac Closed Bug?
#806 SugarChimp isn't seeing my SugarCRM lists for import - We have a few thousand contacts in SugarCRM. I can get SugarChimp to see my MailChimp lists, but not jeremy1 Closed Installation
#803 Scheduler fail - Scheduler Job did not install during installation. After manually adding (SugarChimp() function pres dmitrijmeiner Closed Installation
#792 installation - Hello, Just started the install but no luck to get it working properly i am on SuiteCRM Version 7. erik2 Closed Installation
#784 Won't install Properly - Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo fletch Closed Installation
#783 Not all Leads load to Target List - When trying to add Leads to the Target List, I use the select button and select only the Leads with scottc Closed Bug?
#779 I cannot find the SugarChimp download link - I need to re-install SugarChimp, but I cannot find from where to download the Zip file (which is ref GDT Technology Closed Installation
#774 Field Mapping Priority - If I have one email address linked to both a Lead and a Contact in Sugar, and both are on the target isaacmaxfield Closed General Question
#768 Lists failing to sync - Hi there, I've recently installed sugarchimp on our test environment and configured it to s colinprinn Closed Bug?
#761 SugarChimp campaigns synchronisation not displayed in the admin panel - Hi, I've just installed SugarChimp on our Sugar CRM and so far everything seems working properl Servotecnica Closed Installation
#759 Using Custom or Accounts fields in a People List - Hello, I have created several custom fields on the Accounts record. I have created a People based aaf Closed General Question
#747 Installing on a test environment, and then port to live - Hi there. Is it possible to install the plug in with license key, on a test environment to test it i Fitzrovia_Partnership Closed General Question
#741 Cloud - Does this integration work if you are on a cloud instance? David E Kromann Closed General Question
#722 SC_SugarModule (SC_SGRMOD) in Mailchimp - is that needed in the new version - Hi In the old version we had a custom field in Mailchimp called SC_SugarModule (SC_SGRMOD). Is th TIA-Marketing Closed General Question
#714 Cannot call the function SugarChimp - Hey there i have installed this plugin but the scheduler for sugarchimp doesnt seem to work. --&g bini00 Closed Bug?
#707 Installation failed! - Manifest Issues? - Hi Have tried to upgrade from our ver. 3.1.32 SugarChimp to the latest version, but it fails with TIA-Marketing Closed Installation
#704 No Account Integration? - I've added several custom fields to SuiteCRM's Accounts. I need these fields to integrate scottc Closed Feature
#700 Upcoming feature - Do you know more exactly when this feature will be in place? "In Summer 2014, an updated wil jberg Closed Feature
#693 weird issue with SuiteCRM 7.1.1 and SugarChimp 7.0.11 - Issue doesn't happen with SugarChimp 3.1.31 but we have trouble with syncs - Hello, We are using SuiteCRM version 7.1.1 with the SugarChimp module to integrate with MailChimp. carybeil Closed Bug?
#691 Installation Not Completing - Now Data Read-Only! - While trying to follow the instructions the screen appeared that said it would automatically redirec noldaker Closed Installation
#685 Local installation issues - Hi guys, I am experiencing an issue, while trying to install SugarChimp locally (MAMP) with Suite index Closed Installation
#684 SugarChimp questions - Hi, I didn't see the dropdown "My MailChimp List" in Contacts record view. I' mark1 Closed General Question
#681 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 6.4.4 - The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 6.4.4. any suggested Work Around? we james3 Closed Installation
#678 Opted in Sugarcrm - Hi, i would like to know how do we manage the fact that when a subscriber is sync to sugarcrm and stephane Closed General Question
#673 Has not ran yet - In the SugarChimp Health Status yet says Has not ran yet. In logfile (Sincronizaci´┐Żn Mailchimp) fa Paula Rojas Closed Installation
#659 Group and Segment - Hi, i have a questions about Groups and Segments. i would like to know if it possible from a lis stephane Closed General Question
#655 sync problem with sugarcrm - Hi, i cannot sync a mailchimp list in Sugarcrm anymore : I've created a new list in mail stephane Closed Bug?
#642 Syncing to a Mailchimp 'group' field - I have a multi-select dropdown custom list in SugarCRM (version 6.5.18) that I want to map/sync to a nigel Closed General Question
#641 Custom field sync - Hello, I have created some custom fields in sugar and lined these through to a merge tag in mailchi aaf Closed General Question
#630 failure: Cannot call function: SugarChimp---In Sugar Log SugarCRM 6.5.16 CE - I've installed SugarChimp and I get a Functional Error in the Sugar Log. Checked the ~/module peidemiller Closed Installation
#625 Limited features - I had high hopes for this plugin for the $44/mo price tag, but it really seems to be missing some im johnquintana Closed General Question
#621 Stop the pending process - Hello, Is there any way that I can cancel a pending process? I can see a pending process for 3 sahar Closed Feature
#618 Mailchimp Subscriber not updating after changes made in Sugar - Hello, I have successfully mapped all fields and everything sync when the contact is initially ad stephen1 Closed Bug?
#614 Reconfiguring lists - Hi there, I have a question! How can we rematch the lists between SugarCRM and MailChimp? We ha sahar Closed Feature
#605 Sugarchimp license is not validating - Having just concluded our 30 day free trial, I sighnd us up for the $44 per month plan I am copying ghm101 Closed Bug?
#602 sync from mailchimp to sugarcrm (6.5.x pro) - Hi, i'm not able to sync from mailchimp to sugarcrm target list in a certain condition. o stephane Closed General Question
#594 Sync - I set up my first target list in sugar that I synced with Mail Chimp. It appears that any changes m Rick Closed Bug?
#584 Reporting - Hi, we have played around with the plugin for a bit. Its a good start but it seems really buggy at Sugabyte Closed General Question
#578 Problem syncing updated merge field - In SugarCRM, we have a drop-down field 'status_c' in our Contacts. This is being mapped to homer Closed Bug?
#576 Where to find screen to enter API Key - In your instructions I see that you need to enter the API Key from MailChimp. However I don't kpyle Closed Installation
#566 Targets Lists not being imported to Mailchimp - Hi, Just installed SugarChimp with Sugar Pro 7.2. Everything is installed OK afaics. What isn mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#565 Creating a new list field to be merged from SugarCrm 6.7 - I added a new list field in MC called Account. I want the account name to come over from SugarCrm lloyd1 Closed Installation
#564 Sugar Target list not showing in Mailchimp - Set up a new target list in Sugar 6.7. Created a new list in MC. The new target list doesn't sh lloyd1 Closed Installation
#552 There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time. - Hi I've just installed 7.0.7 and now whenever I try and click on an account record I get the timgain Closed Bug?
#547 lack of documentation - Hello, Firstly - I am the admin on this client's installation - Michael Loveless - michael@6 arcangel Closed General Question
#546 New installation, works only partially - Hello, I've just installed Sugarchimp 7.0.7 with SugarCRM professional 6.7.5, for the 30 days t info23 Closed Installation
#545 Unable to Sync the Subscribers - Hi I have downloaded the Trial version of Sugar Chimp (SugarChimp-7.0.7) and configured it with t saadshahid Closed Installation
#536 Upgrade to newer version - We were using SugerChimp version 3.0.0. It has stopped syncing target lists between SugarCRM and Mai sahar Closed Installation
#531 Installation issue with Mailchimp API - Error Log: The MailChimp api key failed to save: API call to helper/ping failed: SSL certificate pr clickelement Closed Installation
#517 Mapping fields from MailChimp to SugarCRM - I installed SugarChimp and have tested an import from a MailChimp list. In my MailChimp list, I hav teddy Closed Installation
#515 Need new contact - We have an account with SugarChimp but because the management switched from Atcor, we wanted to know Nicholas Scharlatt Closed General Question
#514 I can not sync the information with mailchimp - Hi I install the module just like the instructions, configured the cron and nothing I got to r Filipe Closed Bug?
#511 [Feature Request - Completed] Sync MailChimp Merge Data and SugarCRM Fields - MailChimp and Sugar users want to be able to sync more than the first name, last name and email addr Fanatical Labs Closed Feature
#504 SugarChimp not syncing lists - Have installed and reinstalled SugarChimp (3.1.28) but it still does not appear to be syncing change Doug Closed Bug?
#501 SugarChimp not compatible with sugar - Hello, I'm trying to upload SugarChimp in SugarCRM system and got this alert: "The uplo ubl Closed Installation
#487 Owner of SugarChimp - One and Two Way Sync not working - I have the app installed in Sugar Community Edition. I have everything setup properly (at least I t joecap1 Closed General Question
#452 SugarChimp is not working properly on our CRM - Hi, SugarChimp is not working properly for us. In your documentation on https://www.sugaroutf kartik Closed Bug?
#437 No initital Campaign Sync - Hey there, i installed SugarChimp with help of the installation guide. Unfortunately the initial thammer Closed Bug?
#432 Lists Won't Sync or Webhook Details are wrong - Hello, I've downloaded and installed the latest version of SugarChimp on a staging server vers sivicgov Closed Bug?
#428 Syncing Mailing Lists - Hi there, I just purchased the SugarChimp software. I'm trying to send my Mailchimp campa gkee Closed Feature
#426 Max Process Queue Scheduler Jobs - Hi What is the purpose of "Max Process Queue Scheduler Jobs Insert the number of jobs you kartik Closed Installation
#425 MailChimp past campaigns not visible inside Sugar CRM - Hi I am unable to see the existing campaigns from MailChimp inside the Sugar CRM. Campaigns Tab i kartik Closed Installation
#424 Initial set up questions - Hi I have signed up for the SugarChimp trial account and installed the module My questions are kartik Closed Installation
#417 SugarChimp license key does not work - Installed SugarChimp on a CE 6.5.16 Version of SugarCRM. After entering the license-key I get a whit danielellenberger Closed Installation
#372 How to prevent duplicate records in mailchimp campaign activities details. - I decrease the SugarChimp - Initiate Campaigns Update Schedulers time to 3 min(default is 15 hours). inkriti Closed Bug?
#366 Sync with Mailchimp List - I added to additional fields to Contact list and want to sync with Mailchimp List .Is this possible inkriti Closed Feature
#338 MailChimp Campaign Activities - All my Schedulers are active and running.Added webhooks also. But i am not able to see mailchimp ca inkriti Closed Bug?
#332 Question about functionality - 1. I know from the video that sugarchimp will absolutely import Mailchimp campaigns and the detaile ebizdocs Closed Feature
#324 Not able to add permanently the API KEY - Hi, When we try to add the API KEY via the SugarChimp Client: Manage SugarChimp Settings/Edit scree incwo Closed Installation
#322 SugarChimp creates unsubscribes endlessly - As soon as I get it connected, SugarChimp creates unsubscribes to all of the records in all of my Ta Doug Closed Installation
#310 Reviewing campaign stats - Hi I am having a bit of trouble getting sugarchimp all set up in SugarCRM. The biggest issue i andrew3 Closed Feature
#303 Syncing not Fully Functioning - Hello, A couple of questions here: 1. The user guide says "By default, the people added t paul1 Closed Bug?
#288 Failed in CRON run message - Hello. I think that I have configured MailChimp and Sugar correctly - but for some reason it doesnt juliemooster Closed Bug?
#284 Sugar 7 Compatability - what is your ETA for Sugar 7 compatibility. nepo Closed Feature
#278 Campaigns Show No Data - We just recently installed SugarChimp and it does not appear to be connecting correctly. For example leannac Closed Bug?
#270 Viewing opt out's for different lists in SugarCRM - Hello - I'm trying to figure out how we setup SugarChimp / MailChimp / SugarCRM so that we can juliemooster Closed Feature