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#4667 - From Mailchimp to Sugarchimp to Sugar - new Contact is not being created in Sugar

Closed General Question created by AngelaToia Verified Purchase 3 weeks ago

Issue - New Contacts are not being created in Sugar

We have had this working, and it is still working for some campaigns and audience lists. The webhooks are correct, I have unsynced and resynced the list and field mapping, and added new contacts are to be created - but this is not working.

Working for - Cremorne on fish lane database - leads coming in via this list, are looking for a contact in Sugar, and if none present a Contact is created. Not working for - Hof Noosaville Database - however this was creating Contacts, but has stopped now.

Please advise what to do, or fix it. Thanks, Angela CRM Analyst Stockwell

(MailChimp, SugarChimp and Sugar)

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 weeks ago

    Hi Angela,

    Just to confirm, it sounds like new subscribers added to the Hof Noosaville Database Audience in Mailchimp are not being synced to Sugar, is that correct? If you were to change the name of an existing synced record (such as changing the name from Bob to Bob2) can you tell me if that change makes it to Sugar as expected?

    Can you tell me what appears as checked under the webhooks? To do this, you can follow the directions below:

    1. From within Mailchimp, click Audience
    2. Under Current audience, select the Hof Noosaville Database
    3. Using the Manage Audience dropdown on the right-hand side, select Settings
    4. Click Webhooks at the bottom of the page
    5. Click Edit

    As you know, the webhook should be active and match what appears in Sugar. However, can you tell me the options that are selected, as shown here:

    Thanks, Heidi

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