3 Engaging Automated Email Campaigns

It’s no secret that automated campaigns are one of the best ways to engage your subscribers and increase your reach. Staying ahead of the competition means putting automation tools into place so you can focus on more elevated tasks. Don’t delay putting these into place! Here are 3 excellent campaigns you can start now to boost your marketing and increase sales.


Welcome Campaigns

We always hear how valuable first impressions are and this advice is no less true when speaking of your business. One of the most common emails customers expect is a welcome email once they make a purchase or sign up to hear from you. Welcome campaigns are great opportunities to introduce your team, your business offerings, and set expectations. They also offer customers a glimpse into your business brand so you can assure them you’re available and responsive.

Use your well-crafted welcome email to:

  • Link to your support site or community pages for help
  • Highlight specific (and personalized) product offerings
  • Direct subscribers to your social media channels

Annual Campaigns

While you can send this campaign based on any anniversary (like the date a customer signed up for your subscription service), one of the most commonly used annual campaigns is birthday messages. Birthday emails are sent on or around a customer’s birthday and offer the customer that personal touch in a delightful way. Annual campaigns remind potential customers of your business while encouraging retention among current customers. That’s a win-win all around! They offer the perfect strategy to increase sales in a low-touch, low-pressure way. If you already have birthdays stored in SugarCRM and want to quickly sync that data to Mailchimp, SugarChimp has got your covered. Using a plug-in like SugarChimp equips you to seamlessly use SugarCRM data in marketing emails without the burden of exporting, importing, and losing data along the way.

Reactivation or Re-engagement Campaigns

It’s a bummer when a lead is formally marked “Dead.” Normally, those leads fall into a deep pit of sadness and lost hope. Reactivation campaigns, however, are designed to bring back those leads who become inactive over time. Whether you provide a nudge every week or every few months will depend on your product or service and what feels right for you.

Reactivation campaigns are perfect for:

  • Offering a discount
  • Announcing a special offer
  • Inviting to a giveaway
  • Requesting feedback
  • Sending personalized updates based on their interests

Automated campaigns maintain customer loyalty while keeping your business top of mind for potential customers. While these are just 3 campaign ideas that are easy to put into place right now, the possibilities are endless. Ready to start your automation journey? If you use Mailchimp and SugarCRM, we can help. Schedule a SugarChimp demo to see how easy it is to schedule automated, hands-off campaigns today. Ready to get started right away? Start a free SugarChimp trial on SugarOutfitters at any time.

Contributed by: Heidi Washington, Director of Customer Support at Fanatical Labs