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Sugar Plugin that bridges the gap between Twilio & Sugar. To establish a connection with your customers, a state-of-the-art Telephony solution for Voice (Inbound and Outbound) and SMS to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Works great with both VoIP and landlines.

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Incredible Telephony Integration

Effective communication is key for any business looking to either minimize support call loads or maximize potential sales. This unique solution provides you with the tools to do just that. Not only is there a deep telephony integration with Sugar, but you also get additional features not found in a conventional telephone system. Features like SMS Conversations, Click to Call, Voice Recordings attached to your CRM records, and more. It also works great with SuiteCRM.

Only Sugar and RT Telephony integration for On-Demand hosting

That's right, we've found a way to allow any Sugar install to benefit from these features.

Screen Pops for Inbound Calls

If someone calls on the number; this integration checks for any available Sugar user. The call is then displayed in a popup to that end user and if the Contact exists in Sugar the contact's information is also displayed in the popup. After the call is complete, all call-related information is stored in Sugar along with a recording of the call.

Click to Call

On any 'Phone' field from any module (custom or default), including Leads, Contacts, and Accounts, click on the phone number to initiate a call. Based on your preference, the call can be made via your computer using the mic and speakers or it can be made by calling your phone number and then the recipient. Once the call is finished the call will be recorded, along with a voice recording, in Sugar. You can also use landlines or mobile phones in addition to your computer.

Optionally utilize phone number extensions. When an extension is dialed the IVR will handle connecting the call or presenting a "not available" message to the caller depending on if the user is logged in or not.

Build your own phone directory. Allow customers to search for the right person to connect with by enabling this option.

SMS Conversations

RT Telephony is not a one trick pony. In addition to verbal communication, it supports textual conversation, SMS Campaigns, and predefined SMS templates. SMS conversations can be started with any Contact, Lead, Account as long as there is a Phone number associated with the person.

Scheduled SMS

You can send an SMS instantly or schedule it to trigger at a specific time while saving the conversation history. To initiate SMS conversation through Sugar, all you require is RT Telephony integration and the recipient’s number.

More about RT Telephony on its website

You can now find all the RT Telephony content under a single website that contains all the detailed features and functionalities of RT Telephony. Click here to see the website

SuiteCRM Compatibility

SuiteCRM is a free, supercharged and open source alternative to Sugar. To keep up with the in-demand SuiteCRM market, we have worked on making our plugins compatible with SuiteCRM. RT Telephony is compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM.
RT Telephony for SuiteCRM
(Note: For RT Telephony, we provide a separate package for SuiteCRM.)

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