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sales-i is a sales intelligence tool that ensures every sales conversation is insight-led and profitable. sales-i is the industry standard sales analytics platform for manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses worldwide. sales-i integrates with SugarCRM to bring heavyweight sales analytics to Sugar customers.

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sales-i integration with SugarCRM

A simple and highly effective way to:


Sales intelligence built for sales teams.

sales-i’s advanced data analytics and intelligence tools make it simple to surface customer and product insights, so you can easily answer critical questions like:

  • Which customers buy product A but not product B?
  • Where are your biggest upselling opportunities?
  • Where are you losing sales?

Data-driven sales insights and opportunity alerts

Spending hours on sales data analysis in third-party systems is a thing of the past. sales-i for SugarCRM gives you the tools to see sales analytics for every customer, sales team, branch, and product instantly.

sales-i captures product, price, quantity, and frequency intelligence from your ERP adds it to SugarCRM, and then provides you with specific insights on the trends between your organization and your customer.

  • sales-i is extremely easy to use, even for those that are less tech-savvy.
  • Save hundreds of hours on manually building business review docs with one-click Snapshot reports.
  • Increase sales rep usage of SugarCRM with a simple all-in-one solution for sales data analytics.

High-impact opportunities, driven by AI and Machine Learning.

The next generation of data analytics and business intelligence: AI-generated opportunities inside SugarCRM mean you'll never miss another chance to sell. Harnessing the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence sales-i gives SugarCRM users unrivaled insights into customer buying behavior.

With live sales opportunities delivered to a user’s dashboard sales-i has the potential to generate massive increases in revenue from existing customers.

  • Generate opportunities that are oblivious to sales teams.
  • Empower sales teams with the confidence of accuracy score and follow-up reminders.
  • The more you sell the more sales-ai learns and provides opportunities.



View sales-i alerts embedded within SugarCRM. image (31).png

View sales data analysis from within SugarCRM. image (30).png


  • $85 monthly per user


sales-i integrates with Sugar Sell, Enterprise, and Professional.

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