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Sugar Plugin that bridges the gap between Twilio & Sugar. To establish a connection with your customers, a state-of-the-art Telephony solution for Voice (Inbound and Outbound) and SMS to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Works great with both VoIP and landlines.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4520 The plugin is overwriting existing field labels - Hi there, We've found that the content of custom/Extension/modules/Leads/Ext/Language/en_us. Adi Kurniawan Closed Bug?
#4496 Button doesn't work after 10.3.0 upgrate - Hi there, Type: SugarCRM Enterprise SugarCRM just ran an update on the weekend and it causing Adi Kurniawan Closed Bug?
#4474 Urgent... RT Telephony not working - After updating the browser RT Telephony is not working and said flash player needed. As flash player Tradingpost Closed Bug?
#4452 Flash Player End Of Life - IS there a new version that does not required Flash Player? Flash player End Of Life is on December Tickmill LTD Closed Bug?
#4370 Where to find the license key for the call account - Dear Sirs/ I'm currently following the installation guide for Rolutech integrations. In the gu wnmichele1 Closed General Question
#4336 Buttons not displaying - Hi there, We have followed all the instructions for installing RT telephony in Sugar 9.x and we& Squiz Martech Closed Bug?
#4142 Sugar 9.X & RT Telephony - Hi , Does your RT Telephony integration work with the new Sugar 9.0? Thanks Monika Closed General Question
#4075 Which Zip to Upload for Version 8.3.0? - Looking to upload the installation zip to instal on version 8.3.0, which file do I upload? naldabbagh Closed Installation
#4074 Sugar 8.0.1 Compatibility - Hi There, Does this integration works with Sugar 8? Dbvisit Software Limited Closed General Question
#3940 Problem with certain numbers - Hi, We have some specific numbers that 1. We tried to created SMS from a LogicHook, even we set up jesusdelamora Closed Bug?
#3584 Inbound SMS and calling is not working - I've installed RT Telephony and and it's working for outbound calling and SMS, but I' CR Dev Closed Installation
#3579 Looking for Live Chat, Social Media and Email - We were looking for Live Chat, Social Media and Email functionality within add-on. Thank you. tinker4772 Closed Feature
#3558 enpoint behind authentication - Hi, I've set up all the steps and outbound SMS works fine but the /index.php?entryPoint=outb mmorales Closed Bug?
#3466 Twilio deprecated js 1.1 end of life - Hi, I would like to know whether you are aware that twilio javascript version 1.1. is deprecated an Tickmill LTD Closed Bug?
#3445 Sugar Hangs after Module Installation - Edition: Sugar Enterprise Release: Sugar 7.10 Deployment: Sugar OnDemand Used Module Loader to fredlee Closed Bug?
#3399 error 12100 Document parse failure - I did all necessary steps to integrate it properly: 1. Purchased a number 2. Added my webhook url mwaleeedraza Closed Bug?
#3268 Twilio and RT Setup - Hi, We recently install SuiteCRM 7 and install RT Telephony and connect it with our Twilio Accoun Tradingpost Closed Installation
#3233 sugar - Does this integration work with sugar If so are there any known issues we should suspect? jvernon Closed General Question
#3001 Twilio.Exception: 31002: Connection Declined - Hi. I have successfully integrated RT Sugar plugin on two of our SugarCRM instances, following th Tickmill LTD Closed Bug?
#2704 no call buttons - Hello, We have configured and installed the RT Telephony module per instructions. After linking o wilby Closed General Question
#2622 twilio - Hello, I followed all isntalation steps, but still not work, too many erros, mcastilloz Closed Bug?
#2548 change language of automatic voice (say) - If I understand this article correctly, twilio supports a wide variety of languages (using voice &qu jad_ezs Closed Feature
#2531 How to enable default calling by browser? - How to enable default calling to browser or outbound line? Is there a way to enable the outbound 1cooper Closed General Question
#2336 Call and SMS on different numbers - in our area Twilio only has either call enabled landline numbers or sms enabled mobile numbers. ho heathando Closed Installation
#2257 Notification bell not showing - Hi, We seem to be having an issue since you fixed a bug in the version we installed. We don't gregs Closed General Question
#2096 not seeing the phone icon to call contact/lead/account - Hi, I have installed the plug-in successfully but not seeing the phone icon to call contacts/lead gauravdasshrestha Closed Installation
#2081 When disabling/uninstalling plugin - brings down SugarCRM instance - When we attempted to disable and then uninstall the plugin our sugarCRM instance was taken out of ac Portal Partnership Closed Bug?
#2026 SMS Panel not showing in and out SMS - Hi, We are having issues with our SMS panel You can send an SMS from the panel ok when in the lead gregs Closed General Question
#1928 7.6.1? - Does this integration work with 7.6.1? kdague Closed General Question
#1872 Not getting call or message icon beside phone number of Account/Contacts/Leads - Hi, I have installed the module "RT Telephony" as suggested in the installation guide. B gpnir4 Closed Installation
#1802 outbound calls just waits to establish connection - I have re-checked the configuration of out sugar CRM and the Twilio account and we still just get th Portal Partnership Closed Bug?
#1799 Plugin fails once I configure it. - I've tried on ubuntu 14.04 and debian 8. I'm using SuiteCRM 7.4.3 with the suite installer jacobtullis Closed Bug?
#1794 Twillio Integration - not working - When I click on the phone icon nothing happens, the top message says 'Waiting for Connection� jwinters Closed Bug?
#1649 SMS Icon not displaying - Hi, Just getting started, I finished up my SugarCRM installation. Now I wanted to test and SMS miguelguillen Closed Installation
#1647 SuiteCRM no usage found for date range - Hi, I'm trying to install this with my suiteCRM installation. I'm following your guide Caleb Closed Installation
#1630 Install fails on SugarCRM Professional V7.6.1 (Ondemand) - The package uploads with no issues, however once I click install the following is displayed: Scan Portal Partnership Closed Bug?
#1557 Not able to make Outbound Call and Inbound Call - Hi, I have installed RT Telephony plugin in SugarCRM Community edition and I am facing the follo indraneel2 Closed Bug?
#1430 Will not install... please review log - nstalling layoutdefs extension Rebuilding ActionViewMap... Rebuilding ActionFileMap... Rebuilding randy1 Closed Bug?
#1428 Outbound and inbound SMS messages do not appear in SMS subpanel. - HI, We're using SugarCRM CE 6.5.2. We've installed Twilio_Integration_V_2.0.4 and have gamaya Closed Bug?
#1283 Is this compatable with SuiteCRM 7.2.1 - Looking for an SMS integration with SuiteCRM 7.2.1 Paul Bonnallie Closed Installation
#1248 License key not working - In the installation of the module, when trying to validate the License key I get a response "ba fareedjreisat Closed Installation
#890 Cannot place or receive calls - I installed this module and verified the number successfully. I cannot place a call from the browser ImmigrantDefenders Closed Installation
#718 compatibility - I am interested in buying this app but I would like to know if is compatible with suitecrm 7.12 max jeff Closed General Question
#712 Issues with setup - Hello! I have an existing IVR for our inbound sales calls, this is not managed by Twilio Our s Samuel Yeats Closed Installation
#702 Cancel plan - Hi, Requested help with this and didn't receive a response for over a week so I'd like jamesconway Closed Bug?
#689 Re support - Where do I get help for this? Here? Rolus tech? I'm trying to set up an I've and other jamesconway Closed General Question
#359 Not able to make outbound call - Hi, Phone number verification is working fine. But when I try to call a contact it is showing the karthik Closed General Question
#357 Could not make call from browser - We installed this module into suitecrm. We configure all the things.. But we could not male call. Wh dienerbert Closed Bug?