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#3001 - Twilio.Exception: 31002: Connection Declined

Closed Bug? created by Tickmill LTD 5 years ago


I have successfully integrated RT Sugar plugin on two of our SugarCRM instances, following the installation and Call Guide provided by your site.

However, I tried integrating into a third SugarCRm instance but for some reason, I get this twilio exception "Connection declined" along with "Sorry, an application error has occurred. Goodbye." voice message, after the dialing part of an outgoing call. Now, it has been some time since the last successful integration of this plugin, and I might have missed something (although I did a step by step installation based on the guides).

But as far as I understand I did all necessary steps to integrate it properly: 1. Purchased a number 2. Added my webhook url (the one with entryPoint=twilio_callback) 3. Created a TwiMLApp for outbound calls and entered a voice request url (the one with entryPoint=outbound_browser_callback) 4. Put all necessary details in 'Call Account' settings under Admin apart from "Default Country Code" (which is not set on the other 2 instances either)

Information that might help you to help me discover what the issue might be: 1. We are using SugarCRM 7.8 Enterprise edition 2. In Twilio console, the incoming call info shows 'Completed' but with error 12100 Document parse failure.

I can provide screenshots for the error etc, but i would prefer to do it via email, since this case is open to the public and the screenshots might contain sensitive information.

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    Thank you for reaching out to Rolustech with your inquiry. We have received your follow up email as well and will be responding you there shortly.


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