Perhaps selling isn’t the listing move that is best for you, and instead you wish to list your add-on, and direct customers to your own website or dedicated landing page.

A referral listing is intended for ISV solutions where selling through Outfitters is not possible or appropriate. We are happy to offer a referral listing option, and only require a fee which helps cover marketing, sales support, and marketplace operational costs.

Referral Listing Fees

The fees for publishing a referral listing are as follows:

First Year: 1500 USD

Subsequent Years: 750 USD per year

Value Added Resellers (VARs) receive a discount. There is also volume discounts for those looking to publish multiple add-ons. Please contact us for details.

What We Do For You:

How Do I Start?

How can I pay my referral listing fee?

A secure payment is processed by adding the SugarOutfitters Marketplace - New Referral Listing plan to your shopping cart and purchasing.

We accept credit card or PayPal as forms of payment for fees.

How to Get Your Referral Listing Published Quickly:

The SugarOutfitters team is currently facing a large backlog of listings, and publishing about 3-5 new listings per week. To help speed along the process, please make sure you have thoroughly updated your listing to comply with this review guide.

Additional Resources

Anything Else?

We are committed to helping you be successful on SugarOutfitters. So if you have any additional questions, feedback, or just want to say hello we'd love to hear from you.