SugarOutfitters is the one-stop shop to get everything you need to extend the value of your Sugar platform and investment.

SugarCRM acquires SugarOutfitters!

We loved SugarOutfitters so much we had to buy it. We’ve been a fan and have always been impressed with their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the passionate community they have built. So, in December 2021, SugarCRM acquired SugarOutfitters to become the sole marketplace for Sugar add-ons.

What we do

As the official marketplace for SugarCRM, we provide a vast selection of top-notch gear from big brands to the small and undiscovered software providers. Gear up and enjoy the benefits of certified and top-rated solution extensions, add-ons, connectors & integrations, industry templates, and more.

At SugarOutfitters, you’ll find everything you need for your Sugar adventure in a state-of-the-art marketplace. With easy navigation, lots of relevant content, expert advice for your buying decision, and a quick and convenient check-out.

Software vendors

For our software partners and developers, SugarOutfitters is the only official marketplace for SugarCRM extensions. Owned and run by Sugar, we make it easy for you to list your top-rated apps while reaching an audience of enthusiastic Sugar members, and we do all the heavy lifting through the payment transaction. List an add-on today! To learn more about SugarCRM, visit here.

CRM implementers

Already in the business of gearing up CRM kit for your clients? Join our free Affiliate Reseller Program and get paid for each sale you generate on SugarOutfitters. For more details, view our blog post: Introducing the Affiliate Reseller Program.