What are the available payment methods and currencies?

The preferred payment methods are Credit Card or PayPal. Some purchases are eligible to be paid via Bank Transfer with the restriction that these payments are non-refundable.

All prices and payments are made in US Dollars (USD).

An update for an add-on has been released. How do I get access to it?

If your purchase is still active then you can download the update in the same place where you first downloaded the addon.

  1. Log in to SugarOutfitters
  2. Go to My Account at the top
  3. On the menu on the left click on Purchases
  4. Make sure to open the order containing that purchase by clicking the View Order button. By default, the last order is already opened.
  5. Click on the file that you would like to download

If the add-on requires a license key then you can continue to use your existing license key. Nothing new is needed. From there, follow the add-on's installation directions. If they are missing then it should be as simple as using Sugar Module Loader to upload and install the package. You can find that in the Developer Tools section of the Sugar Admin panel.

I made a purchase and see a license key. What do I do next?

If an add-on requires a license key you'll see a key available under the Downloads section (go to Account and then find Downloads in the menu on the left). The add-on will have a mechanism available to enter the license key. Most likely this will be during the install process or on the add-on configuration screen under the Admin area of your Sugar install.

How do I change my credit card on a purchase?

To change your credit card associated to a purchase go to "Purchases" (on the Account menu). Next to each recurring purchase, you'll see an "Update Payment Info" link. Click the link and fill out the form to change your billing information.

How do I update my primary PayPal payment method?

To update your primary PayPal payment method:

If you are still having issues updating your primary PayPal payment method please contact us.

What are the different notifications on the add-on's Compatibility page for?

Selected version supported

You selected a version and/or edition in the "Global filter" that is supported by this add-on.

View cross reference list

This add-on works as stated but has some customizations to specific core files that were unavoidable and that may conflict with any customizations that you have done to your system. You can click the notification to find the specific files that were customized.

This list is meant to be a helpful "heads up" of what files will be overwritten during install. If any of these files have already been customized in your install you may want to merge the files either prior or afterwards.

Conflict(s) found in history

This add-on works as stated but directly conflicts with a different add-on that you have purchased from SugarOutfitters. You can click the notification to see which files conflict. You can manually merge the changes after making the purchase to ensure both add-ons continue to work as designed.