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Introducing the Affiliate Reseller Program

Posted by on January 7, 2013

When we started working on SugarOutfitters, one thing became quickly apparent to us: There are a ton of great solutions out there! However, a couple of other things became evident. 1) It is really hard to find them all. 2) As a seller, there isn’t an easy way to collaborate and tap into the massive number of SugarCRM implementers out there.

Right from the start we aimed to solve the first issue by bringing a unified, singular user experience. No need to embark on the time consuming quest to find an add-on by hopping from site to site, each with their own unique experience. Having a single spot to go to makes it easy and quick to search, compare, purchase, get documentation and support. It also brought an advantage to sellers as people who came for a specific add-on were exposed to add-ons that they otherwise would not have known about. This isn’t possible to do with individual seller sites.

To solve the second issue, we’re announcing our new Affiliate Reseller Program. It’s a way for sellers to get their product in front of more people, and a way for implementers to make some ongoing revenue by doing what they already do.


You are already going out and finding solutions that best fits your client needs. We feel you should benefit from having to put that work in. For any add-on you or your clients purchase from SugarOutfitters you get 10% of the revenue sent back to you. Not just 10% from the initial sale, but for the life of the subscription.

Program Highlights

  • 10% of each sale including any recurring subscriptions
  • Access to an ever growing repository of add-ons
  • Information on the latest and greatest add-ons
  • Reporting and forecasting tools

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We know how hard it can be to sell software. Besides the e-commerce infrastructure there is advertising, SEO, documentation, support, and we haven’t even got to the actual ongoing development efforts required. In addition to all of these, and along with our layer of solutions to help ensure quality add-ons, we now also offer you a direct line of affiliates who are out promoting your products on SugarOutfitters.

Submit your add-on today to leverage these benefits.

We feel that the Affiliate Reseller Program is a big step towards further unifying the community of Implementers (those who resell/implement SugarCRM) and Sellers (those who develop and/or sell add-ons). From our experience, developers/sellers generally tend to sell their solutions to their clients and to any one-off sales that happen to hit their store. On rare occasions implementers find these solutions and purchase them for their clients. On even rarer occasions they get paid a little for it. Not only will this benefit sellers and implementers, but clients as well due to better quality and new innovations resulting from these collaborations.

With our new Affiliate Reseller Program, we’re looking forward to further closing the gap between add-on sellers, implementers and customers in hopes to create an even better SugarCRM ecosystem and community.