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Connecting with buyers is more difficult than ever. Mediafly Engagement360 for Sugar empowers you to stop pitching products and services and start selling value with a proven suite of sales enablement, content management, and presentation tools.

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Drives Sales, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Buyers have changed. They are more informed, connect with salespeople later in the buying cycle, and, when they do interact with your team, they expect insights specific to their challenges.

Mediafly for Sugar addresses this challenge and more with our all-encompassing sales enablement platform. Mediafly for Sugar empowers marketers and sellers to stop pitching products and services, and start facilitating value-based sales engagements.


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Prepare: Before each meeting, sellers can assemble Collections — personal playbooks of content — by leveraging content that has been recommended to them via Content Assistant within Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Leads.

Present: Ensuring sellers are always driving value and satisfying the needs and concerns of their buyers, sellers have access to all marketing approved sales content in one branded, co-created and customer-facing application.

Track: Eliminating mundane sales activities that do not drive top-line revenue, Meeting Assistant automatically tracks the content used in each sales engagement and logs that information as a meeting activity within Sugar.

Analyze: Content consumption data is surfaced within Sugar and can be used to inform content strategy by associating content with revenue and it can guide sales management on how to optimize their entire sales team.

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Features & Benefits

Content Assistant

With Content Assistant, salespeople are able to easily and efficiently prepare for meetings through accessing content in Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Opportunities within Sugar. As a result, salespeople will spend less time assembling presentations, salespeople will use marketing approved content, salespeople can use one tool, Sugar, for all of their sales needs.

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Recommended content — based on fields like industry, sales stage, contact role, and others — is surfaced within Sugar to win deals faster. Marketers now have the ability to provide relevant, consistent, and compliant materials to sellers and sellers have immediate access to the most up-to-date content at the right time

Embedded Viewer

Salespeople are able to present dynamically and engage customers in a value-centric manner, without worrying about whether or not they have access to the right content at the right time. All Mediafly features are available through the Mediafly tab, meetings can be conducted either within Sugar or through any of Mediafly’s other applications, all changes to content are synchronized, and tracking is respected regardless of the application used.

Meeting Assistant

Meeting Assistant automatically captures crucial data concerning what was discussed in an engagement and logs that information in Sugar. Additionally, salespeople receive a recap email of the content presented and are prompted to send those assets to the meeting attendees as a follow-up item. This relieves salespeople from having to manually log their meeting activity since AI/ML detects when a meeting has been held and who the contact/account is by referencing a salesperson’s calendar.

Data & Insights

Mediafly increases sales continuity and reduces account transition friction by automatically tracking shares and share consumption. Shares and consumption data will be automatically mapped to the appropriate contact and/or account records. This information is rich and structured, and can be used as part of custom workflows and reporting.

Additionally, this data is used to inform an organization’s content strategy by associating content with revenue and it can inform sales management on what top performers are presenting in meetings. This aligns sales and marketing teams, provides sales management with clear insight on how to drive sales effectiveness overall, and equips marketing with visibility into what content is being used by sales and what content is most effective.


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