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Schedule and broadcast alerts, reminders, and updates using Sugar notifications, popups, and email.

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Have you ever wanted to warn users of an upcoming Sugar maintenance window? Do you need to remind the sales team to adjust their expected close dates at month's end? With Upsert® Notifications, you can deliver on-time updates via Sugar's native notifications as well as in popup and email form.

Upsert® Notifications

Key Benefits

Event-Driven Notifications

Stay on top of your business processes with timely alerts triggered by important events such as escalated opportunities by the VP of Sales or urgent tasks that go over SLA. With Upsert® Notifications, you can keep your focus on your CRM while ensuring that you never miss a beat. This new feature enables you to send notifications to users as part of any business process definition, allowing you to keep working efficiently and effectively.

Business Updates and Alerts

Broadcast important news to users right where they work. Because Upsert® Notifications can be configured to send as an email, an in-app popup alert, or strictly via the notification center, you'll be sure to reach all of the users you target. And don't worry, notifications can be scheduled to send at a specific time or on the fly and even target only certain users, teams, or roles.

Deliver Key Documents

Alerts sent via Upsert® Notifications can include file attachments, as well. Send out the sales kit, distribute new time cards, or attach HR's latest newsletter and users can download the files right to their desktops or devices.

Maintenance Windows

Sometimes, administrators need to make performance-draining updates like Studio changes or large data imports. Let your users know that Sugar will be unavailable or experiencing decreased performance during those times by sending an alert in advance. When used in conjunction with the Upsert® Lockout utility (sold separately), it's possible to secure your Sugar instance in a way that not only makes it safe from disruption, but prepares everyone in advance.

Get the Receipts

Read receipts, that is. Each notification has a Read or Unread status, making it possible to determine which users have clicked into the email, alert, or notification to read it.

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System Requirements

Upsert® Notifications is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Pro products
  • Versions 9.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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