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Send messages from Sugar to Microsoft Teams. Create meeting links for your scheduled meetings and create and relate Teams channels to your Sugar records.

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Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

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Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector lets you send messages to users and channels directly from Sugar.

Key Benefits

Message your colleagues without leaving Sugar

Need to touch base with someone about that opportunity? Just choose "Send Microsoft Teams Message" from any Sugar record's actions menu to instantly send a chat to a user or channel. Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector preloads your message with a link to the record, and you can add your ideas to the content before hitting send.

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

Quickly send messages to any user

Hover over the Teams icon next to any user's name and choose "Send in Sugar".

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

If you're viewing a specific record in list view or record view, the connector preloads your message with a link to the record, and you can add your ideas to the rich-text editor in Sugar before you send your Teams message to the user.

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

Create and view channels that are related to your Sugar records

With the Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector :: Channels record view dashlet, you can relate multiple new or existing channels to the Sugar record, and read the channel discussions right there in the dashlet.

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

Launch your Microsoft Teams app right from Sugar

Less clicking means more time for selling! You don't need to go find and click on Teams in your computer's sidebar and then search for the right person to talk to when you've got the Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector installed. Just hover over the Teams icon next to a user's name in Sugar and choose "Send in Microsoft Teams." Your desktop Teams app will open to the right place with a link to the current record ready to go.

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector

Generate Microsoft Teams meeting links

When you set up meetings through Sugar, you'll have the option to generate a unique Microsoft Teams meeting link. The link saves with the meeting record and can be accessed from Sugar's calendar.

System Requirements

Upsert® Microsoft Teams Connector is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell (all Editions), Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 12.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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