by Magic Software Enterprises

Magic's out-of-the-box, built-in Sugar connector is optimized for Sugar connectivity. Without a line of code you can integrate your SugarCRM system to any other system, whether on the cloud or on-premises, significantly reducing administrative overhead.

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Integrate It All

Achieve maximum operational and sales efficiency, business intelligence, and innovation by extending your Sugar CRM capabilities with the help of Magic xpi. You can seamlessly integrate Sugar with your master data, business processes, and enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, Sage, SYSPRO, Sharepoint, and more.

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Magic xpi - Key Values

  • Certified APIs: 100+ pre-built, certified connectors and technology adapters for SugarCRM and other key enterprise applications
  • Process Monitoring: Robust web-based interface for troubleshooting, error handling, notifications, & alerting
  • Future-Proof Architecture: On-Premises, Private Cloud, Public Cloud (iPaaS) for deployment across different environments
  • Actionable Visibility: Enable dashboarding and reporting in Sugar, leveraging cross-system business data combined with real-time IoT data
  • Secure by Design: Strong encryption and security measures to meet audit requirements such as ITAR

Integration Extensibility with Various Add-Ons

EDI Service and Integration:
Create fast and efficient process automation with your business partners. Robust library of different file formats and over 5,000+ trading partner profiles worldwide.

Data Analytics Hub:
Dashboard analytics and machine learning engine. Visualize data from the sources that Magic xpi is connected to. Gain real-time data visualizations and process automation from a centralized solution.

FactoryEye Industry 4.0: Aggregate manufacturing data and information from production databases to provide real-time shop floor transparency and key KPIs such as OEE, PE and Cycle Time, wherever you are located.

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