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Metrics enables users to view and generate reports based on additional data obtained from user and client activity, without any additional effort. This process is entirely automatic. Get additional information such as the date of the last contact, the number of days a case has been open, or the average number of days needed to close an opportunity, and many more.

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Metrics is a set of 93 read-only fields calculated based on the CRM usage and relationships.

With these fields, you are able answers to such important questions as:

  • When did the last contact take place?
  • When the next contact will take place?
  • How many days has an offer been in process?
  • How many days does it take on average for a quote to close?
  • How many days pass before a support ticket is closed?
  • Sales Velocity - how long does it take to close an inquiry?
  • See and search for entries where no activity is planned


More fields for sales opportunities

The following additional fields are available with Metrics:

  • Days Remaining (until scheduled close) - this value is automatically calculated by the system.
  • Duration in days - this value is automatically calculated by the system.
  • Actual Closed date - this date is automatically set when the phase is changed to Closed (Won).
  • Overdue for X days - this value is automatically calculated by the system.
  • Duration in weeks - this value is automatically calculated by the system.
  • ... and many more.


Metrics fields are available for the modules Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, Calls, and Meetings.


No additional data entry required

Rather, it is a collection of fields (read-only) for Sales, Marketing, and Service, from which all required information is then pulled. This information is then visualized.

You can also use it as a search filter for Dashlets / Listviews, or as a filter for any kind of report.


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