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ETL tool sets are difficult and often fail, which is not an option for your growing small and medium-sized businesses. Commercient created an app and service with SugarCRM, so your system is always up and running for customer support, delivering the highest digital experience.


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Commercient SYNC for Epicor 10 and SugarCRM

Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform that integrates your data between Epicor 10 and SugarCRM.

The Commercient SYNC Agent is rapidly deployable and gives you access to your Epicor 10 customer and order information in SugarCRM.

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About SYNC

Commercient SYNC is created by ERP and CRM data integration experts. By having that, SYNC creates a simple data integration pathway between your Epicor 10 and SugarCRM. Once the data integration takes place, your Epicor 10 data is automatically loaded into your SugarCRM without programming, coding, mapping, or servers required. SYNCing data is a cloud-based experience that ensures your data is protected.

Integration Points

Our bi-directional integration between Sugar and Epicor 10 (or any other ERP) is broken down into two phases.

Phase 1: Epicor 10 into SugarCRM

Sugar copy.png

Phase 2: SugarCRM into Epicor 10

Sugar2 copy .png

What will your Epicor 10 data look like in Sugar?


Can I limit or control the data that I SYNC?

Yes. Commercient has created an open methodology of allowing you to control the filtering of data in the SQL WHERE statement while maintaining the integrity of relationship mapping and efficient syncing methodologies. Within the WHERE you can perform sub-queries, filters, and cross-table and cross-database sub-queries to affect the rules. In addition, you can also map custom tables or views.

About Commercient

Commercient is a cloud-based company that connects SugarCRM directly to your Epicor 10 system. Our open SYNC Agent works with software such as Epicor, SYSPRO, TRAVERSE, and other ERP accounting systems. Commercient improves the efficiency of getting CRM, B2B, and B2C eCommerce orders directly into your accounting system in real-time, with all of the associated business rules. For more information, please use the Contact Us link on our website

Requirements & Notes

Compatible with all supported Sugar versions.

Compatible with Epicor ERP, Epicor Kinetic, Epicor Prophet 21, P21, Epicor 9, Dataworks, DCD, Epicor iScala, ROI (Manage2000), Epicor 10 Cloud Version. We support on-premise, cloud, and Epicor cloud-hosted versions of Epicor 10.

For other versions, please contact us for more information.


Visit our pricing page or contact us for a quote.

Additional charges may apply for custom tables or views.

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