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SugarCRM Survey Plugin
Create custom survey templates, online polls & more to trigger them using automation to get real-time feedback from your customers using Survey Rocket a sugarcrm survey builder. Moreover, use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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SugarCRM – Survey Rocket

Utilize CRM Data to Automate Surveys and Emails Campaigns

Automation is the key to your marketing practices. And there is no better practice than conducting surveys when it comes to measuring/upgrading your service standards or making product enhancements.

Survey Rocket is a powerful SugarCRM Survey Plugin that helps you to trigger surveys and establish communication at the right time, when the customers are in the right frame of mind. It is an independent SugarCRM Survey Plugin that does not require any third party integrations to work with Sugar System.

Survey Rocket SugarCRM Customer Survey tool is equipped with data piping, branched surveys, scheduling, automation and more. It is a robust SugarCRM Survey Builder used not only to manage surveys but to increase survey responses and most importantly - create and trigger survey campaigns using workflows.

Here’s How Survey Rocket Works

Why Opt for Survey Rocket?

  • Survey Rocket for SugarCRM is built exclusively for the Sugar system. Therefore, it works seamlessly with your Sugar system from day #1.
  • Automate surveys using questionnaires, ready design, question templates and analysis tools
  • A perfect sugarcrm survey plugin to utilize your CRM data and trigger campaigns instantly.
  • An option to pre-fill some of the survey fields using existing CRM data.
  • Gives you better assessment of customer satisfaction
  • Also, update your CRM data in real-time as per the responses collected by Survey Rocket.

What Makes Survey Rocket a Complete SugarCRM Survey Plugin

An ideal plugin for your SugarCRM is the one which is built exclusively for Sugar CRM system. And, it should provides the features that your business requires today as well as in the near future. The best part about our plugin is that the author can upgrade the plugin for future scope. Survey Rocket is just the right SugarCRM survey builder as it fulfills all of these requirements and more.

Try our user-friendly, intuitive and smart survey plugin to get into your customers’ psyche!

Key Product Features

Create Survey Templates

With the help of our sugarcrm customer survey tool, you can create a number of survey templates. Assign them to different products, categories or teams and they can be used as per the business requirements.

Create Different Surveys

Our sugarcrm survey plugin enables you to create various types of surveys ranging from types of complexity of the survey, MCQ questionnaire to a branched survey, and more. Our interactive and easy-to-use UI makes it extremely easy to create and trigger various types of surveys.

GDPR-Friendly Forms

Use readymade survey forms based on GDPR policy for Contacts, Leads and Targets modules. The survey form fields are directly mapped to Sugar Modules. So you can get your customers’ consent through survey responses and update records based on their responses.

Multiple Question Types

With a large number of distinct question types, Survey Rocket makes it easy to create great looking surveys to better understand your prospects.

Enable Score Calculation

To come up with tangible scores after your customers respond, you would need a tool that enables you to score responses. The scoring mechanism helps you to designate specific actions and segment the customers based on their responses to the campaigns or on-site activity. You can obtain the final and the average score for the respondents individually for each question in the survey.

Create Polls

It is one of the basic functions of the SugarCRM Customer Survey Tool to be able to create polls. With Survey Rocket, it just gets more interesting. You can add the types such as multiple option/answer types, checkboxes for multiple options, or radio buttons. Additionally, you can also allow multiple submissions for instances where respondents are required to respond multiple times. Along with text options, you can also add relevant images as options.


Add the colors of your Brand. Right from the logo, the title of the survey and description for branding or to specify what the survey is for.

Set Desired Email Template

You can create multiple templates for the surveys, but what about having multiple templates for a specific survey. Using our sugarcrm survey builder, you can create multiple email templates for the given survey. You can customize these email templates with a rich HTML editor. Then it is up to your business requirements to define various elements in the email templates.

Pre-built Questionnaires

We understand the requirements of different industries enabling you to create and customize questionnaires. Our industry specific questionnaires will make your job effortless. You can use the same ones, edit ones you like and add more if you require.

Choose Attractive Theme

Dull and drab themes can become monotonous and boring. Use our industry specific themes and give a professional touch to your survey templates.

Customizable Welcome Page

If you wish to have a welcome page to display a message before your survey loads, you can do so easily using our SugarCRM Survey Plugin. Describe your survey and specify the guidelines for the users. You have the full access to this page to customize the page with your own content using the built-in editor.

Customizable ThankYou Page

Thank you pages are important, and it not only for the Goal tracking. It is the acknowledgement that the submitted survey is successfully captured. Using our SugarCRM Customer Survey Tool, you can customize the thank you page with your own content and using the built-in editor.

Preview Survey before Sending Out

Using the Preview survey feature, you can validate the look and feel and also view how the survey would look when respondent attempts it.

Survey Background Image

You can add Dynamic Background Image to your Survey form. Choose image/theme suitable to your industry and put it as a background for any survey. The image can also be the logo of your company.

Pipe Data into Surveys

Especially the data mining surveys have multiple values that you require customer to provide data for. And the information for some of the fields is already available in your CRM. Using our sugarcrm survey builder, you can fetch this data from the CRM in real time and only seek the missing information from the customer. You can fetch data from the Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Targets module of SugarCRM.

Pipe Data from Surveys

Once you receive the data from the surveys, it is a task to fetch the data into a given format and then update the CRM data. Survey Rocket flows information back and forth with the CRM. Therefore, once the respondent provides the missing info through the Survey form, it will populate the CRM data automatically from the given data. A new record can also be created in these modules using the responses.

Apply Skip Logic

While creating the survey, you might not require the respondent to answer all the questions you created. It is possible to branch them. You can set rules that if the answer to the given question is choice #A, then another question or set of questions can be skipped for that respondent. Using Survey Rocket, you can define this branching logic as per the conditions set by you.

Use Custom SMTP to send surveys

With the help of Custom SMTP, you can send survey invitations through your own SMTP email account. This will increase the deliverability of your survey invitations by avoiding spam issues, email bounces and IP Blocks.

Send survey invitations in bulk and keep your IP address safe with the custom SMTP functionality.

Schedule Automated Surveys

Automation in surveys is one of the most important elements. Using Survey Rocket you can set triggers for survey campaigns to be thrown in real time, based on the actions or events of your customers. You can also assign which survey and which template to be used for each of these events / actions.

Easy Survey Translation

As an additional feature, our sugarcrm customer survey tool also works as language translator. Therefore, if you wish to send survey requests in different languages, you can easily manage using Survey Rocket. The plugin takes the default language of the CRM as the default language of the surveys. Using the dropdown in the survey submission form, respondents can adjust the required language for the survey.

Send Survey Anytime

For the manual surveys also, it is important to schedule the trigger at the specific time you wish the survey to be sent. Using our sugarcrm survey plugin, you can choose to send the survey instantly or schedule it to be sent at a specific date and time.

Resend Survey

You do not require to recreate the survey if you need to send the survey to specific respondents or to the entire list again. Just click resend and you will be able to send the surveys to those who want to attempt it again.

Email Survey Link

Generate a survey link (URL) easily that redirects your customers to the survey and respond easily. Also provide an option to your customers to unsubscribe from the survey. It will help you filter your audience choices.

Create Shareable Surveys

You cannot always have the surveys delivered to customers via emails. You require alternate mechanisms. Using Survey Rocket, you can create shareable links to be sent to the customers via social media and other means. Of course, such surveys will have to be generalized as the participants could be someone who isn’t a part of your CRM.

Open Shareable Polls

Similar to the surveys, you can create shareable polls using our SugarCRM Customer Survey Tool. These polls will allow you to publically share your polls by generating a link for the same. This will allow anyone who is not your CRM user to be able to participate in the poll.

Send Reminder Emails

Send automated reminder email for the survey to a recipient who hasn’t responded in a certain time frame. You can also decide the number of times you want to send reminders for.

Export Form as PDF/Word

Create intuitive survey forms and export them as PDF or Word document. You can also take printouts if you want to conduct traditional manual surveys or send them via email.

Get Survey Summaries

Analytics is the key factor for any marketing activity. Using Survey Rocket, you will get a detailed analysis of total sent, delivered, who responded, who did not and more.

View Survey Transactions

This feature helps you to have a glimpse of all survey transactions in one place. It displays the list of all the surveys that were sent along with their mail delivery status, score details and module related parameters for them.

Status Report

Keep an account of the number of respondents that viewed the survey, people who responded and the ones who didn’t through a detailed status report.

Question-wise Report

This is the micro report for each of the surveys sent. This report will help you understand the overall picture of all the respondents who have participated in the survey as it shows overall score / answer for each of the questions in the survey. Also, NPS question response helps you to know the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Get Individual Reports

If you wish to go further into the details of the survey responses, you can go at individual level too. This report will enable you to read the answers to the survey questions per contact. You can surf through this report through sorting by name, submission type, module, send date and submission date. With an individual report, you also get to know time spent on survey by each individual.

Search Survey Reports

Survey Rocket also allows you to search within the Survey Reports. You can search within the reports by name, status or module type. You can then export these reports in CSV format or view in Grid Format. You can also divide these reports by Public Surveys, Email Surveys and Combined Surveys.

Industry Specific Attractive Themes

Choose an attractive theme that suits your business requirements

Survey Rocket is a Survey Mechanism Tool which is constantly under upgradation. We assure you that it will reduce the workload from your teams managing manual surveys and get better results.

Users’ Gain

- Users Submit Feedback
Users will get an opportunity to offer their feedback/likes and dislikes about the specific services and product of any businesses.

- Interacts with Businesses
This will help the users to interact and make aware of their requirement and offer suggestions to specific businesses.

Businesses’ Gain

- Know Customers Better
This will help businesses to know the specific option and preferences of their end users easily and can formulate their marketing strategies accordingly to serve them better.!

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  • "This helps me to track all my feedback in SugarCRM. I found this solution quite dynamic."

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