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SugarCRM Survey Plugin With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Moreover, you can use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4846 CSV Export - "N/A" for every response - Hello dear team, Our Survey has responses, analysing from dashlet It works. But if you export in redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4845 Survey Rocket cannot install, working with AppJetty now - Still unable to install. But AppJetty is very helpful and trying to resolve it. Open Bug?
#4844 Install on SugarCRM Enterprise V11.02 fail - Sugar says cannot find package file. We are using Sugar v11.02 and downloaded the relevant package. nelsonng Open Installation
#4836 It does not work with Version 13.3.0 (Q1 2024) nor with Version 14.0.0 (Q2 2024) - It does not work with Version 13.3.0 (Q1 2024) nor with Version 14.0.0 (Q2 2024). When are we going redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4831 Does not work on version 13.3 - I cannot install the latest version on a Sugar 13.3. Is there a fix or an update for version 13.3? marcuskluge Open Installation
#4808 Sugar Sell 13.1.0 - Error installing - Hi, We're not able to install the package : - **Package version**: Survey-Rocket-Sugar13- redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4743 Cannot Validate - Hello. I cannot validate this in my sugarcrm instance, both in cloud and local in version 12.0.2 - 1 rommeltraya Closed Installation
#4739 Survey Does Not Send with Automation - We recently signed up for Survey Rocket and built a survey, an email, and an automation workflow to sstark Closed Bug?
#4727 Cancel trial - I need to cancel this trial as it isn't compatible with my version of SugarCRM and need to get ryan8 Closed General Question
#4711 SurveyRocket calling SugarChimp file for license validation - Hi dear team, We're triying to install your package (last version for Sugar): Survey-Rocket redk - Professional Services BCN Closed Bug?
#4670 Sugar 12 compatibly? - When this package is available for Sugar 12? Or would it also be possible simply store version 12 i smichailidis Closed Installation
#4654 Issue with Survey Rocket on SugarCRM Cloud 11.3. - Hello We have an issue with the Survey Rocket plugin that we use in our Sugar-CRM. The installed v Marcos Ballesteros Closed Bug?
#4428 Issue when sending survey to more than one contact - When I try to send a survey to one contact (contacts -> click on contact's name -> action Exsitec Closed Bug?
#4385 Support for v10 - Hi, Does this work with SugarCRM Enterprise V10? Thanks Damon damonterry Closed General Question
#4323 Onsite - Does this product work with onsite deployments? kdague Closed General Question
#4300 Survey SMTP configuration issues - I am not able to validation SMTP configurations as our email server doesn't need smtp authentic manjeetkaur Closed Bug?
#4299 Survey rocket licence verification issue - Survey Rocket plugin licence is not validating. Its giving 401 invalid grant error. Could you plea manjeetkaur Closed Bug?
#4280 Issue with admin login after survey rocket plugin install - Hi, I am getting below error after I installed Survey Rocket plugin: Unable to sync with serve manjeetkaur Closed Installation
#4196 Survey URL's Report - Is there a way to generate a report from SugarCRM listing both the survey recipient's names wit CHRISCODY Closed General Question
#4102 Product inquiry - Hello Team, Is Survey Rocket compatible with Sugar version 9.0 ?? Gunjan Closed General Question
#3948 Error When Installing To 8.2 - When I try to install, I get: The uploaded fiel is not compatible with this version of Sugar 8.2.0. djohnson Closed Installation
#3822 HTTP 500 error - Hi, I have twice tried to load this app into sugar CRM (version and both times all of our jamese Closed Installation
#3660 Install issues - Hi, after installation my Admin panel is gone. Please help! Marco Marco Moen Closed Bug?
#3192 NPS score - Hi there , How can we can define the NPS calculate for some pages of survey scoring ? Right now a thilehoanganh Closed Feature
#3191 Ability to dectivate Surveys or make them not visible to users - Hi Support, We have the customer journey plugin installed for our client. They would like to have vijaynagarajan Closed Feature
#3145 On-Demand - Is Survey Rocket supported in On-Demand? Evolution Marketing Closed General Question
#3105 Directing survey results to a specific individual/team - I was wondering if it is possible to direct survey results to a specific individual. For example, we ampfister Closed General Question
#3065 Problem with Question Wise Report on SugarCRM Pro 6.7 - Hi there, I got the problem with Question Wise Report, the results do not show. Although individual thilehoanganh Closed Bug?
#3051 Error installing - Our config for Sugar: Operating System: Windows Sugar Edition: Enterprise PHP Version: 5.6.30 S jgaring Closed Installation
#3016 Survey Rocket and Opportunities Module/Custom Modules - Can Survey Rocket pipe data from the Opportunities Module or a custom module in Sugar jtrumbore Closed General Question
#2978 Survey Rocket - Hi Support Team, Is there any trial days option for monthly plan for Survey Rocket. I need to ch itsmeranjansingh Closed General Question
#2743 HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error Unknown error. - Hi, I've installed the latest package compatible for on-demand. Upload went well, install w Manon Moisan Closed Installation
#2738 505 - Hi! I'm testing this feature to see if we can recommend it to our client. I installed this o mscanepa Closed Bug?
#2508 Custom Theme Issue - When you install the plugin it automatically removes any custom theme that was installed and when yo Suavis Inc Closed Bug?
#2288 Error after installed and survey email error - Hi, I have tried your product in other sugarOutfitters account used by my manager because she pla mjc Closed Bug?
#2230 Error on Survey record preview - Hi there, I encountered an issue on the preview of survey record i created. I was able to create bbuyukcelen Closed Bug?
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