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Give your sales team an edge. Bridge the gap between Sugar Sell and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now all sales activity from prospecting to closing can be standardized within Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise, saving reps valuable time. Leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly within Sugar for increased CRM adoption and more effective prospecting.

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Give Your Sales Team an Edge

Not only does LinkedIn Sales Navigator streamline your sales process, but it allows further access to account insights such as uncovered connections, recommended and related leads, introduction requests and more, all from within your Sugar platform.


  • Icebreakers: Find commonalities between your reps and leads, such as shared connections, past employment at same companies, etc.
  • News: Stay up to date on the latest account information.
  • Recommended Leads: Prioritize key people to reach out to. Save these leads directly in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Related Leads: Similar Lead or Lead that matches original Lead Builder criteria will populate

Uncover Useful Lead Information


Connect to New Leads



  • Save Valuable Time: Eliminate extra time researching account details
  • Edge Out Competitors: Discover lead information that emboldens your rep's connection above other companies' reps
  • Land High Quality Customers: Focus efforts on seeking out A+ leads using recommended and related lead tools


  • To use the connector, you must purchase at least 10 seats of the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator from SugarCRM and have a valid Sales Navigator License (Team or Enterprise) from LinkedIn.

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