by Gabriel Shanahan (OSVČ)

A radically different search experience in SugarCRM. Forget filters - with QuickQuery, you can find anything, anywhere, every time.

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What is QuickQuery?

Say you want to search for all Emails which are From OR To a certain e-mail address - maybe you inherited an Account from your colleague, and want to get up to speed on what they were e-mailing about.

Or maybe you're a manager and want to make sure all your customers are receiving the care they deserve, so you want to find all Accounts that don't have a meeting scheduled in the next 2 weeks and check that there are, in fact, none.

Without QuickQuery, there's only one thing you can do - open up Reports, and start building. That's tedious, requires a context switch, takes a long time, and can get pretty complicated. In fact, building Reports is often left to administrators or other dedicated users, which means that in order to find the information you need, you need the cooperation of someone else, which costs even more time and resources.

Using QuickQuery, you can do all this yourself, in seconds, with no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Who is this for?

Everybody. Seriously. Do you know of anyone that doesn't use SugarCRM to search for information?

Every CRM system is basically like a very fancy file cabinet - you put data in, you take data out, and most importantly, you search for the data you need. Every CRM needs to be absolutely fantastic at search because that's one of the reasons they exist in the first place!

Imagine being able to express any query as if you were writing it in English. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at the crash course and see for yourself!

Features & Benefits

Search using and/or/not!


Search using queries on related modules!

Need to find Accounts having Calls associated with a closed Opportunity? No problem! How about Opportunities with no Calls or Meetings planned in the next month? Easier than 1-2-3!


Write queries that compare fields!

Looking for Opportunities whose assigned user is different from the assigned user of the parent Account? We've got you covered!


Search anywhere normal search works

QuickQuery works on list views, when selecting related records, in dashlets, subpanels, in Forecasts - anywhere you have a search bar!


Save your queries just as you would with regular filters

...and re-use them whenever you feel like it! What's more, you can share your queries with others simply by copy-pasting them!


Get automagical hints

Not sure what that field was named? No worries! QuickQuery helps you write your query by hinting appropriate fields, operations, values for drop-downs, currencies, and more. It also lets you know when you made a mistake.


Colorized queries

Everyone likes colors! Watch as QuickQuery highlights your query using a beautiful, vibrant palette, which makes it easy to keep your bearings in a long query!


Builtin currency handling

Currencies are automatically handled behind the scenes, with QuickQuery converting between them on the fly!


Powerful temporal fields

Take advantage of an incredibly powerful way of working with temporal fields, while also taking into account your timezone settings. Search using queries like "9am first Saturday of last month" or "-2 weekdays"


Compatible with customizations, out of the box

QuickQuery immediately works with all custom fields and custom modules! No need to configure anything.


QuickQuery works alongside built-in filter functionality, and can be combined with them. It is also non-invasive, meaning each user can decide to turn it on and off as they wish, for any module.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the docs!


Let's be super-conservative, and imagine QuickQuery saves your sales reps 5 minutes of time every day of searching around for the things they need. According to, a sales rep makes an average of $84,249/y, which works out to a savings of $48.5 per month(*), per sales rep.

And that's before accounting for managers (who use search much more intensively and make larger salaries), administrator resources that don't need to be spent creating reports, and resources that don't need to be spent creating customizations that allow users to perform certain searches rudimentarily in the list view.

QuickQuery pricing starts at $3.99/user/month, billed annually. Other plans are available as well.

Available Plans

You can purchase two types of licenses - single-user and instance. Both are billed per user.

The single-user license does not require all SugarCRM users to hold a QuickQuery license, and only those who are assigned a QuickQuery license can use QuickQuery (this can be configured in Administration). This plan is well suited for customers who wish to provide next-generation search capabilities to a few power users, but are not ready to onboard their entire user base just yet.


The instance license is significantly cheaper per user but requires all users in a SugarCRM instance to hold a QuickQuery license.

Both plans can be purchased with monthly or annual billing. Annual billing carries with it a 20% discount.


Bug-related support is included in the cost of any license purchase. Reported bugs are reproduced, and fixes are included in a future release.

Non-bug-related support, e.g. debugging slow queries and similar consultations, is not included. If you are interested in such services, please contact us directly at

About the author

Gabriel Shanahan is a developer with over 8 years of experience with SugarCRM. He was the co-owner of SugarFactory s.r.o., an Elite Reseller Partner of SugarCRM based in Prague, Czech Republic. After SugarFactory got acquired by Algotech a.s., he created Glucose, a revolutionary code-generation tool that dramatically reduces the time it takes to customize SugarCRM, and QuickQuery, a custom-built, user-friendly query language that transpiles to SQL, complete with parser, compiler and syntax highlighter. He is an avid programmer with a persistent need to build tools that make people delighted. He is also the author of The Kotlin Primer.

(*) Assuming 260 working days per year, this gives us 21.66 working days per month. $84,249 / 260 working days / 8 hours / 60 minutes gives us $0.44/min, or $2.23/5 mins. Multiplying by 21.66 working days per month gives us $48.5 per month.