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Improve your lead acquisition process and enrich your information about prospects and customers. Leverage the power of ZoomInfo data to keep your SugarCRM Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products up-to-date with in-depth B2B company and contact information.

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Create an up-to-date SugarCRM database with ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo’s SugarCRM Connector allows you to migrate ZoomInfo data directly into your Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional products:

Build customizable, hyper-targeted lists in ZoomInfo and easily push details to SugarCRM for easy follow-up from your Sales and Marketing


Update only blank values at the field or object level, or create your own custom configuration for mapping ZoomInfo data into SugarCRM.

ZoomInfo’s SugarCRM Connector eliminates manual data entry and research time, giving you more time to sell and market effectively.



The SugarCRM connector is included with your ZoomInfo subscription. ZoomInfo's pricing starts at $15,995 / year but you need to contact ZoomInfo for a personalized quote.

To request a quote, please go to ZoomInfo's pricing and plans.


ZoomInfo's SugarCRM integration is compatible with all supported versions of Sugar Sell, Server, and Enterprise.

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