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Let the platform keep your organization on track! Need to monitor or track how often a specific field changes? Advanced Trackers by Faye helps you measure your organization's performance or velocity across your marketing, sales, or service KPIs. Identify coaching opportunities or problems sooner and help your team perform better.

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Advanced Trackers by Faye helps you track the number of days that a field remains on a specific status/value in SugarCRM.

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Key Benefits

  • Identify problems and risks facing your sales reps, organization, and customers.
  • Measure sales and marketing velocity and customer SLAs.
  • Pinpoint inactive team members.
  • Assist sales reps in identifying the next steps and improving time management.

Key Features

  • Identify the fields that have not changed in a long time by tracking the number of days a Sugar field remains on a specific status/value.
  • Includes a new Subpanel that will be added automatically to the selected module(s).
  • Advanced Trackers can be configured from the Administration panel.
  • Recalculate the data as the record opens up. You will see all the updates to all tracked fields and how long they have held the current value.


  • This enhancement by Faye is compatible with Sugar v 11.0 and above.
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