by Skyvia

A cloud data platform for quick no-coding integration of SugarCRM with cloud apps (Quickbooks, Square, Marketo, Shopify, etc.), loading SugarCRM data to databases and data warehouses, like SQL Server, BigQuery, Redshift, MySQL, etc., for data analysis or reverse ETL from databases back to SugarCRM, CSV import/export and many more.

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Quick and Easy Way to Automate SugarCRM Data Routine

Automate your data flows with Skyvia and save time and man-hours for routine data-related tasks. No coding knowledge needed.

Skyvia is a cloud data platform with a number of different tools that can automate a wide variety of data-related tasks and data integration scenarios:

Data Warehousing

Loading data to a data warehouse is often the best way to facilitate data analysis with tools like PowerBi, Tableau, etc. With Skyvia’s Replication tool for ELT you can load your SugarCRM data into a database or data warehouse in under five minutes and without the need of IT specialist. All you need to do is to connect Skyvia to SugarCRM and data warehouse, select which data to replicate, and optionally specify automation schedule to keep your database up-to-date without any hassle.


Data Analysis with Google Data Studio

Skyvia includes a Google Data Studio connector that allows you to analyze data from SugarCRM (and many other sources) directly, without even loading data to a compatible database or data warehouse.

ETL and Reverse ETL

Skyvia’s Import and Data Flow tools can help for any ETL scenario. Whether you need to automate loading your SugarCRM contacts or other data to other cloud apps or load database or data warehouse data back to SugarCRM, you can do it without coding in Skyvia. Connect SugarCRM to more than 90 cloud apps and databases and never reenter the same data in different systems again.


CSV Export/Import

Skyvia can also automate your CSV import/export to SugarCRM. Skyvia’s tools can take files from and place to FTP/SFTP and file storage services automatically, use file masks, perform transformations in the process, etc.

Quick Reports in Excel or Google Sheets

With Skyvia Query, you can quickly execute SQL commands or visually built queries against SugarCRM. It is also available as a Google Sheets add-on and Excel add-in, allowing you to query data directly to these spreadsheet apps.

More Tools

Skyvia offers even more tools for more use-cases, like:

  • list text herePublishing SugarCRM data as OData
  • Bi-directional data synchronization
  • Migration from and to SugarCRM
  • SugarCRM data access via ADO.NET and ODBC
  • SugarCRM backup and restore
  • and more…

Supported Data Sources

Skyvia supports over 100 of cloud applications and the most popular databases and cloud data warehouses to integrate SugarCRM with:

  • Cloud apps: Quickbooks, Square, Marketo, Shopify, etc.
  • Databases: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, SQL Server, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • File storages for CSV: FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

Pricing & Notes

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