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Messaging for Sugar (SMS) by Faye is a unique module for Sugar that allows users to send and receive SMS Messages directly from their CRM platform. Messaging for Sugar you can send and receive texts, voicemails, emails, images, and manage all these communications inside of Sugar.

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What is Messaging for Sugar?

We’ve enhanced SugarCRM with texting capabilities by connecting it with Ytel, Twilio and other leading platforms for SMS, Voice, Email, and Direct Mail.

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Key Benefits

  • Text “on the fly” from any record with a mobile phone number.
  • Send texts to one or more recipients using user-definable pre-built SMS Text Templates.
  • Send texts from Sugar List Views by selecting records and clicking a “Text” button.
  • Integrate texts with workflows to enable automated texting based on values in Sugar fields.
  • Send texts via Sugar Campaigns.
  • Send text reminders for upcoming meetings and appointments.
  • Send text updates when the status of a case changes.
  • Send both SMS and MMS communications.
  • All texts stored in the Messages sub-panel under contacts, leads, etc.


  • Ytel, Twilio, Infobip, Plivo, or Vonage
  • The software is currently compatible with all supported Sugar versions.
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* Free 30 day trial