Synchronize your Sugar on-premise or Sugar cloud instances contact data (leads, contacts, e-mail addresses, target lists) with Brevo to manage all your digital communication in one solution. With the KINAMU Brevo Connector, your existing Sugar leads, contacts and target lists are compared bidirectionally with Brevo in real-time and new data records are immediately created or updated.

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The Right Target Group, At the Right Time, On the Right Channel

Automatically synchronize data to Brevo based on certain criteria, such as: a completed form on the website or a newsletter requested flag.

In combination with the Brevo Marketing Automation, you can then define your individual double opt-in process in Brevo and track its status on both platforms, in Sugar and Brevo.

The Brevo blacklist status is also synced into a separate field on your Sugar records. You can start additional workflows for all contact changes in Brevo with the SugarBPM and thus, for example, convert the blacklist flag into the Sugar email opt-out, or map other internal processes.


  • fully automatic synchronization of contacts/prospects in real time
  • target lists created in SugarCRM are immediately available in Brevo
  • use Sugar Reports to create target lists
  • compatible with Sugar Studio and Custom fields in Sugar and Brevo sites
  • synchronization of double opt-in and blacklist status with Sugar
  • GDPR compliant
  • available for Sugar Cloud and On-Premise
  • ongoing updates from KINAMU

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Use Cases

  • Selection of data in SugarCRM using reports
  • Creation of target lists in SugarCRM and use via Brevo
  • GDPR compliant email marketing solution hosted in Germany
  • Using Brevo landing pages to generate Sugar lead or contacts
  • Send SMS campaigns to Sugar records
  • Integration of Brevo, Sugar and for example the questionnaire software Typeform (see KINAMU Typeform Connector)
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* Free 30 day trial