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Save Your Team Countless Hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so you can work in your preferred app. Segment and group your Mailchimp subscribers based on Sugar data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Compatible with all versions and editions of Sugar and SuiteCRM.

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    2:20 pm January 20th, 2023 | share link

    The SugarChimp plugin was exactly what we needed to launch our Email Marketing from the contact base we had built in Sugar. Heidi gave clear steps and support as she guided us to mapping over fields and syncing contacts. The process for setup was as simple as it could be, and using SugarChimp has helped us automate our communications. We're quite pleased with it!

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    11:29 pm January 19th, 2023 | share link

    We have used SugarChimp for the past two years and it's a really simple, straightforward email solution. I love that it segments email campaigns based on our custom Sugar fields and I can't speak highly enough about the support we receive from Jon and Heidi. Very responsive, prompt, and thoughtful. Highly recommend for those businesses like ours that don't need a full blown marketing automation platform.

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    Verified Purchase 7:19 pm January 19th, 2023 | share link

    We are currently trialing SugarChimp and the process to install it was so easy! Heidi was more than happy to get on a call with me to help me through the process. We still have a lot to learn about SugarChimp and all of its capabilities but so far we are liking it!

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    2:33 pm December 18th, 2018 | share link

    The best platform for synchronizing our contact information. Great job.

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    12:20 pm July 24th, 2017 | share link

    It works! And for the most part, it's fairly straight forward. Jon from Support was fantastic and got the issue I had resolved quickly and in a very friendly manner. The documentation could be a little more complete, but at the same time, there is a lot there to read and review as you're doing your implementation. At the end of the day, great bit of programming and we'll be using it for the foreseeable future.

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    3:04 pm January 16th, 2017 | share link

    Nice product and nice team behind it. They helped us with everything we needed in order to get our system working as we wanted to.

    Excellent support team!

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    6:28 am July 27th, 2016 | share link

    Amazing product and amazing people. Thanks a lot for all the help at any question! :D

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    Verified Purchase 1:07 am March 11th, 2016 | share link

    Spoken to Chad and Jason many time regarding SugarChimp, they been incredibly helpful and always proactive in assisting with any queries or concerns. Keep up the great work guys! Great product and great support!

  • Add-on Rating
    8:33 pm July 8th, 2015 | share link

    Awesome product, even better support.

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    2:51 pm May 4th, 2015 | share link

    SugarChimp is exactly what we needed, it syncs nicely between MailChimp and Sugar. The added MailChimp dashlet is very sophisticated, it’s nice to have that quick-view window when conversing with the customer. Big shout out Chad Hutchins, not only did he help out with the synchronization and work flow between systems, he gave excellent insight and provided helpful tips all around. Works great – thank you!

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    10:45 pm February 24th, 2015 | share link

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to drop a note and tell you that Chad Hutchins is a GREAT guy! He really helped me get setup with you guys and made it very easy!

    He is a good guy and should get a big-fat-raise!


    Tom Murphy

  • Add-on Rating
    1:11 pm September 19th, 2014 | share link

    It works perfect!

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    8:34 am September 19th, 2014 | share link

    Have this version working in SuiteCRM version 7.1.2

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    8:32 pm September 3rd, 2014 | share link

    SugarChimp does a great job of syncing all of our registrant information between Sugar CRM and MailChimp. We have a large number of custom fields that weren't mapping properly, and they helped get everything set up and working smoothly. They go the extra mile with one-on-one support!

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    4:38 am April 28th, 2014 | share link

    We do a lot of highly-segmented outbound marketing and SugarChimp is exactly what we needed. The list and field syncing are great, and it allows us to do more sophisticated campaigns that exactly target certain Lead profiles in Sugar. The SugarChimp team is also really great, and they are totally committed to our success.

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    3:21 am April 26th, 2014 | share link

    SugarChimp works very well and they have excellent support!

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    6:47 am April 12th, 2014 | share link

    SugarChimp is working great. We're able to sync all of our lists and subscriber fields between MailChimp and SugarCRM. They also did a great job supporting us as we were setting everything up.

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    3:22 am May 23rd, 2015 | share link

    This plugin basically functions as it says it does. I would give 4 stars because I'm sure there is room for improvement and expansion in functionality, but I had to give 4.5 on account of the excellent customer support. Very fast to respond and very thorough in their work. I respect that.

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    6:31 am May 7th, 2014 | share link

  • Add-on Rating
    2:14 pm November 24th, 2015

    I mean, it works.... But it doesn't auto dedup lists and send an updated list to mail chimp. For my purposes it is easier to just run a report out of sugar and update mail chimp manually. I haven't used it for more than one list export, so I'm unsure about bugs and won't continue the service.

    1. fanaticallabs member avatar

      Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

      7 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. SugarChimp will not create any duplicate records, and if you have duplicate records it will make sure those duplicates do not make it into MailChimp. List syncing is one of the features that will save you time and effort, there's also the in-Sugar dashlets, SugarChimp Activities module, Field Mapping tools. I'd be happy to show you the other parts of SugarChimp if you have a few minutes.

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    7:27 am November 27th, 2014

    It is not the same as the old v.3 plugin as many features are gone (like an activity dashlet on the contact level).

    1. fanaticallabs member avatar

      Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

      8 years ago

      Hello VisualReporting,

      The new version does this much better and is actually much more feature rich than the old version 3 plugin. Here is how you add the activity dashlet for a contact:

      Overall, the old version 3 product was very buggy and rarely worked for anyone. We took it over, rewrote it, and now it is working like a fine oiled machine. If you ever need assistance we would be more than happy to get together with you and help you out. Just email us at


  • Add-on Rating
    2:23 pm February 13th, 2018

    After several years of postive use in v6, it does not work anymore with our SUGAR v7.
    Despite the intervention of SugarOutfitter's engineer, no solution ...
    and... no refund: very disappointing.

    1. fanatical_jon member avatar

      Jon S Provider

      4 years ago


      We would be happy to get together and get your sync working on Sugar 7. We have many, many happy customers on Sugar 7, but I know that you had a very specific use case in the migration from Sugar 6 to Sugar 7 in which you did not want to remove older bwc views.

      Can you select a time here for us to get this worked out?

      Let us know if you’d like to do that.

      Thanks, Jon

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  • "SugarChimp is working great. We're able to sync all of our lists and subscriber fields between MailChimp and SugarCRM. SugarChimp Support also did a great job supporting us as we were setting everything up."

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