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#1204 - Termination of Trial Period

Closed General Question created by adenion 8 years ago

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for giving the chance to test SugarChimp. After investigating Sugarchimp and some alternatives we have decided for a competitor.

Please terminate our trial period. I understood that a termination within the trial period is free of charge and possible at any date. With this termination we cancel any transfer debit.

Please confirm this termination.

Thank you and best regards,

Stefan Müller Project Leader, ADENION GmbH

  1. jason member avatar

    jason Verified Purchase

    8 years ago

    Hello Stefan,

    Thanks for giving it a try! Do you have any feedback on the integration? Which solution did you end up going with?

    I went ahead and canceled the trial on your behalf. You will not be charged at any point for this trial.

    Cheers! Jason Eggers SugarOutfitters

  2. stmueller member avatar


    8 years ago

    Hi Jason, Thanks for the confirmation. We decided to go ahead with Process Manager. We just finish some final tests. We will purchase it directly via SierraCRM, for we are already in contact.

    BTW I found another module "DeDupit". It seems to be currently deactivated. Do you know more about it? Or do you have another module that is not only able to find duplicates, but also to handle them automatically via predefined rules?

    Best, Stefan

    • jason member avatar

      jason Verified Purchase

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback. Process Manager is definitely a nice tool, but in no way does it do the same thing MailChimp/SugarChimp does. That's for process workflows while MailChimp is for email marketing.

      DeDupit is currently available upon request through Atcore Systems only. We're working on bringing it back live in the future, but until then you can reach out directly to their team.

      Thanks! -Jason

  3. stmueller member avatar


    8 years ago

    Thanks Jason for clarification :) sure, I know MailChimp is for E-Mailings. I had been interested in DRIP-Functionalities. It has been my 2nd choice after ProcessMaanger. SugarCE itself provides an E-Mailing-System. So we will go ahead with it and use Process Mananger for DRIP. I will contact Atcore for more information.

    Thanks for your responsiveness.

    Best, Stefan

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