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#3967 - SugarChimp 8.2.1 - Installation not completing, stuck at 80%

Closed Installation created by Buckland 3 years ago

We are currently working through updating our SugarCRM environment from to 8.0.2. To update from to 8.0.2 we need to update SugarChimp from version 7.8.3j to a version that is compatible with Sugar 8.0.2, so we are attempting to update to SugarChimp 8.2.1a.

I am able to load Sugarchimp into Module Loader without issue. When we click "Install" from Module Loader, the install starts but it is getting stuck at 80%. We have tried performing a full system index again, deleting the index data as suggested on SugarChimps site if the install sticks at 80%, however this has not resolved the issue.

We have tried using the following SugarChimp files:

We need assistance to get this installed, so we can continue the upgrade patch to 8.0.2 with MasterSolve/SugarCRM.

Contact Details: Jason Galbraith 519-637-5886 Ext. 329

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for reaching out. Can you tell me if you're getting any type of error? Sugar has recommended permissions that need to be set in order for Module Loader to be able to put files where they need to go, and have proper access to them. Can you check the permissions in the link below against your current settings?

    If this doesn't resolve the issue, can send you Sugar log and PHP log to so we can take a closer look?

    Thanks, Heidi

  2. jcouse member avatar


    3 years ago

    We have checked permissions and that doesn’t appear to be an issue. Sugar is running via IIS on Windows Server 2016, and IUSR has full permissions. Sugar/SugarChimp is working in this environment currently, we are simply trying to upgrade SugarChimp as this is a prerequisite to updating our SugarCRM instance.

    I have emailed the log files to as advised on 12/17/2018, and again on 1/4/2019 but have yet to get any response. If you can find my emails with the logs, within the logs I attempted to install SugarChimp again on 12/17/2018 at 15:54PM and left it until 16:05PM which is when I attached the logs to the email.

  3. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hello Jason,

    I apologize in the delay in receiving the logs, but I was able to go back in pull them directly from the email you sent in. For whatever reason the email did not get put into our system as expected. In looking at those logs, I see the error here:

    12/17/18 15:53:42 [3240][1][FATAL] Job 7849ecfe-023d-11e9-b510-005056bc0af6 (Elasticsearch Queue Consumer) failed in CRON run 12/17/18 15:54:51 [4408][1][FATAL] An exception occurred while executing 'DELETE FROM fts_queue WHERE (id IN (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ........ (goes for a long time) SQLSTATE [IMSSP, -52]: Tried to bind parameter number 2101. SQL Server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. 12/17/18 15:54:52 [4408][1][FATAL] Job 787a0560-023d-11e9-bdf2-005056bc0af6 (Elasticsearch Queue Consumer) failed in CRON run Mon Dec 17 15:55:41 2018 [4516][be9032c9-dd1d-73cc-2e6d-5970da8d85de][FATAL] Elasticsearch request failure: MapperParsingException[Analyzer [gs_analyzer_string] not found for field [gs_string]] Mon Dec 17 15:55:41 2018 [4516][be9032c9-dd1d-73cc-2e6d-5970da8d85de][FATAL] Exception in Controller: Elastica\Exception\ResponseException: MapperParsingException[Analyzer [gs_analyzer_string] not found for field [gs_string]] in E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Transport\Http.php:159 Stack trace:

    0 E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Request.php(171): Elastica\Transport\Http->exec(Object(Elastica\Request), Array)

    1 E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Client.php(621): Elastica\Request->send()

    2 E:\sugarcrm\src\Elasticsearch\Adapter\Client.php(299): Elastica\Client->request('05d96f31ecf5d47...', 'PUT', Array, Array)

    3 E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Index.php(496): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Adapter\Client->request('05d96f31ecf5d47...', 'PUT', Array, Array)

    4 E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Type.php(541): Elastica\Index->request('05d96f31ecf5d47...', 'PUT', Array, Array)

    5 E:\sugarcrm\vendor\ruflin\elastica\lib\Elastica\Type\Mapping.php(270): Elastica\Type->request('SugarChimp/_map...', 'PUT', Array)

    6 E:\sugarcrm\src\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager.php(365): Elastica\Type\Mapping->send()

    7 E:\sugarcrm\src\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager.php(315): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager->sendMapping(Object(Elastica\Type\Mapping))

    8 E:\sugarcrm\src\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager.php(216): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager->createIndices(Object(Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexCollection), Object(Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Analysis\AnalysisBuilder), Object(Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Mapping\MappingCollection), false)

    9 E:\sugarcrm\src\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager.php(131): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager->syncIndices(Array, false)

    10 E:\sugarcrm\src\SearchEngine\Engine\Elastic.php(113): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Index\IndexManager->addMappings(Array)

    11 E:\sugarcrm\ModuleInstall\ModuleInstaller.php(3543): Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\SearchEngine\Engine\Elastic->addMappings(Array)

    12 E:\sugarcrm\ModuleInstall\ModuleInstaller.php(168): ModuleInstaller->setup_elastic_mapping()

    13 E:\sugarcrm\modules\Administration\UpgradeWizard_commit.php(340): ModuleInstaller->install('cache/upgrades/...', true, '7.8.3j')

    14 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php(489): require_once('E:\sugarcrm\mod...')

    15 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\View\views\view.classic.php(43): SugarView->includeClassicFile('cache/upgrades/...')

    16 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php(152): ViewClassic->display(Array)

    17 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\Controller\SugarController.php(351): SugarView->process(Array)

    18 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\Controller\SugarController.php(299): SugarController->processView()

    19 E:\sugarcrm\include\MVC\SugarApplication.php(189): SugarController->execute()

    20 E:\sugarcrm\index.php(27): SugarApplication->execute()


    12/17/18 15:55:49 [1864][1][FATAL] An exception occurred while executing 'DELETE FROM fts_queue WHERE (id IN (?, ?, .............. SQLSTATE [IMSSP, -52]: Tried to bind parameter number 2101. SQL Server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters.

    The 80% installation error has been indicative of Elasticsearch issues in the past and it seems to hold true now. Typically, running a full system re-index will work to allow the new module to install. I do not know if the sql server error you are getting will happen during this re-indexing. If not, then I think the module should install correctly afterwards. If it does throw an error, then we'll need to get Elasticsearch able to reindex before installing our module.

    You can run the index by going to Admin > Search > Schedule System Index. If it fails the first time, you might be able to remove some modules that you typically do not search in the generic search bar and try to re-index.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thanks, Heidi

  4. jcouse member avatar


    3 years ago

    The same issue is still occurring. I had already attempted "Admin > Search > Schedule System Index" previously, but have tried this again and the install of SugarChimp is still stalling at 80%.

  5. jcouse member avatar


    3 years ago

    We have resolved this by updating ElasticSearch to version 6.2.0 prior to SugarChimp being updated. Unfortunately I was given the wrong order of installation by Mastersolve.

  6. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Thanks for following up and letting us know this installation worked as it should.

    Please let me know if you run into any further trouble.

    Best, Heidi

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