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#3668 - Causes the Scheduler to stop working

Closed Bug? created by Tom Hadrava 5 years ago

After troubleshooting, I was able to determine that the SugarChimp plugin was causing all of our scheduler jobs to show " failed in CRON run". The job queue table said to look in the php_errors log or sugarcrm log. In both cases, nothing helpful was shown. I was able to fix the problem by process of elimination and testing. I uninstalled sugarchimp (newest version) and all of our jobs started running successfully again. I then installed again and the tasks stopped working again. I have error logging and debug logging turned on in both sugarcrm log and php log but the messages captured were not helpful.

At a point during my troubleshooting, I did reach out to SugarCRM and they mentioned that SugarChimp had a known issue with your plugin. I uninstalled it at that time but still had the same problem. I assumed at that time that it wasn't SugarChimp. Over the next few weeks I kept plugging away at the issue and then I finally noticed that your module had not completely uninstalled. It was not showing up on the module loader and other parts of the sugar. That is when I got the idea of installing your newest version and uninstalled to see if that would wipe out your module. Which led to my findings above.

We are on php 7.1.16 apache 2.4.6, and sugarcrm 7.9.3 professional. All of which are running in RHEL 7.0 Enterprise.

  1. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Matt,

    We've been communicating via other routes, but I wanted to update and close out the case here. We were able to reinstall SugarChimp and have the schedulers successfully run. We do not know exactly what was causing the failure, but we are glad that its working again.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else. I'm going to close this case out for now.

    Cheers! Jon

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