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#332 - Question about functionality

Closed Feature created by ebizdocs 9 years ago
  1. I know from the video that sugarchimp will absolutely import Mailchimp campaigns and the detailed stats that I can view in the campaigns module. That's wonderful. However, will I see that contact's activity within their contact history? Or can I only get to the record via the linked email in the campaign window?

2..Can I create custom targets based on open rates?

  1. Finally, sugarchimp is one way only, correct? From mailchimp to sugar, right? I cannot create an email/campaign in sugar and use mailchimp to send it, correct?



  1. ModLabs member avatar


    9 years ago

    Deb, Thank you for contacting us!

    To answer your questions: 1. Yes, you will still see the contacts history within their record just like you would a Sugar Email Campaign. You will be able to see what campaigns they are linked to within the contacts record as well.

    1. "Can I create custom targets based on open rates?" I am not exactly sure what you are asking, can you provide a little more detail for this question.

    2. SugarChimp does allow for some bi-directional syncing. This link may help give you a little more information about the syncing functionality. But to answer your question, no you cannot create a campaign in Sugar and have MailChimp send it.

    I hope this helps, have a great weekend!

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