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#1259 - Module and Field Names Incorrect

Closed Bug? created by admin8 6 years ago

We have high hopes for SugarChimp. We installed the module and integrated successfully with our mailchimp account. However, the module and field names seem to be using the system field names as opposed to the display names. Two pictures attached. Actually, I lied, your WYSIWYG editor is not allowing me to post any pics. So here comes two thousand words instead:

  • The Sugar Chimp Activities Module shows as Module Name in the top navigation menu
  • After navigating to the Sugar Chimp Activities/Module Name module, the column titles use the display label names listed in point 3 below.
  • Looking at the module within studio it seems the display label may be off; here are the values:

Name    Display Label Type
timestamp LBL_TIMESTAMP Datetime
name    Name    Name
mailchimp_list_id LBL_MAILCHIMP_LIST_ID DropDown
mailchimp_campaign_id LBL_MAILCHIMP_CAMPAIGN_ID DropDown
ip LBL_IP TextField
include_empty LBL_INCLUDE_EMPTY Checkbox
description Description TextArea
deleted Deleted Checkbox
date_modified Date Modified Datetime
date_entered    Date Created    Datetime
activity    LBL_ACTIVITY    TextField


  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello, thanks for giving it a try and thanks for the details. We have other customers up and running successfully in your version/edition of Sugar on the On-demand environment of Sugar so I'm sure this is something we can work through.

    When you get a chance, please email me the screenshots you took to and I'll give them a closer look. Thanks!

  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    We were able to get this corrected over a quick screenshare. The issue is corrected in SugarChimp 7.1.9. A language file was missing from the 7.1.8 package that caused the labels to not show. Closing this case. Thanks!

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