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#1602 - Target List not sending subscribers from SugarCRM to Mailchimp List

Closed Installation created by jennifer1 8 years ago

I just installed SugarChimp basic onto our SugarCRM Professional v6.5.16 (hosted by a 3rd party Cloud LAMP server)

My Sugar scheduler job is running, although for SugarChimp job the "Last Successful Run" field is Never.

I configured one of my Sugar Target lists to sync over to a list in my Mailchimp account.. The step to sync these went ok yesterday, but none of the records in my Sugar Target list are going over as Mailchimp subscribers in my Mailchimp list.

When I click on SugarChimps Health Status link from Sugar's Admin Panel, everything looks ok EXCEPT 'Last Ran' has a red checkmark and says "has not run yet'

Thanks Jennifer C

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago

    Hi Jennifer, sorry for the issues.

    If you go to Sugar > Admin > Scheduler page, and click on any of Schedulers with an interval of "As often as possible", does it show any of those schedulers have run recently? If not, there may be something going on with your Cron job.

    Please send the following to so we can take a closer look:

    1) Send us a screenshot of the Health Status page (Sugar > Admin > SugarChimp Health Status) 2) Send us a copy of the sugarcrm log file


  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago

    We were able to resolve this over email. The cron job was using PHP 5.2 where SugarChimp requires PHP 5.3. Once PHP was upgraded, everything started working as expected. Closing this case out now. Thanks!

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