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#3186 - Licence Validation behind Proxy

Closed General Question created by marketing23 5 years ago

What are the IP Adresses and Ports that the SugarCRM Server Needs to have in order to validate the sugarchimp licence key?

After a new Installation of the sugarchimp Add-on we can not validate the licence anymore. We strongly belive that the issue is due to unsufficiant rights of the sugarCRM Server to reach the sugarchimp Validation Server. As I looked at different cases in the Support Forum, other users had the same Problem. But I never found the IPs and Ports, which have to be open.

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    I'm happy to help get this cleared up. Can you clarify on your server proxy situation? Is the server behind a proxy so that all outbound requests go to your proxy before routing to their final destination? Or are you using a reverse proxy so that all inbound requests hit the proxy before routing to your server? If you are behind a proxy so that all outbound requests are routed, then we need to get on a call to discuss with server access to discuss what changes need to be made in order to allow SugarChimp to make outbound requests.

    There are no inbound ports or ip's that need to be open in order to allow the license to work on SugarOutfitters. You only need to ensure that your outbound requests can reach * If you are able to reach * from your server and are still unable to validate your license, then I'd think it's an issue with cURL.

    The only inbound requests that you should receive would be from MailChimp's webhooks. If you are behind a reverse proxy for inbound requests, you'll need to set each webhook up to point to the proxy server instead of Sugar's site_url as defined in config.php (the default webhook url). MailChimp Webhooks come in from these ip addresses: * * * *

    I hope this helps clear things up.

    Thanks, Jon

  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello there,

    Were you able to get to the bottom of the licensing issue? If you are working behind an outbound proxy, you will need to download the latest SugarChimp 7.9.1 package, and update the new config item for 'outbound_proxy' to a string with your proxy's ip and port (i.e. '').

    Is there anything else I can help with at this time?

    Thanks, Jon

  3. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello again,

    I'm going to mark this case as closed for now. Let me know if anything else comes up!

    Thanks! Jon

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