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Selling is hard, buying is harder. Boxxstep integrates with Sugar to helps sales teams in complex and enterprise sales be more buyer-centric to close more deals.

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Sell High, Wide and Deep with Boxxstep

Align your selling with your customers buying to win more deals! With Boxxstep you can focus on your buyers and the who, why, what, when and how.

Your Customers Make Decisions by Committee and Consensus

Gartner research showed that the typical number of people in a B2B buying committee is 11, it's more if you sell technology where it is between 12-14, but we've seen the group extend up to 40 in some very complex scenarios.


Solving Three Problems in Sales

Problem 1 - You Don’t Know Enough About Your Customers

Impact– Lost deals, no-decision outcomes, missed quotas SolutionBoxxstep Relationship Mapping

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Boxxstep complements SugarCRM by enabling users to focus on and visualise the prospect buying committee by reporting line, politics, contact owner, influence, buying stage and alignment.

Modern selling is about getting a collective yes from a buying committee, it's essential that you focus on knowing who's involved, what's important to each of them and how you plan to secure their support.

Problem 2 – You Don’t Differentiate the Buying Experience

Impact – Deals take longer and close rates are lower SolutionBoxxstep Mutual Action Plans

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Boxxstep enables you to collaborate with your customer buying committees through Mutual Action Plans created to guide and help them navigate the complexity of deciding and buying.

A good Mutual Action Plan can improve deal velocity and win rates by 60%. But they're not just for winning new customers, they can be equally effective when used for onboarding and new contracts/contract renewals with existing customers.

Problem 3 – You Don’t Learn From Your Customers

Impact – Sales performance is lower than it could and should be SolutionBoxxstep Performance Feedback

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Boxxstep enables you to get buyer feedback on what you did well and what you need to improve. Win, lose or no-decision, every closed deal is an opportunity to learn.

Whether it was a win, a loss or a no-decision outcome every customer decision is an opportunity to learn and gain significant advantage over your competitors.


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