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Eliminate the need to complete a record in one sitting. Save drafts of records to return to later.

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Do you often find yourself interrupted or distracted while creating or editing records in SugarCRM? Do you wish you could save your work without having to fill in all the required fields or trigger workflows? Do you want to avoid losing your data or cluttering your database with incomplete records?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Draft Records - the ultimate plugin for saving records as drafts in SugarCRM.

Draft Records allows you to save any record as a draft with just one click. You can then resume your work at any time and finalize your record when you are ready. No more losing your progress, no more wasting time.

With Draft Records, you can:

• Save records as a drafts in a wide range of modules, with ability to add more modules.

• Access your drafts from each respective module's list view

• Edit, delete, or save your drafts at any time

• Share drafts with your primary team and work together to complete them.

Draft Records supports both on-premise and cloud deployments. It is easy to install, configure, and use, and does not require any coding or customization.




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