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The Shopify to Sugar integration provides the ability to manage orders, fulfillment and customer information across both systems. The Integrate workflows will provide visibility into Shopify Orders within Sugar, synchronize Contacts and Abandoned Carts one-way from Shopify to Sugar. The integration will also enable tracking and follow-up based on abandoned cart information and help track sales and growth trends.​

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Go Further with Customer Insights

Not only does this Shopify integration allow for cleaner and grouped customer and order information, but it allows you to interpret that gathered customer data on a deeper level to track consumers and boost sales.

Integration Features

  • Automatically sync Shopify Customers, Orders, Order Lines, Discounts & Taxes, Abandoned Carts into Sugar
  • Contacts, Orders, Order Lines views within Sugar are configurable and fields within can be enabled or disabled

Solution Benefits

  • Synchronize e-Commerce data at Sugar end to available CRM benefits
  • Provides unified Customer data within Sugar to manage both e-Commerce and CRM Customers ​
  • Sales and Operations have up to date information of Shopify customer and order data within Sugar to manage high quality interactions.​
  • Provides update of Order Status, Discounts & Taxes applicable from Shopify directly to Sugar users
  • 360-degree view of customer, while engaged on customer service operations for Customer Orders
  • Run highly targeted marketing campaigns

Flow Diagram


Workflow Details

  • Shopify Customers are created as SugarCRM Contacts.
  • Any updates within Shopify related to customer data fields, further gets updated into SugarCRM Contacts.​​
  • Shopify Orders can be viewed on a click of a button called “View Shopify Order” from the SugarCRM Quotes module based on the OrderID link between SugarCRM and Shopify.​​
  • Shopify Abandoned Carts can be viewed similarly on a click of a button called “View Abandoned Carts” from the SugarCRM Quotes module based on a link between SugarCRM and Shopify.

Integration Capabilities

  • Shopify Customer (Contact) can be configured to sync one way to Sugar as a Contact (and Account).​
  • Sync between the systems runs every 15 min (configurable default setting) detecting changes, enabling Shopify Customer data and Sugar Contacts to stay up to date with changes. ​
  • Orders and Order Lines sync one way from Shopify. Configurable option to view Order related information. ​
  • Discounts & Taxes sync one-way from Shopify, providing holistic view of Order details and are also configurable.
  • Shopify Order and Order Line details are configurable.
  • Abandoned Carts sync one way from Shopify into Sugar as Quote with status as "Abandoned."

Integration Prerequisites

  • Shopify Instance with full API access
  • Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise 11.0
  • Sugar’s Shopify installable package – adding custom Sugar fields
  • Shopify custom fields reservation (i.e., SugarCRM ID fields)
  • Sugar Integrate license for Shopify
  • Sugar dedicated user license for the integration

Integration Limitations

  • Shopify storefront has strict API limitations. Calls to the Storefront API are governed by time-based limits, which means you should consider the time your requests take to complete, rather than the number of requests.

Installation and Setup

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