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Cut contact center costs by 70% and accelerate agent ramp time by 85%! Zingtree's no-code solution lets you minimize the need for IT work, and lets you adapt workflows quickly. With AI-powered author assist, building workflows within SugarCRM has become easier than ever before.

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Improved agent productivity. All from one screen.

Zingtree is the AI-powered decision tree platform that transforms self-service, uncovers and implements automation opportunities, and makes every agent an expert. 700+ companies across 54 countries trust our solutions to boost their contact center proficiency, enable their customers to self-help, improve their internal processes, and more.

  • Reduce agent ramp time by up to 85%
  • Cut up to 70% of your contact center costs
  • Automate up to 50% of your ticket volumes

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Zingtree integration with Sugar allows the users to build scripts and guides to activate knowledge and streamline the customer support process within SugarCRM.

Key features include:

  1. Native integrations - Embed Zingtree Agent Scripts into SugarCRM to dynamically pull/push data between Zingtree and SugarCRM so your agents can work out of one screen within SugarCRM.

  2. Pause & Resume feature - Transfer cases/tickets from within SugarCRM from one agent to another, and retain context and conversation history.

  3. Instant notes - Help your agents in SugarCRM save tons of time by creating a notes summary page that can be copied as an editable internal note with just one click.

  4. Automation workflows - Auto-fill SugarCRM fields based on customer answers or agent actions. Initiate actions like SMS, emails, webhooks, and escalations based on triggers and responses.

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How it works

Build a workflow - Create agent workflows with bite-sized info to direct your agents to the next best action - with no code required.

Integrate it - Embed your workflow into SugarCRM so your data is always synced and your agents can work out of one place.

Follow it - Say goodbye to hunting for answers while keeping your customers on hold. Empower your agents to have all the right answers at the right time.

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Zingtree pricing starts at $60 per user per month. The Sugar integration is included with any Zingtree Enterprise plan.

Visit our pricing page for more details or to request a quote.


implementation services packages are available but not required. Contact for more details.

Supports all supported versions of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Enterprise.

Learn more about Zingtree on our website.