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Extend SugarBPM with custom actions and improve the admin experience with enhanced SugarBPM module views and dashlets.

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Process Management Made More Powerful

CRM admins covet configurable, dependable tools that automate critical workflows for their business. SugarBPM answered this call. Now, to make the powerful SugarBPM tool even stronger, we developed Upsert® BPM Essentials, an easily-installable collection of our customers' most-requested SugarBPM add-on features.

Custom SugarBPM Actions

Add Comment Log Entries

A new SugarBPM action type, Comment Log Entry, makes it possible to automatically add Comment Log entries to the target module record or to a related module record as part of the running process. Pertinent information like the details about the action performed or any other comment chosen by the admin can be logged for other users to easily review.

Inherit Parent Assignee & Preferred-Agent Routing

When creating a related record, it's natural to want to assign the new record to the same user that is assigned to the parent record. We introduced a new BPM action to achieve this, then we went a step further to add backup user assignments. Leveraging Sugar's Shifts and Shift Exceptions modules, you can decide how to route the record assignment should your designated user not be available. Re-route the record to a specified fallback user or to a team queue so that your processes are covered when someone is out of the office.

Inherit Parent Team Memberships

Our newest release introduces the same concept for teams that we had previously implemented for user assignments. Now you can choose whether to replace or append teams of the current record with the teams from a parent record. Keep your data organized and in order with this new change and never have to worry whether the person creating the record remembered to include all the right teams.

Copy One Dropdown Value to Another

You can now dynamically copy the selected value from one dropdown field to another using our BPM action. Copy the field's value to another dropdown field in the same module, or to a related module as long as the fields utilize the same dropdown list.

Admin Usability Enhancements

SugarBPM Dashlet for Record Views

The Record Process Management dashlet gives admins a detailed view of all processes initiated on the record in focus and grants the ability to perform the same actions that would otherwise need to be completed through the Process Management screen.

The Related SugarBPM Assets dashlet helps admins maintain process definitions, business rules, and email templates by identifying which of those objects are used with each other. Add the dashlet to the record view of a SugarBPM module and quickly identify any related entities used in process designs.

Enhanced Search for SugarBPM Modules

We augmented each SugarBPM module with more list view and filter capabilities so you can find what you need with precision and efficiency. When searching completed processes, you can filter by the date the process triggered, the related process definition, and more!

Mass Update the Process Management List View

Upsert® BPM Essentials adds a Mass Action menu to the Process Management screen. Mass re-assign a new process user, re-execute a batch of failed processes, or cancel processes still in progress in a bulk action instead of one-by-one.

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System Requirements

Upsert® BPM Essentials is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise products
  • Versions 11.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site
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