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Sugar Integrate for Salesloft automates manual processes and streamlines interactions and data flows between Sugar Sell/ Enterprise and Salesloft systems. Salesloft guides and automates dynamic sales plays, facilitates coaching, and provides dashboards to better orchestrate sales engagement processes and overall touch point cadences. Lead lists can be easily synced between the systems; and Salesloft cadences are synced to Sugar to enable a more holistic understanding of prospect behavior. With this integration, Sugar users can augment lead information in CRM with the insights needed to achieve improved sales and marketing outcomes.

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Key Integration Features

  • Syncs leads, contacts, emails, calls, meetings, and notes between Sugar and Salesloft
  • Lead lists from Sugar can be easily synced to Salesloft ​to initiate the Cadence process in Salesloft.
  • Provides ability to capture Salesloft Cadence and automatically record them in Sugar Activities. ​


  • Reduces time to lead conversion, ensuring all leads are engaged​
  • Drives rep productivity through elimination of manual data entry
  • Improves opportunity conversion rates, enhancing revenue potential​
  • Provides 360-degree CRM visibility of all sales activities for enhanced decision-making ​
  • Drives manager productivity through improved reporting on rep interactions​

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  • After initial diligence on lead information, ​Sugar Leads and Contacts can be selected by sales reps to sync with ​Salesloft Person records, enabling sales teams to optimize quality of leads syncing to Salesloft. ​
  • Sales reps can also enter leads directly in Salesloft.
  • All Salesloft leads are placed into selected cadence processes for execution of selected automated dynamic sales plays. ​
  • New Sugar records are automatically created from each Salesloft cadence activity. These records are marked as completed when done, e.g email, calls, meetings, notes, LinkedIn requests​.
  • Cadence activities from Salesloft are synced to Sugar on a regular basis.​
  • Ongoing sync when Leads are converted to Contacts or other changes between the systems, with conflict resolution processes in place​
  • Supports a guided approach to lead sync, with rep engagement, example is below:


Integration Pre-requisites​

  • Salesloft instance with full API access​
  • Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise 11.0​
  • Sugar’s Salesloft installable package for adding custom Sugar field(s) ​
  • Creation of several custom fields in SalesLoft to support the integration​
  • Sugar Integrate license for SalesLoft​
  • Sugar dedicated user license for the integration ​


  • Salesloft use case supports sales team engagement in the Lead process, using manual sync of leads from Sugar
  • Other use cases that require a more automated approach with syncing leads into Salesloft, automated initiation of Cadences, or other changes would require configuration changes through a services engagement.​

Installation and Setup

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