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Glance at your insights from anywhere. Easily view data from all of your company’s systems wherever you are. Connect your favorite apps and get instant insight from within any application that you are in.

Glances is pre-launch. We’re inviting customers to chat with us to see how Glances can help their business.

Stop Tab Switching

Stay focused on whatever you are working on. Need to know something important about what you are working on, but it is in another system? Use Glances to view it right now to avoid painful app switching.

See What Matters

See what matters to you right here, right now. Whether working on a support case, a new lead, or anything else, glance at any emails, invoices, notes, etc residing in some other app when you need it, right now.

Reduce Costs

Not every user in your company needs to log into each and every one of your applications. Save on licensing costs by giving them just the insights they need with Glances.

View Mailchimp Data from Quickbooks

How it Works

1. Connect your favorite apps

From CRMs to support, Glances supports dozens of popular apps and we’re adding more every week.
Connect your favorite apps
Build your Glances

2. Build your Glances

After you connect your apps, we automatically create useful Glances for you. Want to glance from a Zendesk support ticket at that customer’s purchase history in Sugar? Or from a Shopify order at the emails that customer was sent via Mailchimp? It’s as easy as choosing which data you’d like to glance at from where.

3. Enjoy better insights, in one place

Once your glance is set up, it’s available at the click of a button from within your app via our browser extension.
Enjoy better insights, in one place

What early testers are saying....

I’m not a salesperson and even I can see how useful it is.
- Steve, Good Work

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
- Jeff, Good Work

Want to learn more? Let's talk!

Glances is pre-launch. We’re inviting people like you to chat with us to see how Glances can help your business.

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