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Implicit FrontEnd creates a new paradigm in the way Office 365 users on Windows, Mac and mobile devices interact with SugarCRM. Users can now do all their CRM work from within their Office 365 Inbox.

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Office 365 users on Windows, Mac and mobile devices

See how your productivity soars when you don't need to constantly switch between Outlook and SugarCRM. You can continue using Outlook to communicate with your customers as you do all day long; we'll bring the CRM to your inbox.

Email Panel

Instantly view all CRM information related to contacts, leads, accounts and all related CRM records such as opportunities, cases, meetings tasks etc.

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View, Edit and Create new CRM records right from within your Office 365 Inbox

View, update or create SugarCRM records including: accounts, opportunities, contacts, meetings etc.

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Archive emails and attachments to related SugarCRM records with a single click

Simply click on the record you want to archive the email to. A persistent green check mark indicates which record the email has been archived to.

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Advanced Email Archive

Archive emails to multiple records or even records that are not directly related to the contact or account

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Annotate emails and save annotations as notes in SugarCRM

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Fully Configurable Views. Standard and Custom Modules

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100% cloud based with nothing to install.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows: Outlook 2013, 2016, Outlook Web App
  • Mac: Outlook 2016, Outlook Web App
  • Mobile Devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

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