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Implicit FrontEnd for Mac is an Outlook integration solution for SugarCRM which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. Use Email side-panel in Outlook to view CRM information, update or create new CRM records and archive email to any CRM record.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4624 Invalid username or password - Hi! I haven't used the Implicit Frontend SugarCRM / Outlook for Mac plug-in for a while; it had jseidl Open Installation
#4512 Instructions don't match reality - In MS Office, I am supposed to install the add-in from a URL, and the URL was supposed to be provide jseidl Open Installation
#4132 Is Sugar 9.0 Supported yet? - Hi, Is Sugar 9.0 installation yet supported for SugarCRM Outlook Plugin for Mac? Is there an ant mmartin Open Feature
#4034 Addin stuck on loading - Hi, Currently having issues with the addin being stuck on loading after entering any of the login pepoliveri Closed Installation
#3645 suitecrm - Does this add-on support suitecrm version 7.x ? Thanks a lot! raymond Closed General Question
#3541 To create a Meeting request in Outlook and Sync it to SugarCRM - Is there a method to create a new meeting with Outlook (MAC) and have that Synced to meetings in the aaronross Closed General Question
#3529 Could not connect to CRM - Hi, Via my MAC Outlook client, I'm unable to connect to the Sugar CRM as per the message - & aaronross Closed General Question
#2712 Installation login problem - I have a problem at the setup. All the information is correct but appears the following error: Coul fuguet Closed Installation