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Implicit FrontEnd for Mac is an Outlook integration solution for SugarCRM which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. Use Email side-panel in Outlook to view CRM information, update or create new CRM records and archive email to any CRM record.

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#2712 - Installation login problem

Closed Installation created by fuguet 7 years ago

I have a problem at the setup. All the information is correct but appears the following error: Could not connect to CRM. Unable to connect to the remote server.

What can be wrong? The support for SuiteCRM 7.7 is available? Thanks

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    7 years ago


    Can you please let me know the following:

    1. Is you SuiteCRM server accessible from the outside?
    2. Do you have to specify any special port to access the SuiteCRM server?



    • fuguet member avatar


      7 years ago

      Helo Ronnie, yes fully accesible form the outside (I have other plugins working) and yes, we have a special port only for suitecrm, it´s not working at the default 80 port. Any ideas? Thanks

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