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Search, monitor, and adjust backend configurations, full-text search indexing, user-tracker activity, scheduler/job queue management, plug-in upgrade history, geocoding queues, and vardef viewer.

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More Control and Visibility

Until now, only developers could manage these crucial under-the-hood processes. But with Upsert® Lens, admins of all levels will appreciate the convenience of interacting with their instance's backend via Sugar's familiar and easy-to-navigate list views.

Empower the IT Admin

Problems can now be solved on your own. Enjoy greater visibility and control over your Sugar instance.

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Key Features

Config Management

No-Code Access to Config Settings

Forget using SQL to manage core settings in your Sugar config table. Now you can search, view, and manage backend configurations from directly inside the application.

User Tracker History

Use Upsert® Lens to search within and monitor the tracker activity for your users, giving a full view into which records your users are engaging with and how often.
Tracker Monitoring
Job Queue Management

Scheduler Job Queue Management

Have you ever needed to re-run a scheduled job? Or just wondered why a scheduled job failed? Now you can easily monitor the job_queue table to spot problems and re-execute failed jobs. No need to wait for the cron as you can now manually execute jobs right from the record and list view to get the answers you need now.

Full-Text Search (FTS) Queue Viewer

Global Search indexing is no longer a mystery as Upsert® Lens gives you clear insight into the fts_queue table and even allows you to index a given record from the record and list view without waiting on the cron.
FTS Queue Management
Upgrade History Management

Plug-in Upgrade History

Having trouble with Module Loader? Check the plug-in manifests and manage broken plug-in installations without the headache of decoding manifests.

Fields Metadata Management

It's easy to double-check custom field metadata now that you can search, view, and manage compiled metadata using Upsert® Lens.
Fields Metadata Management
Fields Metadata Management

Geocode Management

Check on the geocode, geocode jobs, and geocode queue to ensure your addresses are being geocoded as expected

Vardef Viewer

Search through your vardefs to find fields by module for any attribute such as required, readonly, or audited.
Fields Metadata Management

System Requirements

Upsert® Lens is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Pro products
  • Versions 11.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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