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Liferay’s flexible Portal solution will enable your customers, partners, or distributors via a user-friendly portal to communicate and receive real-time support from your organization using Sugar. Liferay's powerful platform delivers a continuously scalable architecture tightly integrated with SugarCRM. Deliver a world-class enterprise digital experience with a high return on investment.

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The Perfect Flexible Portal to complement your SugarCRM Solution

With our Portal that is custom built to integrate perfectly with SugarCRM, you can create personalized and tailored experiences to streamline and accelerate your business needs and increase self-services for your customers, partners, and distributors. All the data syncs seamlessly between your Portal and SugarCRM for a unified solution.

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Help Your Customers Help Themselves with a Liferay powered SugarCRM Customer Self-Service Portal

Empower Customers to Find Their Own Answers

Customer CRM portals are a great way to address common needs of your clients. These resources can include community forums, a FAQ section, or troubleshooting guides. Today, a significant number of customers, particularly those in younger age groups, have a preference for self-service. The younger generation is more likely to make use of FAQ pages to try and find solutions to their problems before they get in touch with customer service. As a result, self-service portals will be of particular appeal to this demographic.

Customers who are particularly impressed are also much more likely to leave positive reviews, discuss a company, and recommend it to the people they know.

Reduce the Number of Customer Service Tickets

Each time a customer interacts 1:1 with an employee, your business spends both time and money on that interaction. Our portals allow the customer to immediately address their challenges, helping to reduce significant investments of time from your employees.

Give Customers Visibility to Account Information

Customers can keep track of their historical interactions and receive automated updates on tickets they’ve logged to their account. They can also retrieve past information about products or services they have purchased. With account visibility, they’re able to simply log in and check the status of an item at their convenience whilst also having access to other important account features such as contact details, password resets, and more.

Provide 24-Hour Customer Service

Even when your business is technically offline, a customer CRM portal can be accessible at any moment. This allows customers to get the answers and resolutions in urgent situations at a time that’s most convenient for them.

Consistently Deliver Content For Customers

One of the key benefits of our customer portals is having a unified channel to deliver content, ensuring customers know exactly where to go when looking for useful content. When customers are able to easily navigate and find the content that solves their issue or answers their question, it will encourage greater levels of interaction with your business and help them to gain a greater understanding of the nature of the products and services that your company provides.

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Liferay pricing varies based on deployment model (SaaS, PaaS, and Self-Hosted) and your implementation requirements. Liferay's SugarCRM connector is included.

Liferay is perfect for mid-sized to enterprise organizations that need a crafted, powerful, and flexible Portal platform.


Liferay is compatible with all supported versions of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Enterprise.

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