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Field Mask will be your greatest ally in formatting your SugarCRM data. This module improves the reliability of your data and saves time for your whole team by allowing you to use input templates to your information fields (zip code, phone number, etc.).

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Shape your data with Field Mask !

Reinforce your data quality

With Field Mask, you can improve your data quality by using input templates to the information fields. You can guarantee the reliability of your data and significantly reduce the number of errors by defining in advance the form to be applied to each given data. Users will not be able to submit a field as long as the data entered does not meet your criteria. Such a constraint ensures you a reinforced data quality and a bigger peace of mind !

Use your data efficiently

Field Mask also allows you to preset the data format of each input field: lower or upper case, symbols… You will save so much time when using these data in the future! You and your team won’t have to worry about their format when using them. They will be ready to use in the desired format. This represents a huge amount of time saved and much less stress !

Customize your SugarCRM

Field Mask helps you customize your SugarCRM by allowing you to format the data of your information fields. With this module, you can shape your tool to your image, according to your needs and wishes. All of this comes without any particular constraint since the definition of the template does not require any development and can easily be done in the administrator's settings.

Field Mask allows you to:

  • Define input templates for the information fields of your SugarCRM
  • Preset a format for the data in your information fields (lower or upper case, symbols, accent)
  • Reinforce the data reliability within your SugarCRM
  • Save time for your teams when exploiting your data
  • Customize your SugarCRM to meet your needs

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Why should you trust Synolia?


As the first historical partner to SugarCRM since 2004, Synolia maintains a close and preferred relationship with the software company. They have carried out many complex and diverse projects together and keep on working hand in hand to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As the first French partner and only Elite partner in France to SugarCRM, Synolia has the largest pool of expertise in the country with more than 20 certified employees.


With more than 15 years of experience in CRM projects, Synolia offers modules that are fully tailored to your needs and easy to use. If needed, Synolia can also assist you with their implementation and management. All you have to do: send an email to Our team will get back to you quickly.

Check out the User Guide for more examples of what you can do with SynoFieldMask.

  • "Really easy to install and was able to enforce phone fields that include extensions. Support is very responsive." - tlemotte

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