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SynoFieldMask: Field Formats for SugarCRM

Posted by on October 29, 2013

Tired of finding phone numbers that look like “517-3331788” in your SugarCRM records? SynoFieldMask can fix that. Because the most important thing in your SugarCRM system is accurate data, Synolia’s SynoFieldMask module for SugarCRM protects your data from as much human error as possible. Badly formatted data can cause confusion, cost money, or cause inconveniences for both customer and company alike and SynoFieldMask can help prevent that.

SynoFieldMask allows you to set custom masks (data formatting rules) for any Name, Telephone, or other text-type fields in SugarCRM. These prevent anyone trying to enter data into a field in SugarCRM from entering it in the wrong format. Want to make sure that your phone numbers conform to the standard format for US telephone numbers? Find the phone field and set its mask to (999) 999-9999. Are your customers’ names being entered in all uppercase letters? Set a mask to mixed/title case for any name records in your custom module, or your Contacts module.

Installing and configuring SynoFieldMask couldn’t be any simpler. After installing, you will need to run a Quick Repair and Rebuild for SynoFieldMask to interact with your data properly. Once you’ve finished that you can edit the rules for every module and every applicable field in that module from the SugarCRM admin panel.

Need a complicated mix of restricted characters and uppercase/lowercase formatting or length? SynoFieldMask supports a wide variety of restrictions. Whether you want to allow digits without any numeric signs, or any letters except those with accent characters (such as ñ, é, ç), or how many digits or letters are allowed, or even any combination of the above and more, SynoFieldMask can handle it. If you have a complicated, or unusual-looking formatting requirement you can even set a help text for your data entry user to read if he or she runs into problems or doesn’t understand why they need to format their data a certain way.

Making sure you have accurate data can be the difference between landing a contract, retaining a customer, or making accurate reports. SynoFieldMask ensures that you don’t have to worry about confusing data, or run through hundreds of new records every quarter to make sure they are readable and correct.