by Faye

Sharing files across multiple platforms can be time consuming and confusing. What if you could utilize the sharing power of Dropbox all from within your SugarCRM platform? Dropbox integration combines the freedom and control of Dropbox from inside your SugarCRM, allowing you to share and connect files without restraints.

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Unlimited Sharing, Unlimited Connectivity

Ensure that your sales team has the most up-to-date materials. With Dropbox Integration Application by Faye, you can manage, access, and share any amount and type of file on Dropbox within SugarCRM.

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  • You can also create shared workspaces within SugarCRM to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers.
  • In addition, salespeople can email files, edit documents, fax agreements, and sign contracts within SugarCRM using services from Dropbox’s other integrated service.

Key Features

  • Use Dropbox to manage all documents and uploads for any record in Sell, Serve, Enterprise (accounts, leads, opportunities, anything)
  • Drag-and-drop multiple file uploads
  • Download files directly from Dashlets


The software is compatible with all supported Sugar versions.

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