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Field Mask will be your greatest ally in formatting your SugarCRM data. This module improves the reliability of your data and saves time for your whole team by allowing you to use input templates to your information fields (zip code, phone number, etc.).

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4660 Missing License Validation Brought Down Environment - Hello, In a SugarCRM environment, there was all of a sudden a large uptick in errors related to A Technology Advisors Closed Bug?
#4587 11.2 Upgrade SugarCRM - Hello, We are preparing to upgrade to Sugar 11.2. Is there an updated plugin that covers 11.2? tlemotte Closed General Question
#4566 Sugar v11.1 - updated bundle? - Hello, Is there an updated bundle that covers v11.1 or does the bundle from May cover this upgrad tlemotte Closed General Question
#4562 Regex Add A Space - Hello- Your solution to my problem of allowing for a space in a Regex field worked. Originally I w djohnson Closed General Question
#4523 Help Limit Characters - We need to enforce the following, can you help and advise on how to enter into the module? Any numb djohnson Closed General Question
#4510 Fatal Error Messages - Good afternoon, SugarCRM has recently brought to our attention that this plugin is creating "fata tlemotte Closed Bug?
#4422 Optional Country Code - We are trying to make the Country Code optional on a phone number but pressing space does not skip i jboyes Closed Bug?
#4121 Editing Contact from subpanel in Account temporarily hides another field's value - Hello, I am reaching out to you on behalf of one of our customers who has this plugin installed. Technology Advisors Closed Bug?
#3962 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 8.2.0 - I tried to install the latest bundle and got this message: The uploaded file is not compatible with tlemotte Closed Bug?
#3852 Can you combine mask characters? - I looked through your support documentation but I don't see any mention of being able to combine mas TotalSafetyIT Closed General Question
#3725 Mask Not Working On Field - I'm trying to configure a mask for the Office Phone field and have followed the steps in the followi JaniceLoo Closed Bug?
#3692 Do I have to uninstall the previous version of this product before installing the new one? - I had originally purchased this product from you back in 2015 when it was a one-time fee. I see tha TotalSafetyIT Closed Installation
#3639 Sugar - Masking not Working - Hello, We have been using this plugin for awhile now. It has been working great, but, on Sunday, will Closed Bug?
#3448 Suggested Formatting For Optional Extensions - I want to have a mask that allows for an optional extension. How can I accomplish this? I've tried djohnson Closed General Question
#3412 Cannot Get This To Work - ![Capture.PNG]( djohnson Closed General Question
#3407 Installation Failed - I received this error when attempting to install the file after uploading it to module builder. Can djohnson Closed Installation
#3337 Not Working on version - We tried installing the module on Sugar and are able to see the configuration options. We ar jdayan1 Closed Bug?
#3195 Text field on contact module not showing in available field list - On the Contact module, we have a custom field for middle name (middle_name_c). It's a normal tex fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#3014 Trying to deploy template, getting error - I just made some changes to my dashboard template and was going to deploy it to our users, but when fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#2990 This bug broke significant portions of our installation - Installation of this plugin broke significant portions of our Enterprise instance, hosted in aaronkerr Closed Bug?
#2822 any digit or letter - Is there a mask caracter that can allow? Any digit or any letter without accent [0-9 a-z A-Z] rogeliogomez Closed General Question
#2813 Should I update version? - We currently have version 20150629 installed on our Sugar instance ( In my SugarOutfitt fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#2803 Plugin generates XSRF attack warning on Sugar Enterprise 7.8 - Hello, we recently noticed that with the newest version of Sugar CRM Enterprise (7.8) there are sugarproc Closed Bug?
#2796 mask & number of digits - Is my understanding that in addition of defining a mask, and ensuring that the type of keys (number rogeliogomez Closed Bug?
#2763 doing nothing - I finally installed app, but whatever change, adjusment I do, nothing happens,,, severla repair,but rogeliogomez Closed Installation
#2718 error installing - When installing I get the error: Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/R2GqeB/new_files/custom/Ext rogeliogomez Closed Installation
#2605 won't install on SugarCRM Pro - when i try to upload the file,, when i press upload allegro Closed Installation
#2602 Spaces - If you want to enforce a field that is limited to 30 characters but can include spaces. For example jjeffries Closed Feature
#2413 Version for 6.5 CE - Hi Where I can get version for Sugar 6.5 CE to test it on SuiteCRM In "My Purchases" I have versi dmitrychichkalenko Closed General Question
#2320 Fieldmask not working as expected - Hello! We have purchased the plugin. In Account module we set up a filed mask for a VAT number wi sugarproc Closed Bug?
#1868 Fresh install to Enterprise - mask on standard Leads module field not applying - Screenshot of masking configuration: cynergysolutions Closed Bug?
#1807 URGENT: Performance issues ever since applying field masks - After installing the module and configuring a bunch of field masks for the Contacts and Leads module fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#1806 Field mask not working on stock Street Address field - Hello. I just purchased and installed this, and while most field masks are working as expected, I no fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#1457 SynoFieldMask not working for custom module - I have installed SynoFIeldMask and it works on Accounts module but when I try it on a custom module, TotalSafetyIT Closed Installation
#1423 SYNOFIELDMASK - I purchased SYNOFIELDMASK, but not installed . My instance is Professional ondemand , was it so ? alexandre Closed Installation
#1338 Support for other characters - Hi! I'm in a country using ISO-8859-1 characters (Sweden). The current masks have some of the cha martin1 Closed Feature
#1200 Extension Handling for Phone Numbers - Do you have a way to handle extensions for office_phone? Both of these numbers should match OK p jevans Closed General Question
#1094 Two problems - I've setup a couple of fields with "case:MIXTE". * Typing text into these fields also yields the abtdoug Closed Bug?
#1069 Unable to use SYNOLIA - Field Mask with SuiteCRM - We are using Suite CRM and this plugin does not work, Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank You, jevans Closed Feature
#977 Plug in not working - Good day, i just bought and install the add on, added a mask to the telephone fields in Contacts, bu leonardbauling Closed Installation
#763 Mask not working - Hi, unfortunately I still have problems with the functionality. I have a mask +9[9[9[9]]](9[9[9 norbertgroene Closed Bug?
#753 Unable to get the masks working - Hi, I try to enable the phone/fax fields in the Accounts module with different masks. After saving norbertgroene Closed Installation
#745 Supported versions - Hi, is this add-on also available for ? Greetings, Norbert norbertgroene Closed General Question
#652 Optional characters in input mask - Hi Please advise how to create an input mask with optional characters in it e.g. a phone number phil Closed General Question
#331 SugarCRM CE 6.5 - Billing Address - Hi, I can't apply pattern in fields of Billing Address or Shipping Address. Can you help me? raragao Closed General Question
  • "This module is easy to work with and helps us keep our data and reporting in a format the way we want." - djohnson

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